simple man to man offenses for youth basketball

It is safe to embrace the fact that there are a couple of good man to man offenses for youth basketball both for young basketball players and adult basketball players.

For the purpose of this topic, we will have a run on the man to man offenses for youth basketball play.

Yes! Youths have this wild thing going on for them, and maybe not enough experience as touching the game of basketball.

So, there are specific offenses that youths can take up just as there are motion, flex, ball screen continuity and others.

man to man offenses for youth basketball

Some of the youth man to man  offenses to look out for are :

Transition from defense to offense.

Transitioning becomes possible if and when a player seizes an opportunity to attack on the court.

It is established in that quick moment when a player picks the ball from the ground and secures it from the opponents.

Securing the ball gives the player a grand opportunity to go for a shot – the shot however, needs to be well calculated else, it fails.

What the transition from defense to offense implies is that a player can switch within a twinkle of an eye from being defensive to offensive and vice versa.

It is quite beautiful to consider that this transitioning is what the game of basketball is based on.

Shot selection

There are different types of shots. Often, players are advised to take a close to the rim shot because with that, there is almost a guarantee that it will hit home.

But, on special occasions the player may decide to go for a peculiar kind of shot that puts him in an offensive position.

The 3 point shot is a good shot and when it is handled by a youth players that knows his onus, it becomes almost magical to watch.

To make this shot as remarkable as it is, there is a need to always talk about which of the players can and should take it on the court.

I believe that is exactly one of the things  youths who are being taught man to man offenses take home as assignment. At the end of the day, the victory belongs to the team and that is the ultimate.


Man to man offenses place a pressure on players. It is innate that it will, and there is hardly anything players, no matter how skilled can do about that fact.

The pressure can however, be managed well if the one holding the ball understands that his pass to the receiver means a lot.

It is good to note now that the person set to receive the ball is often being ambushed by the defense. Without surrender, the defender follows the player about the court. So the load of the work falls on the one about to make the pass as he is to ensure that the ball is catchable from any angle by the receiver.


It is a strategy – one that works remarkably as it has always worked.

The spacing between players will determine the strength or weakness of a defender. So, players who are offensive should and must endeavor to work on the spacing between them. Players will see  that when the spacing is well utilized, it becomes difficult and almost impossible for just a defender to be up against two offenders. And that is great news!

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Cutting is common among going players. But, a lot of these young minds, out of zeal do it haltingly and end up going back to the perimeter or staying at the same spot.

Cutting, if to be considered successful must be aimed at the rim. Yes! You read that right, every time cutting is done, the aim is to get at the rim so that  there will be an amole chance to hit home points.

The simple instruction under man to man offenses for the citing session remains unwavering : never finish your cut away from the rim.


Driving is about dribbling and a little more.

There is a need for players to be aware of what driving entails and dribble is their best bet if we will all be true to ourselves.

The rules of driving are simple and easy feats :

The player should ensure that he is only dribbling to create an opportunity  on the ball – it looks surreal if we were to imagine a player just dribbles for the fun of it in a serious game that may actually need points to be scored. Dribble fascinates, yes! But, it should never be a criteria. It is done.

The player is in trouble – it makes sense to do a bit pick and drop and dribble around the other players. This is to offend them and escape the trapping situation.

The player is also at liberty to dribble if a direct line to the  basket is available.

simple man to man offense drill for youths


Haste is deceitful and an unpalatable result of anxiety.

A lot of players are so eager to please the audience as they play that they often forget to calm down sometimes.

Players do not have to be the one to make the shot at all times. Although, I am aware that having a shot to your name gives you that pride.

Patience, a lot of it and determination will eventually get any player to make a shot. But, a shot done in haste always falls flat.

So, learn to pass on the shot to the person who is  more likely to hit the jackpot.


This is a two man game. It involves two important basketball personnel :

The person setting the screen and the person utilizing the screen are both intertwined. Note that the other teammates must not be incommunicado too.

The screening which often comes in different types cross screens, down screens and back screen must be done on the court after informing other team members.

This implies that the team knows what they have said.


Movement in basketball is majorly centered on ensuring that the receiver of the ball is prepared.

Often, a player moves with purpose as he does pick and drop and creates a space to pass to a team member.

Defensive balance.

There must be a check and balancing for every change in the motion of the game. This should be done especially for when a shot is about to be taken.

Sometimes, players may be lost as to the right number of defensive players that should be used for a shot, the coach can help. Not only to say the number of defense to use, but to also agree on the spot each defense is to assume.

For teams that are quicker in transition from studying the game, the coach may send as many as five players to the defense and for games that are not so, the coach often puts at least two players up for defense work.


these are remarkable and have been put to practice overtime. With enough testimonies to ascertain the fact that they are indeed lucid, and useful. I believe all youth basketball players have a business here – to check every step thoroughly and ensure that enough is dome to establish something as grand that. that’s all man to man offenses for youth basketball