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In many ways, American football is doubtless the most popular sports in the United States and have football tips. Apart from the large number of viewers each season’s game gets, the game also generates lots of money by the large number of betting it attracts which is just one way of which the revenue is generated, and also the betting tips associated with American betting tips. It is an already popular sport but, don’t be surprised if the game becomes even more popular in years to come because, at the rate the sports is going, its popularity is not just in the United States, it has extended beyond the United States. This is not just a theory, it is a fact and it is backed up by the large number of interest people have shown in the American football.

The American football season runs from the month of August to February, the following year – a whooping six months in one year. During the season of the sports, members of many betting communities post betting tips for the American football both for the amateur football and the professional seasons.

How to find American Football tips

It is not so difficult to find American football betting tips today because the game is already very popular. To find American football betting tips, look out for the most tipped American football games of each day which will be displayed at the top of betting tips’ page. And, with that will be the number of tips on each game. You can click on any of the games that piques your interest to view the tips for the particular game. Once you click, the games American betting tips will be displayed on the page immediately. To view more games apart from the three most tipped displayed on the American football betting tips page, just click on an icon usually on the page ‘load more’ and it will bring out more games. Then, you can go ahead and make your choice.

football tips

Characteristics of Betting Tips Pages

Every American football betting page follows pretty much the same pattern of displaying the tips from which you can choose whichever one you’d prefer. The general pattern followed includes:

The time and date of the game: showing the day the game was played and the time it was played.

The competing teams – showing the many teams that participated in the game and competed with one another.

Competition – displayed on the page, also, is the exact competition in the game.

The name and rate of the tipster – many pages also show the name of the person who posted the tips and how much he rates. This can help you know the best game to bet on.

Other materials you can find on the pages include the bookmaker, current odds, odds at time of publishing, types of bet and market, the predictions and then, plus analysis previewed by the tips. Once you have chosen the tipster you want to follow, all you have to do is sign up and start following them. By doing this, you give yourself several opportunities including being able to keep up with your chosen tipster and other tipsters you find interest in. You also get to see the latest American football betting tips they post because you will be notified as soon as the tipster you are following posts an update or a new tip.

How do You Bet on American Football?

It is true that the American football season comes between August and February of the following year i.e. it is only played for six months out of the year. Still, this doesn’t hinder betting on the game or sports. Considering the height of actions provided by the National Football League (NFL) and the ridiculously large number of games that are played in the college football seasons run by the NCAA in which top players and superstar players are featured, fans are spoiled for what team to bet on. In August, the college football season starts in addition to the friendly games between teams of the NFL. So, fans who are interested in betting on American football can do so more than once or twice. Betting can be made week after week until the first week in February when the season will end. Each season ends with the final and ultimate sport of all sports, the Super Bowl.

You must understand that it is very vital that you make a betting strategy every time, whichever time it is, you decide to seriously take part in betting in any type of sports – American football games included. A good betting strategy have the potential of bettering your chances of winning the bet. This rule of making a strategy before you bet is a rule that applies to every kind of sports and, most especially, when taking part in a campaign for betting in American football sports.

I have a few advices you may find very helpful in betting on American football games:

  • Don’t bet when there is no value – no matter the sport you are betting on, this is a very crucial matter. If there is no value on the team you are betting on, you are on a path that will cause you to lose money. However, if you can get an American football betting market which you can exploit to your own benefit, then smile because you are on the path of improved betting.
  • Do a personal pre-season research – don’t be a novice unless you want to cheat yourself. Knowledge is power, they say, and this applies especially in American football betting. The more knowledge you have about American football, the greater your power in the area of American football betting. Make your research on teams before the season starts; gather information on the teams and know which ones have lost key players and which squad is strong. You shouldn’t find it hard to gather information about this because information usually flies around way before the season starts. The information is often an insight into teams’ success chance on the field either at the beginning of the season or throughout.
  • Choose your specialty – don’t sit on the fence in American football. There are many betting markets in American football from which you can choose which one you enjoy the most. Also, to help you, find out which markets have the highest success rate and center all your attention on that betting market you have chosen.
  • Keep your own record – keeping a record of how far you’ve come and the mistakes you may have made in the past will help you make better choices in the future. Keep record of your previous betting exercises and see where you might have missed it. This can even give you a clearer picture of which of the markets you are excellent in and, thereby, inform your decisions when you want to specialize.
  • Don’t neglect to check out head-to-head matchups – each American football season consists of many different individual games which can be thoroughly taken advantage of in the days before the season starts. This is made possible if you check out and critically examine their head-to-head matchups done before. Note which team won the most, the results in the games where they competed against each other, the gap between the victories, which team performed well at home and which one performed better away, how strong the team has grown since their most recent games. All these will help you in making success-prone betting.

Some Common Betting Tips

Let’s look at two of the most popular tips you can utilize to make your bets.

