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Soccer tips, predictions and betting is not a new thing. Articles and books on the models of soccer predictions began to be published back in the 90s, although there had already been a proposition before then by Moroney. Moroney published his first analysis in the year 1956. He chose Poisson distribution and negative binomial distribution and established both as a fitting match to the results of the games of soccer. He successfully examined the subsequent passing of the ball between players using binomial distribution. By this, proving that soccer matches aren’t just a matter of chance but are, in fact, predictable was made possible.

Soccer prediction and tips is a method of betting in sports to statistically predict or foretell the outcome of a match. The most common technique is ranking. Teams are ranked based on the results of the games they’ve played in the past.  The highest rank is given to the team with the highest scores and vice versa. Matches’ outcomes can be predicted by simply comparing those ranks. There are many ranking systems known in the world but the FIFA World Rankings are the most known. Rankings are made around three axes:

Teams that either are unable to or they simply choose not to establish a difference between their defensive and offensive strengths.

Averages that don’t really signify changes in skill of the soccer teams. And,

That ranking is not just about have an on-point prediction about the game but also to set the strong team apart from the not so strong.

The rating systems is another method of predicting games of soccer. Unlike the ranking system which is only about the order of the team, rating systems designate each team with a consistent and reasonably scaled pointer of the team’s strength. It can be applied both to the attacking and the defending strength of a team, and also the home field advantage as well as to the ability of each member of the team.

Making sure predictions that have a high probability of winning is possible and I will show you how. First of all, you must be passionate about it. Successful prediction succeeds utmost precision.

Ways of Making Soccer Tips & Predictions with High Wining Chances

I will give you five essential tips that can improve your confidence in predictions and also increase your chances of winning. First of all, you have to take stock and an estimation of how likely it is that you win. All you have to do is compare your selections and their odds by bookmarking them. This way, you will be able to know the likelihood of your winning. Examine the probabilities before placing your bet.

Now, on to the tips:

1. How Motivated is the Team? Study them.

The success of any team is determined by how positive and motivated that team is. The level of motivation determines the level of success. Motivation is a great influence in anything a man wants to do: career, business, education, even sports. If a soccer club is a highly motivated one, there is a greater chance of winning for its team. One motivating tool is the level of importance of the match the team is preparing for. Premium matches usually garner higher motivation.

Another thing that can down a team is if a member of their team has just been suspended for whatever reason especially if he happens to be one of their strongest players. This can negatively affect the game of both the suspended member and other members of the team hence lower motivation.

Each team is motivated by the understanding that this game is all about the survival of the fittest – there can be only one team standing. Therefore, the team wants to do everything they lawfully possibly can to win. For instance, when a primitive team is given a chance to play in the World Cup, they know that they have a lot to gain if they win. This is enough motivation on its own. They even harder when they know that they are going against a very strong team. Knowing that there is a something to be won and a reward for winning gives such team high motivation which will help them work and train harder. In addition to this, bringing in a coach which the team chose and desired helps the team to join hands and work together thereby improving their performance in the match they are to play in.

The purpose of studying them, however, is to find out which of this team has the higher motivated spirit. Chances are that is the team that will win.

2. Do your own Research on each team.

Once you’ve been able to know the level of motivation in the teams, don’t stop there. Go ahead and do a background check and a thorough research on the teams. Furthermore, read up on latest news on football before you place your bets. Don’t be in a hurry to bet – that is not a good idea. As a matter of fact, the best time to place bets is at the 11th hour – the last moment. If a team lacks substance and quality, injuries and suspensions will be more frequent. This will be a very great influence in the winning chance of that team. The important thing is to bet on the team whose members are determined enough to continue playing no matter what happens in the club or to any of their members. Also, note the present situation of the team you are choosing to place your bet on – how they play at home, how much winning they get in away games.

One thing you should not do is to bet on the grounds that one team has won against another team before as this doesn’t necessarily mean it would win the next game.

3. Note the Underlying skills of the teams

There are skills that go unnoticed to the public eye. They may not even be directly connected or have anything to do with the game but they are factors that can improve the team’s as well individual member’s performance.

Take note how the area of strength of the team you choose to forecast. Some teams only become top of their games when they play in a big match while some are stronger when they play locally. Also take into account their previous matches. Perhaps one team is unable to understand the other team’s style of playing and that’s why they keep losing to them. This means that even if the losing team increases in number and strength, their inability to understand their opponent’s style is still an issue and could cause them to lose again. In individual sports, for instance, an offensive team’s game style may be just right or otherwise for the player, this should not be taken for granted when playing team sports.

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4. Follow Free Forecasts

At this time when competitions in various championships are continuously improving, one needs to be always on point. Your game must always be high. Therefore, the advice that you follow free forecasts. These forecasts already have their own predictions, one just has to earn from them. And, most of them have very good predictions that causes to earn a lot.

5. Favor the Winning Predictions

Search for predictions that always win and who have tools that can help you fine-tune your analysis around the match you choose. You are able to follow all the live soccer matches already boosted with high statistics and a wealth of information. Take advantage of this and don’t be left out.

