football positions list

An adult football crew will typically have up to 11 players on the pitch whenever which makes up the football positions list. In uncommon conditions, a group may begin the match with less than 11 players; anyway, a game will be relinquished if the group can’t field at any rate seven players.

football positions list

One player will more often than not be assigned as the goalkeeper and they are permitted to play out specific activities that different players are not allowed to perform. The outfield players are typically assigned a position-dependent on the administrator’s picked arrangement. These positions don’t have various activities, and it is simpler for players to move to start with one location then onto the next throughout the match. Be that as it may, players may have the option to show specific abilities on the off chance that they need to have the opportunity to prevail in their job.


The most important job of the goalkeeper is to keep the rival group from getting the show on the road into the objective. This requires spryness, cautiousness, valiance and lightning-speedy responses. They should be prepared consistently, as the activity can move from one finish of the contribution to the next a couple of moments. A guardian ought to have the option to kick the ball precisely over long separations since this will be required as a significant aspect of a real kick.

They may deal with the ball inside their punishment territory; anyway, there are a few limitations on when they can deal with it. They may deal with the ball for six seconds and should not contact it with their hands again after it has been discharged until the ball has been moved by another player. They can’t deal with the ball on the off chance that it is purposely passed to them by a colleague.

Full-backs (left-back or ideal back)

A full-back repels rival players from the objective by shielding against assaults from the wings. They should have the option to handle adequately and precisely inevitably, so they win the ball without submitting any fouls.

A full-back ought to likewise have the option to cross and pass precisely so they can get the show on the road up the field once it has been won from the rival group. Full-backs must have a decent working association with the goalkeeper, so they can envision each other’s developments.

Focus Backs (Central Defender)

A focal safeguard has a comparative job and range of abilities to a full-back, yet they should assume responsibility for guarding against assaults that are originating from the focal point of the field. They may keep running between the right-back and the left-back to offer help where required.


A few administrators like to play a sweeper behind the principle line of guard. Sweepers are more typical in mainland European sides than in English or Scottish groups. During the 1990 world cup in Italy, there was a ton of discourse around Bobby Robson’s utilization of the sweeper framework which you can peruse more on here.

A sweeper must go about as a penultimate obstruction if a rival player can get through the fundamental barrier. They ought to be watchful to any dangers and they ought to be sharp-witted. The nearness of a sweeper can enable the resistance to play further advance. They should have the option to discuss successfully with both the goalkeeper and the safeguard.

Focal Midfield

Focal midfielders will, in general, be the busiest players on the pitch, as they are required to cover most of the pitch. Great focal midfielders will have the option to give dependable help to both the protectors and the strikers. Since they should be great communicators, focal midfielders are regularly given the chief’s armband.

A focal midfielder must have elevated levels of stamina and their passes and crosses ought to be exceptionally exact. Focal midfielders must be imaginative as they will make openings that strikers can change over. This can include thinking of fascinating plays that trick the contradicting guard.

Wide Midfield (Left Midfield and Right Midfield)

Wide midfielders take on comparable jobs to their focal partners; anyway, they help to give more width and shape to the group.

These players need speed and stamina to enable them to make plays from the wings. Wingers need to have extraordinary ball control aptitudes and they ought to have the option to select strikers precisely when they cross the ball. Wingers are regularly associated with their splendid objectives that appear to twist into the net all of a sudden.

Striker (Center Forward)

A striker’s principle employment is to get the show on the road into the back of the rival group’s net. Fans will religiously examine their transformation rate to ensure that they are changing shots into objectives.

Incredible strikers have the correct blend of pace, quality, and power. All strikers should be precise on the off chance that they need to get however many shots on objective as could be expected under the circumstances. Clever and imagination enable strikers to split away from their markers when they have to, without squandering any vitality when they don’t need to. Realizing when to keep the ball and when to pass the ball can likewise represent the moment of truth a striker. A striker ought to be set up to face a couple of hard difficulties, as they will be normally focused by protectors.

Behind the Striker

Instead of playing two strikers, a few chiefs like to have one striker in advance and have a subsequent individual playing a behind the striker job. This player has more opportunity and inventiveness to move between a striker and a midfielder job. These players ought to have the option to create blasts of speed which will enable them to move advances to join the striker when they are required.


Substitutes are substitution players who can come on anytime during the game instead of another partner. In many matches, groups are permitted to name five substitutes, yet are just permitted to roll out three improvements each during a match. Groups will, for the most part, have a blend of substitutes on the seat – including a goalkeeper, safeguard, midfielder and striker – on the off chance that anybody in the group gets harmed or if the director needs to make a strategic substitution. A few players are viewed as preferable substitutes over others since they are adaptable and ready to fit into various positions should the need emerge.

The last word on soccer positions…

It is significant that players in a round of football do move all around the pitch and can get hauled out of the situation by the resistance. Different players are simply so lively that they appear to spring up everywhere throughout the pitch, so that on occasion it seems like they are playing in more than one job. For instance, it isn’t that phenomenal for certain safeguards to have a talent of getting in the correct position and scoring some imperative objectives – demonstrating that since they are playing in guard doesn’t mean they are not sporadically ready to assault!

Positions in football are obviously not inflexible, and no player is reasonably going to all of a sudden halt abruptly with the ball at their feet on the off chance that they believe they are excessively out of sight position! Rather, it might simply be a case that they get once again into football position list once they have passed the ball to a colleague.