The National Football League (NFL) Tips

The National Football League (NFL), along with the sports they govern – the American football – is also popular outside the US and even Canada. The NFL is the elite league in charge of the American football competitions and tournaments, including its rules and structure of game play. It is the most popular sport to bet on due to the high demand the NFL betting tips generate throughout the six-month duration of the season. Three teams are seen as the global brands (i.e. the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and the New York Giants) and the NFL is the body in charge of sanctioning official league games which are played every year in Mexico and London. The league always experiences sell outs in each season.

Finding NFL Betting Tips

From time, the NFL has been the biggest league for betting in the US and Canada but the number of bettors in other countries is on the increase as the years roll by. When the NFL season is on, betting pages will post NFL betting tips for the games that would be played on the match including the days and dates the matches would hold, the playoffs, the conference championship games, and the ultimate American football sports, the Super Bowl.

You can bet in the games every week until the climax of the season, the first week in February. Each week, you stand a chance of getting your share of the 1000 dollar prizes

Prior to the match day of the NFL, tipsters would have critically and carefully securitized every factor regarding the matchups as much as possible. They don’t release their tips until after careful analysis. NFL betting tipsters are very good at what they do. They are not people with two heads, they are ordinary people like you. However, what sets them apart is their deep thirst for sporting knowledge. Also, sports betting is their passion and you know there is no way you will not be an expert at something you have so great a passion for.  Their passion for sports betting causes them to get top NFL tips.      

 NFL tipsters come from every continent in the world, and not just in the US alone, such that a growing number of them has a very deep knowledge about the NFL. Recently, NFL tipsters have had years of experience when it comes to posting profitable and credible NFL betting tips. They possess all kinds of knowledge about the NFL which one can only have if there is a passion involved; they also have a very high ability to store information, facts, and stats. Add all these to the years of experience they already have, you can rest assured that their predictions on the NFL games will be consistently correct.

NFL Betting Stats

Are you already thinking of betting on the NFL? That’s a good thought because, given the points I have given, you can be sure you have greater chances of winning your bets. However, it would be a good start if you could consider a large sample of NFL betting stats first. If you do this, you will be able to identify historical biases that are present in the market and also know teams that are at advantageous situations. For instance, NFL has had some straight up win-loss in the past. In recent games, home teams have won just over 57% of the games. In the past, from time, the home field advantage was worth about 3 points. However, this rating has been challenged just recently such that a lot of people now believe the advantage has been reduced to 2 points. Teams coming off a by-week also have an advantage in that, for the past 16 years, they have won over 55% of their games.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on the NFL

When you want to choose an online bookmaker, search for the well-established bookmakers and stick to them. Ultimately, whichever bookmaker you choose should have these vital elements:

A really wide range of markets for betting

The most extensive in-play of all betting markets;

Frequently and consistently competitive odds; and

All major competitions that have been covered.

Whatever you do and wherever you search, make sure you try and find that online bookmaker with the best coverage of the NFL games. If your bookmaker doesn’t provide you with great odds, a wide range of betting markets, and an in-depth coverage of the NFL games, you have not chosen the best bookmaker or even the standard bookmaker. In fact, if it is possible for the bookmaker to post a live stream of the NFL game, that would be a great plus. To be able to watch the game live and bet right there on the action as it is happening is a perfect combination.

NCAA Betting Tips

Another betting tip I want to show you is the NCAA betting tips. NCAA football is now highly popular. College football matches are known to attract a wide range of fans who eventually turn to bettors. Betting on NCAA has increased too, just like the NFL, and that happened so dramatically in recent years that is almost impossible to believe. The sport is even more popular in the betting area. At first, college football can be confusing and it so happens that it is vital for you to understand the teams and their divisions so that you can make better choices and increase your chances of making profits continually. Like in NFL betting, passion for college football is evident in many of the NCAA betting tips which are posted online on sites for each season.

But, what is NCAA football? The NCAA football league is acronym for the National Collegiate Athletics Association. The league operates on different levels of college football which are four in number including the Football Bowl Subdivision, the Football Championship Subdivision, the Division II and the Division III. It is not surprising to know that the Football Bowl Subdivision is the most popular of them all. The subdivision is further split into eleven different conferences which it holds every year and the most popular of the conferences are known as the major six. The major six most popular conferences held by the NCAA are:

The Southeastern Conference, the Pacific 12, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Big XII, the Big 10 and the Big East. Each FBS side had an ambitious desire to finish in the top two of the Bowl Championship series. As a result of this, they had to partake in the National Championship Game at the end of the regular season. Each side played the other teams in their own conferences at the regular season. At the end of the sport’s season, the major six conference winners then competed in the Bowl Championship going with four other sides from different other conferences. The championship was eventually replaced by the college football playoffs back in 2013.

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The best NCAA tipsters you can find

The NCAA football tips has proven very difficult for many bettors to bet on successfully. This is because many of the teams that play are very strong so it is hard to bet on teams. As a result, many tipsters sought for help from the best NCAA betting tips.