youth football drills

As a head coach of a youth football drills for team it is very important to keep the the players fit on the ground which can be possible by regular drills and exercises. 

 For a game like football it is very important for the players to be mentally as well as physically strong and in football the rigorous activity done for a long time really demands the strength and sharpness of the players. So it is very important for the coach to select the exercises which helps the players meet all the requirements.

Youth Football Drills

Youth football drills should be such that are capable of building the fundamentals and can provide the strength for execution in the youths and help them behave tactically and strongly in game like situations. Here are a list of some useful drills to be taught for better results…

Cone drill

 In this game players are expected to be really fast in running but they need to run smartly with their senses open. This drill helps the players  to have a good speed and enables them to change the direction quickly as per the need and can quickly respond to any direction while running. This quality is necessary because this game is all about creating and exploiting space for you and to keep your self within a good space as well. These days the game is more dependent on the ability to operate yourself in space and block others from getting a space near you. A simple way to develop these qualities is a set of cone drills.

The setup for this drill is even simpler than you think, you just need to spread few cones over an area of about 7 – 8 yard and you need to allow 10 or more players to pass through them in a zig – zag pattern. Allowing more number of players will give them a condition of on field game. A good thing about this drill is that you can allow many players to perform it, so their are more in the practice field and less in the rest zone. This drill helps the players to get an idea of a proper starting and finishing positions.

Here it’s important to notice the mistakes which the players make frequently that is they do not pass from inside, instead they cross over few cones. It’s important to move from each cone quickly and when the last person does they need to come back in the same manner but this time in a reverse way. This will improve their technique and the speed of changing the direction or while talking the ball.

It’s also necessary to train a team in a smart way as the different segments of a team must be trained with a separate category of drill, so that the best can be taken out from each department.

So here are few specially categorized drills for all the different categories which helps to strengthen their own department.


This drill is specifically designed for the defensive backs. It enables the players to attain the ability to read a quarterback and and then can quickly anticipate the pass.

This defensive back drill works in such manner as :

A QB sets up fifteen yards in front of the defensive back with receivers on each hash. The QB takes a three-step drop and turns to one of the receivers to make a pass. After reading this movement of the QB the defensive back runs for the ball and completes the interception. This drill is of great value as it teaches the defensive back to read the the QB on the fly and can force a turnover

Hill Ball Picks

In order to secure interception the defence must be excellent in both, tracking the ball and grabbing it above everybody’s reach so that their itself you have a lead in the game.

This is even simpler, in this drills the players need to be gathered and toss the ball very high and as the coach gives the signal they need to need to jump to the highest of all and grab the ball at it’s highest point.

This drill gives the player a game like condition and where they get the ball before everyone and can get a good start from beginning.

Score Tackling

The score tackling drill is very helpful for the linebackers and enables them to shoot the gap and simultaneously it also teaches to tackle the running back before they reach the line of defense.

It is easy to teach, you just need to arrange five bags in a line kept on the ground and a ball carrier should be at the opposite side of the linebacker, the ball carrier runs back and forth with the linebacker following him. As the coach signs to score the ball carrier needs to aim the closest but the job of the linebacker will be to resist the ball from entering the scoring area by filling the gap.

This drill helps the linebacker to increase his speed and quickness to the response of the ball, which is a critical part to perform in an on-field game.

Fundamental Pass Rush Drill

In today’s modern world games, the outside linebacker also are required to play the role of a dominant pass rusher. They are often among those players who get the best opportunity to put the entire pressure on the opponents and bring them down. This drill is specifically featured to teach the fundamental ways that allows them to get past the offensive lineman in order to protect the pass

This drill can be performed by having two linebackers standing face to face, with one being the pass blocker and the other as the pass rusher. On the coach’s command the pass blocker drops back in pass protection and the pass rusher need to use his technique and the correct moves to get past him. Though it may look very simple in practicing but when executed it proves to be among the most productive ones.

Sack drill

These drills are specially formulated to teach the best possible tackling fundamentals and to generate an excellent footwork of the players.

Here the setup of the drill must be like 3 agility bags placed with a gap of upto 2 to 3 yards apart and few cones must be placed in the shape of a triangle with each cone approx 5 yards apart. Then a dummy bag must be placed around 5 to 7 yards apart from the last cone.

The important part here is the execution. Here the first player needs to get down in a 3 point stance. Use a football as a visual sign for the defensive lineman to get off. The lineman must quickly respond through the agility bags getting his knees up, then breaking the first cone, going around all three.  Lastly the player needs to sprint fir the dummy bag and attempt to perform a strip on the ball and sack the dummy bag.

Practice, practice and practice

These drills mentioned above and many others can only be useful if they are regularly practiced in team practice sessions for their best results. These drills once mastered cannot be kept aside as these are not for learning but for practicing regularly so a team can have best results from it’s players.

Along with these drills players also need to keep personal fitness for better result, because performing such youth football drills without a proper fitness level may harm the body instead of improving the game. So it is highly recommended to the players and the coaches to examine the players fitness and then go for such rigorous drill sessions.