tee ball rules

Tee-Ball rules is here again, it is a sport that’s terribly just like the sport of baseball and is a game that is accustomed introduce young youngsters to the game through its simplified rules. likewise as this, it’s additionally used as the simplest way of serving to youngsters to develop hand/eye coordination and ball skills.

The main distinction between Tee-Ball and baseball is that, whereas in baseball a pitcher pitches the ball towards the hitter, this doesn’t happen in Tee-Ball. Instead, the hitter hits the ball off a tee that is stationary, therefore permitting young youngsters a neater method of striking the ball and fascinating with the sport and developing skills. though in Tee-Ball the ball is softer, the dearth of the ball being pitched additionally makes it safer for kids.

Object of the sport

The object of the sport is for one team to defeat another by rating a lot of runs. they are doing this by trying to get as several runs as they will throughout their innings and attempting to forestall their opposition’s rating runs while fielding.

However, there’s a bigger objective to Tee-Ball which is to introduce youngsters to baseball and to sport generally, so likewise as serving to introduce them to the principles of baseball, it gets them active, helps develop hand/eye coordination likewise as ball skills.

Players & instrumentality

One of the explanations behind Tee-Ball’s quality is its simplicity and therefore the indisputable fact that it wants comparatively very little instrumentality to play. groups are created from between five and seven players, though a lot of is contend by agreement and every one players ought to wear appropriate coaching shoes. once batting, every player is needed to wear an acceptable safety helmet and wear gloves.
The buggy used ought to be between twenty five and twenty six inches long and therefore the balls are special Tee-Ball ones, terribly just like regulation baseballs however created to be softer to assist minimize the chance of injuries.


A. To participate, players should be between 5-6 years aged inclusive, and not older than half-dozen on or before Jan first of this year and season. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

B. Any player not meeting the age demand set forth herein shall be ineligible and will NOT PARTICIPATE united play. Any game during which Associate in Nursing ineligible player participates shall be lost. Further, any organization that puts ineligible players on their team listing shall be thought of for dismissal action and/or banishment from the league.

C. Players don’t seem to be allowed to participate at the same time in T-Ball and novice League Ball. Failure to follow can lead to forfeiture of game(s) and suspension of the coach.
Playing Field
The enjoying field shall be discovered and marked off as shown within the field diagram below. The revolve around the pitching mound shall be 9-foot diameter (4 1/2’ radius). The selected home team shall be chargeable for fixing the sphere as well as lining or relining of the field as necessary.
Other measurements:
● 50’ distance between bases

● 35’ distance from base to pitching rubber
● 15’ arc between piece of land foul lines from base (a ball should travel on the far side 15’ to be fair) (see diagram)


If the selected home field is unmarked, the umpire(s) shall establish the out of bounds and foul areas before commencement of the sport.
Coaches are inspired to enter the sphere to help players. However, throughout play no over one coach is allowed on the sphere defensively to produce directions. The coach might not interfere with play. Offensive baseline coaches shall stay a minimum of five feet from the first and third baselines and shall not bit or assist a runner whereas the ball is live. Penalty – Runner are going to be referred to as out.


All players are going to be in uniforms of identical or identical team color as well as caps as provided by the sponsoring club.
The home team are going to be chargeable for supply Associate in Nursing adjustable tee, bases and a replacement game ball for every game. Tees can have one adjustable post, the higher 1/2 that is either rubber or plastic. Catchers should wear a protecting helmet, facemask with protective garment connected and protective garment. Shin guards and protecting cups are no mandatory.
Players should wear baseball shoes, general rubber cleats or lawn tennis shoes. Shoes with metal cleats or street shoes cannot be worn for any games.
No jewelry is going to be worn and is prohibited.
All batters and base runners are needed to wear helmets with twin earflaps.
A game can accommodate six (6) innings or one hundred and five minutes, whichever happens 1st. No play can begin when one hundred and five minutes have go on. Teams, however, are going to be allowed to complete Associate in Nursing play started provided it started before the 105-minute closing date.
The visiting team has the proper to the sphere fifteen minutes before game time for warmup. the house team shall have warm up before the visiting team.

