workout for basketball players

Contrary to popular opinion, workout for basketball players requires more than just natural physique. Of course, there are certain endowments like broad chest, good height and long arms to bank on.  While all of these give a player upper chance, these are definitely not all that is needed to make a player exceptional.

Other areas need to be worked on and gainfully acquired through thorough and continuous practice. Whenever you, who is merely a basketball lover watch your favorite player perform an almost unbelievable skill or achieve an awesome feat, know that a lot of effort have been put into that before the wonder you see came to exist.

It is safe for all basketball players to also live with this truth. Although, the fact that all the obvious natural endowments may not be good enough to keep a basketball career can hurt. The earlier players begin to accept this fact, the better for them and all of us who are dedicated to watching them.

Any player who has come to accept this fact will begin to see that not too much is needed to be the best basketball player after all. Among other things, the core thing a player needs to find himself doing is workout for basketball players.

There are a good number of workouts out there for players to stay committed to. Some of the most important ones have to be the following;

Lateral lunge workout for basketball players

The lateral lunge is a very important workout plan for all basketball players. It is especially compulsory for all the players who have been saddled with the responsibility to hold a defensive position in their team.

What the lateral lunge does seems simple. But, even in its simplicity, it is paramount. It works on helping a player have a better groin and hip. Simply put, this type of workout helps to open up muscles.

It can be achieved with much dedication and concentration. From a standing position, the player steps to the right. He makes his feet flat and his toes pointed. While he maintains that position, he squats on the right leg as he keeps the left leg straight.

Glute Bridge

If any basketball player is serious about jumping and explosive movements as any basketball player should be. Because, what is a basketball player that is not down with jumping and making explosive movements?? Nothing!

It now becomes a responsibility that all basketball players learn the art of jumping. The best way to master this art has been brought to workout plan with a brand name called the Glute Bridge.

To successfully achieve the Glute Bridge, the player lies face up on the floor with knees bent and feet placed flat on the floor.

The player needs a towel to be squeezed between his knees. While he squeezes the Glute, only the shoulders and heels remain on the ground.

Physio ball leg curl.

This does what the Glute Bridge will do and more. Just like the Glute Bridge, it helps the hips to get more extended. It is also the workout to practice continuously if a player wants the hamstring to work effectively.

Being committed to the physio ball leg curl does not only shine bright on the hips and hamstring. It is a very beautiful plan for when the player wants to improve leaping ability and posterior strength.

Lateral bound.

Here is another very core workout that all basketball players should never take a pass on. For a start. It is a go to work out plan for all the players that want to build explosive lateral power in the leg area.

More than any innate endowment will do for any basketball player, this workout plan also helps to sharpen players thereby making fast cuts and side by side movement easy feats for players.

The difference between a sluggish and painfully slow player and a fast paced one is not often found in innate features but in the amount of attention that has been given overtime to lateral bound.

workout for basketball players

Romanian deadlift

This is the workout that helps all basketball players jump higher as they should. Although, most of these players already have their height to bank on to make an almost perfect shoot. But, the actual awesome shoot   will definitely not be achieved by someone who hasn’t at least put effort on Romanian deadlift.

Contrary to popular belief that jumping higher comes from the knees, it actually comes from being able to hinge from the hips.

The Romanian deadlift, in addition to helping players achieve the perfect jump also improves the hamstrings, Glute and back among all the other parts of a basketball player.

Alternating dumbbell press.

To make a perfect jump shot, some specific areas of the body need to be well prepared. The jump shot of every player’s dream is not so much an easy feat as it is made to appear.

The lats, back and shoulder stability need to be given the right attention before a perfect jump shot can be achieved. The alternating dumbbell press helps all basketball players to achieve these and more.

Goblet squat.

A squat is just a squat until it is done consistently over a period of time.  In this case, a basketball player makes a goblet squat a dear friend for as long as he knows basketball and for as much as he wants to shine in his games.

The goblet squat helps the basketball player to work on no other part of the body than the lower body. Yes! You read that right. All the consistency that is about to be absorbed by the goblet squat is just so that the lower body can gain enough oomph. When you think of what this means for a player, the goblet squat leaves the league of ordinary workouts. It becomes golden.


Pull-ups are just as important as any other core workout for all basketball players. Pull up is a great workout plan for helping the back strength. If the pull-up is done properly, what it does is; create full extension through the lats, back, shoulder and wrist.

Single – leg hurdle hop.

There will no longer be fear for any basketball player that has mastered the art of landing well. News has it that most injuries started with a bad landing. If players will not get wild over other workout plan. I believe they should be crazed by the single – leg hurdle hop.

Just by extending through the hip on the right foot and landing on that same leg, a basketball player lands well and avoids injury.

Trying this workout as many times as possible makes it become a second skin for players and ultimately gives the player confidence to do it anytime. Without proper and prior practice, dong this oj a game day is a perfect way to write letter to injury.

Medicine ball squats to press.

This is yet another very important workout that all basketball players should not shy away from.

It is simply achieves by bending at the hips and exploding up.

There is a proper jumping motion for and in basketball. So many people, including players may not be aware of this. But, the workout for basketball players that helps achieve this feat with further ado is the medicine ball squats to press.