youth basketball offensive plays

Youths remain some of the people who enjoy watching, playing and of course interacting with basketball game. we are going to be showing you various youth basketball offensive plays that could help you.

In school, a good number of youths get to be on the basketball team either as a player, media personnel or cheer leader. The one who do not make it to the team of basketball treasures in school are often found in the audience cheering and enjoying games.

So, it is very safe to say a large number of youths engage in basketball.

youth basketball offensive plays

There have been things specifically produced for youths to have a better experience with basketball games and one of the things has to be the introduction and induction of youth basketball plays. While the number of plays for youth has history of a very long list, the following are the most popular.

Give and Go

One of the beautiful things you can have the privilege to watch as a basketball lover has to be to watch a give and go play unfold. And that is putting things mildly.

I cannot tell if it is the fact that a young lad has the opportunity to show off his swiftness of the fact that the play can put a dent on the motion of the game. All I am certain of is that the play is a beautiful one definitely worth watching by spectators.

Give and Go remains one of the most popular youth basketball okays. It is not surprising that a skill as useful, yet simple as this will be something to reckon with by all basketball lovers.

When the give and go is to be carried out by a team, the first player holding the ball passes to another and immediately runs ahead to the rim area or any open space that gives him the opportunity to make a go for the basket.

I guess the play is exactly as the name implies. You give the ball in a moment, and the next moment. You go, with speed and precision.

As much as this play appears simple, players that are concerned about doing it right may want o dwell a little on rehearsal. Not only that, they must also endeavour to develop a plan that works.


Some games are blessed with star players. Even in a school game, everyone in the school is  aware of the best player and they will readily watch this player do some tricks on the court without getting bored.

Imagine having a Michael Jordan do some drills with the defense of the opposing team coming at him, how cool is that? Yes! Very cool.

So, isolation implies that a player – often the star of the game, or team is left to show off some drills for a while. However, short.

The isolation period gives other players opportunity to rest, some strategize over and some watchful . so, that they can know how and when to strike.

Of course, the fact that a played is given that much attention does not mean the team automatically takes the win. A lot still has to be done to convince all and sundry that the team is indeed the best.

Posting up.

Posting up is a turn around shot. Players who have interest in doing a posting up always back the basket in the hope to get the ball. As soon as they get the ball, having in mind that they currently back the basket, they make a turn and throw the balk into the basket.

Posting up, just like any other play requires constant rehearsal and of course concrete planning.

Posting up may not be the play that you easily come by when watching adults play the game of basketball. But, the assured that it is an easy play for most youths, especially point guards. Hence, you may see the posting up play as often as you engage with youth basketball games.

Even when the shot does not drive home, the fact that a post up was considered by a player and done afterwards gives watchers the inclination that the player is far from being an ordinary player.

youth basketball offensive plays

Moving without the ball.

It will look confusing to some people who are not familiar with the game of basketball or any sport at all. But, with time, most people get it. Even professional basketball players do this and it has been found helpful overtime.

It should not be limited to a set of people alone. So, definitely, youths are liable to partake in the play that has worked for a log of basketball stars.

Moving without the ball has to be one of the most underrated plays for youths , and it should in fact, be overrated. It deserves that much.

When an offensive player continuously moves even without the ball, the defense is first distracted because he does not know what he is on to and eventually the continuity of moving  without the ball soon wears the defensive out.

It is a great play – one of the greatest, all though almost unseen. The player having to run around without the balk may look unnecessary to a bulk of people, especially the people who do not know so much. But, when the result strikes, it is always equally beautiful. The sad thing is that the result often goes unnoticed too. Who wants to ascribe the defender’s inadequacy to the offense’s movement? It almost does not correlate

But, of course, it has everything to do with the defense. The inter-contentedness is there.

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Fast break in youth basketball.

Fast break, till today almost wins the most substantial play especially among youths. Youths have a natural mischief to them and here is the right way to use it. A fast break often stems from stealing the ball from another player and often ends with a score point.

This is the way it should be – it is one of the most intense plays even for youths. You would think youth basketball games reeks of fun and no bad blood until you watch a fast break unfold right in front of you.

It looks a lot like stealing in the movie. Except, this is not a movie and the stealing is definitely legalized. youth basketball offensive plays are a eye opener for beginners.