Coaches throughout batting could build hand changes, however, all players should hit on their own.
Balls that don’t seem to be hit on the far side the 15-foot arc are thought of foul balls. Seven fouls or a mixture of strikes Associate in Nursing fouls totaling seven is taken into account an out.
There is no mercy rule for this league.
The piece of land fly rule won’t be in impact.
Play can stop and time is termed once the ball is secured within the pitcher’s management within the pitcher’s circle and runners come to the last base occupied before the ball became dead. The pitcher should build a play on any ground ball hit by the batter and fielded inside the pitching circle. If the ball is fielded outside the pitching circle, the pitcher could come to the circle to prevent play.

Base runners could advance on overthrown balls supported commonplace baseball rules.
End of play – Associate in Nursing inning are going to be completed and no a lot of runs scored when either three outs are created or the ninth batter has batted in an inning or 5 runs have been scored in an inning by the team at bat, whichever happens 1st. once the last play is contend, the ninth (9th) batter rule and therefore the five run rule are suspended. The fielding team should get 3 (3) outs to retire the aspect or finish the play.
Coaches could decision only 1 timeout per play aside from injuries.
Parents and spectators (other than coaches) might not sit or stand nearer than five feet from the out-of-play lines.


A team should have a minimum of eight players to play a game. If a team cannot field eight players inside the grace amount, the sport is taken into account a forfeit by the shorted team(s). If one team has over the desired players to begin a game, it’s inspired to “loan” players to the shorted team so Associate in Nursing “unofficial” game could also be contending.


A. Batting Tee – The batting tee rests on base. The coach of the batter could regulate the tee and reposition the batter at any time as long because the ball isn’t live. Play won’t begin till the umpire has determined that everybody is prepared and it’s safe to start play. The umpire can place the ball on the tee and signal “play ball”. The batter could then strike the ball. The pitcher should keep inside the pitching circle till the batter hits the ball. once the ball is hit, the baseball manager can move the batting tee now if a player is trying to get at the plate.

Foul Ball/Strike Outs – The batter should strike the ball inside ten seconds when the play ball” notification or a strike are going to be referred to as. Seven fouls or a mixture of strikes Associate in Nursing fouls totaling seven is taken into account an out.

B. Bat Throwing – Not allowed. 1st such incidence can lead to team warning. Second such incidence can lead to batter being referred to as out. In each cases the ball, if smitten, are going to be a dead ball and every one runners should come to their base. C. Base Running – All base runners should wear protecting helmets once aboard. All base runners should have obtained or reached anyone base before the ball is came back to the possession and management of the pitcher inside the 9-foot circle. If they haven’t reached the bottom fully (not 0.5 way), the runner(s) should come to the last base touched safely before the pitcher had management of the ball inside the circle to stop play. No head 1st slides are allowed except once returning to a base.

D. Overthrows – If the ball is overthrown either from the parcel or the piece of land and goes out of play (beyond the out of bounds area), the bottom runners are entitled to the base they are advancing to and one further base. However, if the ball is simply within the foul areas and doesn’t get fully out of bounds, the bottom isn’t automatic, and therefore the runners could advance at their own risk.

E. Players – Eleven players are allowed to play within the field, however only 1 player at every of the first positions of: pitcher, catcher, first base, 2nd base, shortstop and third base. The parcel shall have a brief fielder and four different outfielders enjoying umbrella vogue. Free substitutions are permissible.

