rules in playing basketball

As we know that basketball is played on various levels so the rules in playing basketball are also changed according to the different levels on which the game is played. These differences in the rules and regulations of the game are just because of the different levels and countries in which it is played but the majority of rules are same as for all.

The winner is this game is decided by the number of baskets the team has made. The team with the highest score is given the title of the winner. The players have to score points by throwing basket in the opponent’s hoop or basket. A team is given 2 points if the basket is done from the 3-point line and a basket shot from outside the 3-point line. For a free throw only 1 point is given to the team.

Rules in playing basketball for the offensive team

  1. The team having the basketball in their hand is called the offense team and following are some rules and regulations that must be followed by the offense team:
  2. The player can take the ball around the court only by dribbling with one hand only. If the player touches the ball with both the hands then he has to pass the ball to the other player of his team with rotating his one leg and keeping its other leg stationary.
  3. A player can only have one chance to start dribbling once he has stopped dribbling but if the player has done the same for another time them it is a penalty and the ball is given to another team.
  4. If the team has taken the ball out of the boundary then the ball is transferred to the next team.
  5. The players must dribble the ball with their hand on the top of the ball. If the ball is touched at the bottom of the ball then also the ball is given to the opponent team.
    If the offensive team has crossed the half-court then they cannot come back. If they do so this is known as backcourt violation and the ball is passed to the defender team.

Defensive Rules for the team

The team in the court without the basketball is known as the defensive team. The following are some rules for the defensive team:

1) The only rule that a defensive team has to follow is to avoid fouls.

Rules that everyone has to follow

  1. The goal rule not only applies to the defensive team but it also applies to the offensive team.
  2. Players are not allowed touch the ball and punch the ball with their fist.
  3. Each player in the basketball court has to follow the rules and regulations that are made. The positions in the game are for convenience. No different rules and regulations are for position.

Basketball started playing as a sport in 1891.Many countries have adopted the game like china, japan, India, Australia ,England and many more. 

The objective of the Game

The principle target of b-ball is to make an objective and score focus. An objective is made by shooting the ball through the bushel or band. The goal line or bushel for a group is in the adversary’s court. Each group ought not just to attempt to make an objective and anticipate the inverse group from assuming responsibility for the ball, yet ought to likewise attempt to secure the crate in their court and keep the rival from making an objective.

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There might be some greater hardware for accommodation. Some global courts have a game clock that makes a blare toward the finish of every period. Some additionally demonstrate the shot clock commencement. Sometimes, the back loads up have circumscribing illuminates that light and demonstrate that a period is going to end. We have recorded here a couple of regular terms every now and again utilized in Basketball:

rules in playing basketball

Offending group

The group having the ball is the culpable group.

Defending group

The group that doesn’t have the ball and attempts to get control of it is the guarding group.

Shot clock – Shot clock demonstrates the measure of time distributed to a culpable group to make an objective. On the off chance that the group can’t make an objective, it is a shot clock infringement, what’s more, the ball is given to the contrary group to inbound it. The clock more often than not is set for 24 seconds in FIBA and NBA matches. The clock is hampered as far as possible, at the point when the ball contacts the crate or goes through the container. Now and again, after a foul, the shot clock is typically set to a lower number, 14 in NBA and FINA matches.

Key – The painted zone of 16 feet wide in expert ball courts.

Rules of Basketball

  • Each team should have a maximum of five players on the court at one time. Players can be changed as many times as they wish to within the game as if any one of them may have an injury during playing the game.
  • Bouncing the ball or passing the ball are the only two methods by which the ball can be moved from one player to another player. If a player can touch the ball by both hands while bouncing  instead of catching a ball then the player cannot bounce the ball anymore he must pass the ball to the other teammate or make a shot.
  • The arms and another body part of the player should not be touched with the ball, the rules in playing basketball can only be held by the hands of the particular player.
  • The opponent team should not be harmed by any kind of shouldering, pushing, tripping or striking in any way. The first violation of this rule by any player of the team shall be counted as foul, the second violation of this rule shall disqualify the player until the next goal is made.
  • If either side team makes the three back to back fouls then it may be considered as the goal for another team.
  • Basic violations in basketball sport are traveling that means while bouncing the ball taking more than 1 step  or double dribble which generally refers to the double dribbling of ball-like stopping then dribbling again with two hands, goattending that means an opposite team player tries to interferes with the ball that is traveling downwards towards the basket and the backcourt violation which refers that once the ball has been crossed the halfway line the offensive team cannot be able to take the ball back over the halfway line.

more rules

  • After every successful basket by the one team, the ball has been then turned over to the opposition team.
  • While there are rules in playing basketball, the ball can be smacked in any direction with one hand of the player or by both the hands, but never should be with a fist.
  • Players cannot run with the while catching a pass from another player, whereas the player can run with the ball while dribbling.