football warm up drills

The Football players require to make sure to do football warm up drills before performs in football match with high impact activities or speed and agility training. But it is not too that easy to motivate for warm-up yourself before any kind of football match. Every football player should spend 15-20 minutes doing warm to decrease the chances of injury and put you in the best possible position to make a fast start. And yes, warming up help us also to turn simple shots in blasting shots at the keeper for five minutes.

There are many benefits of warm up as the players gets mentally and physically strong. A structured warm up is very useful to contribute in ongoing injury prevention (1), strength, conditioning, technical and tactical aspects of the game. So, here we have mentioned some effective football warm up drills for football players. Go through them and practice them on regular basis before playing any football match.

It is essential to bear in mind that prior to a game, the routine shouldn’t expose players to fatigue. Therefore, at the later stages of the warm up when the intensity may increase, be aware of the need for rest periods between sets of activity.  During a training session, the warm up can be prolonged so that more time can be dedicated to specific tactical, technical or physical elements.

Football Warm up Drills

Football warm drills are very important to increase stamina and flexibility of the body. Here, we have mentioned some useful warm drills which should be practice by football drills before playing games.

Slide stretch:

If you are going to start play football then slide stretch is one of the best warm drills to warm up groin, hamstring, hips, and gluts of the player. It is very essential for a football player to maintain perfect size of chest to get help in Slumping forward and backward. It will be helpful in bad posture for more depth will actually decrease the stretch to the lower body.

Alternating RDL’s:

Alternating RDL is helpful in stretching hamstrings, gluts, and lower back of football player. Along with this, it is used in testing body control and balance. If any football players actually want to complete an Alternating RDL correctly then he/she must maintain a flat back. Sometimes, it has been seen that when player drops his chest he will begin lifting one of his legs opposite and even with the leg. The main crucial part of the exercise is to maintain and balance the flat back. To maintain core strength, balance, and stretch out the hamstring, a flat back is necessary to improve. This is very important to push their limit and flexibility for a football player to reach all the way to the floor. If a football player is unable to maintain flat back then he/she should only go as far as he can with a flat back.

Lunge & Reverse Reach:

Lunge & reverse reach is one of the best exercises to increase blood flow. It has been noticed and proved also in researches that multi-joined parts of our body requires more oxygen in comparison to other body parts throughout the body. By going through forward lunge and reaching with the prso, football player will experience a good strength and body control with this simple warm-up exercise. This is to remember for every football player that back knee should be near to ground but not touching at any cost. As the lunge reaches full extension the football player will then drop his chest back and reach above his head. By doing this, the football player will increase muscle activation to his core and help improve balance.

Knee Hug’s:

To stretch hips and glutes of football player, knee hugs is one of the great exercise. To become expert in knee hug, football player must wrap his arms around his knee and rock up on the ball of his foot as he pulls his knee to his chest. One thing must make sure that athletes have to roll up onto the ball of their foot on their base leg. This trick will be very helpful to enhance the body ability to pull the knee to the chest. After completing one Knee Hug alternate sides and continue 8 to 10 yards.

Lunge & Lateral Reach:

To practice lunge and lateral reach, hip strength and stability is very essential. It is very required to develop their body for high-intensity activities to face competition. Lunge & lateral reach exercise is the exercise that helps to improve coordination, balance, and leg strength. As the football player lunges out and reaches maximal depth, then he will use his opposite arm to reach over the top of his body. The football player will then open up his oblique to stretch his core to prepare the trunk for high-intensity activities.

Swinging Quad:

If you thinking that swimming quad is same as the normal quad stretch then you are wrong. It is quite different from quad stretch ad we have to quite challenge in balancing, flexibility, and body control whenever possible. Simply stretching is one in which athlete doesn’t feel challenging. He/she perform very well and easily in it. But, when leg swing added to the quad stretch then it become challenging to balance on one leg while improving quad and hip flexibility for football players. To start the leg swing, kick one leg forward and immediately force it back to the hand on its way back through the midline. Do not hesitate or stop at ground position. Swing all the way back to the catch.


Football players should warm up their hamstring by using caterpillar exercise. It can be started with the legs locked and the hands on the floor. Now, start walking with the hands until they are in the push-up position. After that, start shuffling feet back towards your hand while maintaining straight legs. The football player must crawl his way back to his hands without bending his knees.

Now, football player has completed enough exercises to warm up their body. Now, he/she is ready to increase their leg strength by performing various kinds of exercises. Football players should complete warm up in proper way before putting on the bands. After that, jump right back into the warm-up as soon as the bands are clipped together. Football players will experience rapidly blood flow into the body after using Kbands resistance. This section of the warm-up must be completed with 100% intensity. Every time a football player straps the bands on they need to be working to increase strength in their legs to run faster.

Kbands High Knees:

If football player want to become more explosive then high knees with Kbands may be helpful for him. Try to drive the knee up through the resistance as high as possible. When football player doing this exercise the chest should remain erect. The focus point of this drill is knee-height and quickness.

Kbands Karaoke:

While using Kbands during karaoke exercise, keep in mind to control the bands as it is essential for football warm up drills. Kbands are very useful and helpful to maintain the stability if football players try to concentrate on controlling the resistance.  Always work hard to drive knee up and control the bands as hip stability is a major contributor to low back and knee alignment.