The Different Levels of Predictions

You can predict on various matches from the lowest local match to as high up as the Premier League’s match. These levels include:

Correct Score Tips and Correct Score Predictions,

Both Teams to Score and Win Tips BTTS & Win,

Both Teams to Score Tips BTTS Tips,

Champions League Predictions,

Europa League Predictions & Europa League Betting Tips,

Premier League Predictions.

You can actively take advantage of these predictions and earn your winnings.


Soccer Accumulator Bet or ACA

What does ACA mean? An accumulator, or aca, is a bet with chances of making more than one selections. For the bet to be counted as a win, all selections must have won. Profits are made and calculated by multiplying the odds of each of the legs by the next one. When the legs become very many, they are accumulated and this most often leads to big odds. This model of betting is very common in soccer where one can place one bet on lots of teams with short odds and be rewarded with bigger odds. Its main advantage is that even if you have a very small amount of money, you can multiply it by a lot and get huge returns in the period of the game – 90 minutes. Besides that, they are considered fun and of good money value.

How to pick a good football aca tips:

First place to look when you’re looking for your accumulated tips is at the football betting statistics. One look at the statistics and you will be able to make an easy, quick, and good decision on whether or not you want them on your accumulated tips. There are many of them, be sure to check them out before you place your bets. When looking for good accumulating tips, the best would be to seek out teams with good home form. There’s greater advantage for any team if they are playing at home so there would be greater odds in choosing a team on the home side. However, there are teams than can beat even the home team. You should look out for those, too.

Types of Soccer Betting Tips & Accumulator

1. Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This betting tip is very popular mostly because it is very easy to understand. To win, one needs to choose two teams and both teams must score at least one goal. It doesn’t matter whether one team loses, one team won, or draw – as long as they both scored at least a goal, you get your winnings. This betting tip is so much fun. You start winning the moment both team bags at least one goal each. When the final whistle is blown, you’re not anxious because you have already won. The probability of both teams scoring a goal is higher in any match.

How to pick a good BTTS – When looking for teams to bet on, take a look at your Football betting statistics because it will provide you with the teams you can bet on that will give you a higher chance of winning the bet. The statistics cover a large range of leagues, championships, cups, and competitions from anywhere in the world. Take thorough survey of them before you place your bets. Also, look for offensive teams with weak defense. There are greater attacking teams than there are defending teams so getting them shouldn’t be difficult.

2. Both Teams to Score and Win Accumulator (BTTS and Win)

This type of ‘aca’ bet is new but very popular. For this bet to be counted as a win, both teams are needed to score but the selected team must end up winning. That is both team must have scored goals but the betted team must score the highest goal points. However, you don’t necessarily have to choose a team to win. You can simply bet on both teams scoring and still earn from your betting. It is still under the same rule.

2. Goal Rush Accumulator – this is a form of BTTS and Win where two teams are both betted on to score and win. The win is counted if both teams score and win – that is, the game ends up in a draw.

One main advantage of BTTS and Win accumulator tips is that there are big odds most of the time. When there are big odds, expect huge returns.

How to pick a good BTTS and Win Tips

Simply look for teams playing away from home. Also, look for teams with weak defenses and strong attackers. Many teams are not very strong playing an away game so, if both teams playing are playing from home, betting on them for this BBTS and Win aca tips can bring you big odds and huge returns.

Correct Score Tips and Predictions

There are very big rewards in this type of bet. It is among the most popular betting tips and is much more than just guessing the outcome of a game. Correct score betting is about being precise in the prediction of the scores. It is usually the hardest to land even though it has the biggest returns. But for those who are lucky enough to have predicted correctly, enormous rewards await them.

Correct score double tip –this type of correct score tips and predictions is a bit different from the one above. In this tip, you get to choose two scores from two games. For this reason, the odds and returns are higher.

Correct score multi – officially known as correct score multiple. Here, you bet on three or more scores and all must be accurate for it to be considered a win.

How to bet

You will have to, first of all, decide which one you’re going for: single, double or multi? The choose the appropriate number of games i.e. 1 for the single correct score tip; 2 for double and more than 3 for multiple. Be sure to do your own research before you place your bets so you won’t be entering a trap. When you are satisfied, go ahead and place your bets. Bet appropriately.

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Methods of Prediction

Now, there are various methods of betting in the game of soccer. Summarily, they include:

Time Independent Least Square rating (TILS) – this is a method with the aim of delegating each team in the match a progressive scaled value of rating such that the strongest team is rated higher than the other team. The assumption is that the rating delegated to both competing teams is directly proportional to the outcome of the match. It has no dependence on time but has a poor performance. It is predicted using linear least squares regression. This rating has an advantage over the standard ranking system in that the numbers show a precise difference between the levels of each team’s strength.

Time Independent Poisson Regression (TIPR) – it has maximum likelihood; not dependent on time, and, unlike TILS, is averagely okay in performance. This model is suitable for telling the different between home scores and away scores.

Time Independent Skellam Regression (TISR) – another method of prediction also of medium performance, maximum likelihood and no dependence on time.

Time Dependent Poisson Regression (TDPR) – of maximum likelihood of algorithm regression, dependent on time in that it is a time-dumping factor and of high performance.

Time Dependent Markov Chain – algorithm regression is that of Monte Carlo, time dependent on Markov Chain model and of high performance. that is all for soccer tips here on recreation tipsy