• Player should be three on or before 8/31/16 and not be half-dozen on or when 9/1/13 to be allowed to register and participate in T-Ball. (3years – five years inside the vary above)
• an entire game can accommodates five innings. (Coaches will shorten if each agree)
• All batters can bat employing a tee. (No Coach Pitch are going to be allowed)
• Coaches can umpire their own games.
• every team can bat through their lineup each play irrespective the number of outs.
• If Associate in Nursing out is formed the player referred to as out can come to the dugout, however outs won’t be unbroken. The score won’t be unbroken.
• Fielding – all players gift can play within the field.
At first look, Tee ball could appear as if a chaotic scrimmage of little buggy, cluster fielding, and wrong-way base running. And, well, it is. however, it’s additionally real baseball, simply aimed a lot of at fostering fun and fundamentals than winning or losing. Targeted to each boys and ladies ages 4- to 7-years-old, Tee ball is concerning learning the sport and learning to like the game during a non-competitive setting. As such, the ball’s hit off a tee thus it’s straightforward to form contact, each kid plays the complete game, and no-one wears spikes, or keeps score for the foremost half. Naturally, the principles are slightly totally different than ancient baseball, or maybe youth leagues for older children. Here are 5 of the key differences:
Number of Players
A typical team needs 9 players on the sphere in any respect times, with subs to function backups or relief pitchers. conference Baseball rosters embrace twenty-five players whereas baseball league squads have between twelve and fifteen children within the dugout. Tee ball, on the opposite hand, wants method less. very little League’s official rules suggest that groups solely place half-dozen to ten players on every team. This ensures every player gets many at-bats ⏤ likewise as, longer within the field ⏤ and games are shorter.

Defensive Zones, Not Positions

Most Tee-ball leagues mandate that you just will solely have one player on the mound (or within the piece of land diamond) at a time within the “pitchers” spot. After that, though, baseball league recommends that rather than mandating strict piece of land positions, leagues hack the diamond into 3 zones — left, middle, and right. Coaches ought to then rotate players through every zone, and into the parcel, when every out (or after each batter) throughout Associate in Nursing play. That way, players perpetually have one thing to try and do and obtain enjoying time in every position.
Outs and Innings Tee-ball games will technically last up to 9 innings, however most games are capped at four innings or one hour of play. everyone on the listing plays ⏤ there aren’t any benchwarmers and whereas some leagues insist all 9 batters hit every play, others play by the three-outs rule of traditional baseball. still, the majority cap the amount of batters in Associate in Nursing play at 9, notwithstanding format. baseball league recommends rotating the lineup each play to make sure children get their cuts and nobody should bat leadoff when, and there are typically no strikeouts. children swing till that ball lands somewhere within the field of play.
For umpires, of course, it additionally means that holding children play through a state of affairs here and there. you’ll decision a detailed play safe for the flow of the sport, or decision Associate in Nursing out once a team extremely wants one if the throw or tag is shut. “You don’t need to be too strict with the sport,” aforementioned Don Simon, a long-time coach and umpire WHO runs NCUA (North Carolina Umpire Association) Baseball. “The main issue there’s the youngsters having fun.” Base running
The bases are 50-feet apart in Tee ball, and base running is comparable to slow-pitch softball or coach-pitch leagues. Runners can’t leave the bag till the batter makes contact, and there’s no stealing bases — clearly, as a result of the ball is on a tee.

Mercy Rule

In addition to a one-hour closing date, most leagues will have a mercy rule of some kind. whereas the mercy rule for older children typically means that the sport is concluded if one team is ahead by over ten runs when four.5 innings, it’s a touch totally different for Tee ball. as an example, when a team contains a 10-run lead, they need to get rid of one fielder from the diamond. Or if the lead gets to fifteen runs, the losing team is allowed to place in another outfielder. Not solely will this get a lot of children within the game, it helps even out the scores thus nobody team gets shellacked.


• Coaches are chargeable for games beginning and ending promptly inside their appointed field times. There aren’t any umpires or officers appointed to T-Ball to manage this on game days.

• Coaches are chargeable for the behavior of their players & oldsters in any respect times. cheating conduct by any player/parent should be addressed now. If there are questions on conduct, please contact the T-Ball organizer.
• the house team occupies the third Base dugout or bench.
• 2 Innings at a minimum are contend (assuming but one hour). If time permits and each coaches agree, a third play is contend before expiration of your time, it’s at each coaches’ discretion.
• The diamond shall be fifty feet between bases
• there’ll be NO scorekeeping for any games and everybody WINS. Players and coaches ought to recognize upon completion of the sport.


