rules of basketball

Basketball is an outdoor sport that most of the people like. It is a game of five people on each team and the players are needed to basket the ball. Even though the rules of basketball are easy, it is a game of two teams each consisting of five players but it is not a hard and fast rule that each team has to have five players. Basketball is a game that can be played anywhere be it a garage space, a long path, driveway, fields, hallways, etc. It is a game enjoyed by all be it students, workers, colleagues, friends, etc. The game helps in different aspects of life. Some of them are:

  • This helps in refreshing the mind, body and spirit.
  • It helps in muscle growth and flexibility in the body.
  • This helps to connect people of different mindsets together and help them interact about the game.
  • It helps in sweating as sweating is good and it also is a kind of exercise that makes a person fit to go on in their life.
  • This helps in energizing and increase the stamina of the person.
  • It is a game that helps in increasing the height of a person at a greater rate.

Activities in basketball

The game helps in keeping a person active which has a positive effect on the heart and mind making the person mentally and emotionally stable with increased stamina. This outdoor sport has more positive effects on a person be it mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.Being such an interesting game,it has some rules and regulations, some offenders and defenders and the score board. It is a game of strategy where player needs to pass the ball to it’s teammates in order to score a goal in the basket. Hence the game is much acclaimed in the sports world and is also an international game.

Importance of basketball rules and strategies

Basketball is a strategic outdoor game. In school other than academic activities, some co-curriculum activities are also done in order to mature the brain, make a person good sportsman, fit health wise, etc. Some people choose basketball as their career and in order to do so they need a coach who is usually available in schools be it academic or sports.Since it is a game that is internationally acclaimed there are certain rules that a player has to abide. Players can be defensive, offensive or both.

The purpose of the players is to score in the opponent’s basket and defend its own basket from the opponents to make a goal. The basketball team consists of five players and the basketball court is divided accordingly. The basketball court has a mid-court line, on the other sides of the mid-court lines are two hoops which is elevated ten feet above the court. On each side of the team the court has a three-point arc from where if the ball is basket then the team receives three points or else it receives two points. If the team gets a free throw then the team receives one point.

the court

The court consists of two teams with five players on each team and a referee. The referee throws the ball at the mid-court line at the center, whichever player gets the ball and passes it across the mid-court line that team becomes offense and the opposite team becomes the defender. Offense cannot keep the ball more than ten seconds with them or else they have to pass the ball to the other team;therefore, they have to score within those ten seconds. To play the game, the players have to constantly dribble the basketball with their palm.

Letting students know about the game basketball not only helps them to gain height but they also arrange inter-school basketball competition which helps the players interact with other players from different school. This type of competition not just help to gain recognition from other schools but also helps the students gain popularity.

Rules of basketball

There are several rules of basketball which the players have to abide by. Depending on the game the rules that the players have to keep in mind are divided into two categories which are defender rules and offender rules. Even though they are of two categories the rules have to be jotted down under one heading which is general rules. The rules are usually taught by the basketball coach and those rules are:


There are three types of scoring, making a goal outside the three-point arc provides the player with three points, inside the three-point arc the points that are awarded to the team are two points and there is also a one point system which the players get from free throws. It all depends if the player has scored a goal.

rules of basketball

Tip off/jump ball:

The referee tosses the ball up in the air at the center of the midcourt line, whichever team receives the ball becomes the offense and the opposite becomes the defenders. After scoring a goal or after the players have completed their round of play, the ball is passed to the opposite team and they become the offenses. The tip off or jump ball is done twice in the game, at the very beginning of the game and after the start of the overtime period.

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Dribbling violations:

The player might violate the game while dribbling, they cannot walk or run with the ball after one and a half step, double dribbling with both hands, dribble then stop then dribble again. The player cannot change the direction of their pivot foot while holding the ball. There are also rules of palm of the hand where the player cannot dribble the ball on the side or too underneath the palm.

Personal fouls:

A player can be called foul if he/she pushes, slaps, trips, holds back, hit the other player from the opponent team. The foul can be called upon both the offense and the defenders. A player will be disqualified from the game if the player is called foul five times.

Charging/ blocking:

A referee can call upon a foul if a offenser pushes a defender and runs over the player, then it is called a charge, where the ball is passed from a offenser to the defender. A defender must keep his position from the offenser, if they come in contact then the foul is called blocking.

Foul shot violation:

No player can enter the foul lane on a free throw until the ball touches the rim of the hoop.

Ten seconds violation:

When passing the ball from the backcourt to the midcourt line the players have ten seconds to score. Violating this rule will award the defenders the ball from the offense and hence they have to abide the rule of ten seconds.

Backcourt violation:

After the offense had moved the basketball passing the line on the midcourt, he or she cannot take it back passing the line while the ball is still in the possession of that particular player. If this rule is violated by any player the opponent team that is the defense at that moment gets the basketball awarded as it is considered as an offense.In case the defense passes or knocks the ball over the baseline or sideline while the ball is in possession. The offense has the authority to inbound the ball back into the court and collect the ball again.

Three-second rule:

The offensive player of a team is not allowed to stand on the paint or the key or in the lane for not more than 3 seconds. In case of violation the defense gets the basket.

Five seconds rule:

other rules of basketball is that if a player fails to pass a basket to another player within a time of 5 seconds then the defender automatically gets the ball awarded and also gets the authority to play as a offense.