Soccer shooting drills

If you need to create players who can score past any goalkeeper, you should utilize the best soccer shooting drills during your practices.

There’s nothing more terrible than a group executing incredible ball-development down the field and setting up an extraordinary scoring opportunity to miss a simple objective…

The accompanying soccer shooting drills will enable your players to rehearse all parts of completing around the objective.

From controlling and scoring off a cross, getting done with utilizing one-contact, shooting off the spill, utilizing a colleague progressing up the field, and substantially more.

How about we begin…

Soccer Shooting Drills

1. 1, 2 Shoot

1 2 shoot drill

How the Drill Works:

A line of players, each with a soccer ball, go to the assigned passer at the edge of the punishment region which lays the ball off for the player to run onto and shoot on the objective.


Straightforward drill intended to expand a player’s completing abilities. This action keeps things basic and enables players to get many shooting reiterations to build up their precision.


Players structure a line beginning around 8-12 yards outside the punishment territory.

Every player in line should begin with a ball at their feet.

Assign one player to be the passer and position them on the edge of the punishment box confronting the line of players. This player needn’t bother with a ball.

On the off chance that accessible, put a goalkeeper in the full-size objective. Any additional goalkeepers should remain off to the side of the objective and switch into the movement every 3-5 reiterations.

soccer shooting drills

1 2 Shoot

The main player in line starts the drill with a go to the passer situated at the edge of the punishment territory.

The passer takes one, or two contacts, and lays the ball to either side of them for the player to run onto to and shoot.

The shooting player runs onto the ball and promptly makes a go on the objective.

After the principal player has finished their turn, the following player in line cam quickly starts their turn.

Players ought to recover their very own shots before coming back to the line.

Switch the assigned passer every 8-10 reiterations.

Proceed with this procedure for 5-10 minutes, or until the soccer balls should be recovered and goalkeepers need a rest. Rehash for the same number of rounds as required.


One-touch – Depending on the age and aptitude level of the players, give the players just one-contact to finish the drill.

Different shooting strategies – Have the players utilize various methods when shooting – within the foot, instep (bands), or outside of the foot.

Instructing Points:

Stress that players should “finish” the soccer ball instead of simply shoot the ball. Players should put the ball into the edges of the objective with precision rather than simply attempting to hit the soccer ball as hard as possible.

Train the players to concentrate on utilizing a solid plant foot close by the ball, and to hold their head down and eyes on the ball when wrapping up. Players should bolt their lower leg and strike through the ball easily, hitting the center of the ball for a quality system.

Remind the players to bolt the lower leg of the shooting! This is the most significant standard when growing great shooting propensities. Locking the lower leg will give better control and power on the ball.

Instruct the players to finish their shot with their shooting foot. A player’s shooting foot should swing through the shot and players should arrive on their shooting foot to improve exactness and power.

Challenge the players to be predictable with their strategy and trust the procedure. Help players who are battling are patient and spotlight on the correct strategy first before endeavoring to go at quicker game speed.

2. 1-on-1 Shootout

How the Drill Works:

Two players contend with one another shooting the ball at each other’s cone door. Players must protect their very own objective from their adversary’s shots and endeavor to score on their rival’s objective. The player with the most objectives scored toward the finish of each round is the victor.


Straightforward action for players to build up their completing aptitudes. Players get numerous redundancies in a brief timeframe and can make it as aggressive as they need to.


Have players split into sets. Each pair ought to have in any event one soccer ball.

For each pair of players, set up two entryways utilizing cones, around 8-12 yards from one another. Each door ought to be 5-7 yards wide and ought to confront the other entryway. Increment, or abatement, the width and separation of the entryways relying upon the players’ age and aptitude level.

Each pair of players positions themselves inside the two entryways. Every player ought to be between a cone entryway legitimately opposite their accomplice.

One player in each pair begins with the ball at their feet.


To begin, the player with the ball in each gathering makes a go on their adversary’s cone door while their rival, without the ball, endeavors to hinder the shot from intersection their cone entryway.

When the player has scored, or their shot has been hindered, their rival endeavors a shot on their cone door. The procedure proceeds thusly for the rest of the round.

Just shots underneath the rival’s abdomen are permitted. Each time a player effectively shoots the ball, underneath their rival’s abdomen, and past their rival’s cone door, the shooter is granted one point.

The players alternate shooting the ball at one another’s cone door for the whole round with the victor being the player who has scored the most focuses before the finish of the round.

Switch accomplices toward the finish of each round. Play each round for 2-4 minutes. Rehash for the same number of rounds as required.


Fluctuate the separation – Increase or lessening the separation between the doors relying upon the players’ age and ability level.

Shot-obstructing – Switch the shot-blocking rules. Enable players to utilize hands to build the trouble to score. Enable feet for players to take a shot at intense getting and blocking aptitudes with simply their feet.

Instructing Points:

Get the players eager to contend with each other and ensure they appreciate the challenge. Switch up the guidelines and separations to ensure the action fits the age and intensity of the gathering.

Teach the players on the correct shooting system before playing. Contingent upon the separation between the doors, players may just need to utilize within their feet for the best opportunities to score. Obviously, bands can be utilized, yet be cautious with shot power if players are excessively near one another.

Players ought to have a solid plant foot by the ball before easily hitting through the ball with a bolted lower leg. This will bring about the most predictable shot and help players build up their precision.

Challenge the players to obstruct however many shots as could be allowed and to make it hard for their rival to score.

3. Cross and Finish Competition

How the Drill Works:

Two groups contend to score the most objectives in around. Each group exchanges crosses from opposite sides of the field while two players enter the punishment territory and endeavor to score one goal.


Create an intersection and completing aptitudes in a focused group movement. Players increment their intersection precision while players in the case enhance their completing consistency.

soccer shooting drills 1

Arrangement one, a full-size objective toward one side of the field.

One goalkeeper is required for this drill. 2-3 goalkeepers would be best because of the high force level and the number of reiterations per round. Additional goalkeepers should situate themselves off to the side of the objective and turn in every 3-5 redundancies.

Arrangement one cone on each side of the punishment zone. Each cone ought to be 2-5 yards outside the punishment box and 5-10 yards from the end line. Increment, or diminishing, the cone separation and edge to the objective as required.

Arrangement two cones at the highest point of the punishment box. The cones ought to be 10 yards separated and ought to be 2-3 yards outside the punishment box.

Partition the players into two, uniformly numbered groups and allow each group to a pullover shading.

Dole out each group to a cone at the highest point of the container. Each group should shape a line behind their cone.

Have each group send 3-5 players to the outside cone farthest away from them. These players will be the assigned crossers for the round and should shape a line behind their cone.

Split the soccer balls equitably between the two intersection cones.

Each crosser in line ought to have a great time at their feet, and these sums up soccer shooting drills.