• The SIAA T-Ball league is concerning having fun whereas introducing and developing core baseball skills to every player. each play the complete team can have Associate in Nursing turn notwithstanding what number outs are created.
• each player can hit from a tee whereas turn for the primary 1/2 the season (no exceptions). this may facilitate develop correct hand-eye coordination and permit coaches to show proper fundamentals of swinging the bat. within the half of the season, each player can have the chance to hit three pitched balls from his/her coach. If there’s no contact created when the third pitch, the coach should set the ball on the tee for the player to hit.
• riddance injury or illness, once the card is ready, you want to bat in this order the complete game. when each kid buggy just once per half-inning, groups can switch to hit or play the sphere.
• All players on the sphere surface (not the dugout or bench) should wear a helmet; this includes all base-runners, on-deck batters and therefore the batter.
• The batting tee are going to be placed directly on base or if conditions dictate as on the brink of home place as potential.

• Associate in Nursing arc from the first and third base lines (approx. 6 ft. stretching from home plate) ought to be drawn with Associate in Nursing finish of a bat within the dirt. Balls hit off the tee should pass this arc or are thought of foul balls.


• Base coaches are inspired for first and third base to assist instruct their players the basics of properly running the bases.
• Once a ball is came back to Associate in Nursing piece of land player or within the infield space (within the baselines) coaches ought to hold their players from taking additional bases assumptive the player isn’t ½ thanks to consequent base.
• Players cannot leave their current base till the ball is hit. (No leading astray, etc.)


• SIAA T-Ball is concerning developing the basics of baseball and learning to play the sport properly. For piece of land play, there’s only 1 player allowed to play every acceptable position. (P, 3B, SS, 2B, 1B). Therefore, there are five players allowed inside the base-paths at any given time. The remaining players play parcel positions backing up the piece of land positions.
• The player enjoying the pitcher position are going to be chargeable for assumptive the “catcher” position for the first 1/2 the season and therefore the 2d half of the season, there’ll be a catcher trying to catch balls pitched by the coach.
• nobody player ought to play identical position the complete game or year. it’s the responsibility of every coach to rotate their players to play totally different positions throughout the season to achieve expertise.
• As mentioned earlier, there are unlimited outs per play. during this organic process league consider outs as a lot of vital than runs and it’s even as important to reward players for fielding and throwing because it is striking.
• If a team clearly makes Associate in Nursing out either by throwing it to a player during a force out state of affairs or by tagging a runner properly, the player is taken into account out and shall come to their correct bench.
• Coaches are allowed on the diamond/outfield whereas their team is fielding that 1/2 the play to assist instruct and aid in work his/her players, that base to throw, etc.
• Stopping of hit balls (unless foul) by coaches isn’t permissible. Players should retrieve the ball.


All games shall begin promptly at the regular begin time. If a team is unable to field a minimum of five players by the game’s regular begin time, then the sport is going to be rescheduled by each manager’s agreements. If the sport cannot be rescheduled, the sport are going to be canceled.

2. GAME PLAY: The T-Ball game are going to be a half-dozen vs 6 game with no outfielders. If there are seven players on a team, the seventh player can play five feet behind 2d base.

3. CURFEW: No new play shall begin when one hour from the beginning time. If a replacement play starts each try ought to be created to complete the inning thus each groups have identical range of at-bats. No new play is going to begin when ten pm and no game can be contending after 10:30 pm.

4. LENGTH OF GAMES: All games are going to be complete if any of the below occurs…

a. Six innings are contend

b. one hour and quarter-hour have passed since the beginning of the sport, notwithstanding the spot within the play, latitude ought to be allowed, if necessary to allow each player the possibility to bat doubly.

c. The member on Duty shortens the sport thanks to weather, a pair of play minimum.

5. SCOREKEEPING – Score won’t be unbroken throughout the sport and no standings are going to be recorded.

6. RUN RULE: No run rule is in impact, thanks to all offensive players batting every 0.5 play (rule #11).
7. LENGTH BETWEEN INNINGS: groups shall modification positions as apace as potential at the top of every play. Play ought to resume inside one minute when the outride of the previous 0.5 play.

8. RAIN-OUTS: Rain-out games shall be rescheduled by the League Division VP.

9. COACHES: every team is allowed one manager and unlimited coaches. Base coaches can accommodate a pair of adults. every team should have a minimum of two coaches on the sphere defensively.

10. UMPIRES: there’ll be no league provided umpires. every team can umpire their own game opposite their various dugout. the house team can umpire first and 2d base whereas the visiting team will umpire third base and residential. The stoppage of play are going to be the responsibility of the team at bat.

11. BATTING ORDER: every team can use never-ending card with all players enjoying defensively. A player WHO arrived when the beginning of the sport is going to be inserted at the lowest of the card. every 0.5 play, all offensive players can bat. when this has occurred, the groups can switch and therefore the defensive team will take their time at bat. The card can begin with the #1batter and finish with the last batter. At consequent turn, the card reverses giving the last batter the primary turn in this play.

12. BATTER and TEE: The coach or manager will position the tee and batter as long because the tee remains involved with base. If the batter needs help to place the ball live, the coach or manager could assist the batter when the batter has tried many swings.

13. OUTS: Outs are going to be recorded. within the event three outs occur before the team aiming to bat the total lineup, the bases are going to be empty, and therefore the same team continues to bat. The players can get the concept that outs have occurred, and that they do mean one thing.

14. PLAYERS: The T-Ball division is for league age 4/5 players.
15. necessary PLAY: All players can play on defense. every player could solely play one play at each position throughout the sport.

16. piece of land FLY: The infield fly rule isn’t in impact.


a. Infielders might not play ahead of Associate in Nursing fanciful line extending from 1st base to 3rd base till the ball has been place into play.

b. there’s no most outfielder demand. Outfielders should stay within the grass behind the piece of land in any respect times unless aiding on a play. they can’t interfere with the bottom runners.

c. The pitcher will not build Associate in Nursing unassisted put-out initially base should throw the ball to the primary baseman. The pitcher can, however, build plays unassisted at the other base as well as home.

d. Infielders accommodates a pitcher, catcher, infielder, second sacker, infielder, and shortstop. The remaining players are positioned within the parcel.

e. The catcher doesn’t would like catcher’s instrumentality however should wear a helmet with facemask whereas the batter is batting.

18. STOPPAGE OF PLAY: Play can continue till the lead runner is stopped and/or the ball is tried to be thrown to the pitcher whereas the pitcher is on the brink of the pitcher’s circle, the pitcher doesn’t need to catch or management the ball. All runners that reached a halfway mark are going to be allowed to get consequent base if that base is empty. If the ball is live and a play is formed on a runner WHO has reached the halfway mark, the runner is in danger of being place out.

19. BASE RUNNERS: No steals are allowed. Runners might not leave the bottom till the ball is hit or crosses base. there’s no advancing on overthrows within the piece of land.

20. DUGOUT ASSIGNMENTS: the house team can occupy the third base dugout whereas the Visiting team will occupy the first base dugout.
21. PROTESTS: No protests are going to be allowed within the T-Ball division. If an event happens, one or each manager ought to find or decision the member on Duty for resolution.

22. ON-DECK BATTER: No on-deck batter is allowed. Players should stay within the dugout and don’t seem to be allowed to swing buggy in the dugout.

23. BUNTS: Bunts don’t seem to be allowed.


a. the house team shall be chargeable for ensuring the sphere is ready before every game (putting out bases, marking the sphere, gently watering, etc.)

b. each groups are chargeable for finding out the trash in their various dugouts.

c. The visiting team is chargeable for raking and watering the sphere when the sport.

25. INJURY REPORT: Associate in Nursing injury report should be stuffed out for each injury, notwithstanding however minor. Forms is found within the concession space or raise the member on Duty. The incident should be rumored to the league Safety Manager inside twenty-four hours of the injury.