football drills for kids

Here, we have brought dozens of football drills for kids that can help to improve specific areas of performance. We have covered various hints and tips on how to improve speed, agility, weight training, and general football fitness.

It has noticed many times that beginning coaching for kids is hard to find fun drills. While teaching football drills, coaches should look for those types of drills that should not too complicated to understand and kids must have fun while learning football drills.

The football drills should start from basics such as passing, catching, tackling, and maintaining a proper stance. These drills are simple and easy to learn. If you want to become your kid a successful football player then you must aware of the hideous competition.

football drills for kids

Remember one thing that good football player is built only on the foundation of pass and move. A player who is a master in this art can take the team to the next level game after game. So, by keeping this in mind, why not make sure that your kids are up to scratch when it comes to swift movements and quick plays on the field.

A football game is all about to pass and move with run-on. Along with this, a player should learn to play with speed and acceleration to complete a well-timed play is a whole different ball game! Here, we have comprised some useful and beneficial football drills for kids that will help them to learn basic.

Stay In The Square

Making a square and stay in it can be challenging, rewarding and fun itself. Stay in the square can challenging but simple also. You must have at least four members to create a square. Well, the size of the square depends up to you but keep one thing in mind the smaller the square harder the drill. Now, divide the players into two sides, one is attacking and the other one is defending. By having one ball, the role of attackers is to keep the ball in square whereas the defensive team has to disposes of the attackers and kick the ball out of the boundary. This drill will work best when you have double attackers in comparison to defenders. For eg: 4 VS 2. So, the conclusion is players must work hard to open-up areas and find space.

Passing Circle

First of all, split your team in half and set a standard from medium to large circle with cones. Now, set half of the players in the circle and the other half outside the circle. Now, the player inside the grid must go to the player present at the outside of the grid. After that, receive the ball directly back and then move along with the circle by passing to another outside player. The players present in the circle must avoid each other completely and should make sure they pull off accurate passes to the outside team. As a coach, make sure the players put proper weight, accuracy, and timing on each pass. Players should control the ball into space with their first touch and use all foot surfaces.

Central Combination

Finally, the third and most important drill that works very effectively is passing, receiving and possession. Set up a grid approximately 20X20 meters. The size of the grid is only depending on your desirable difficulty level. Put a player in the center of the grid and ask remaining players to split up into even lines on the four corners of the grid. Now, a player from the corner should begin the game by passing the ball to the central player. After that, player should run down the side line. After reaching the other corner, he must join back of the queue. The central player should give chance to every player by passing the ball to the player to the next corner. It should be continue until the last player comes at first position or every player returned at his or her starting position. Players should get into a rhythm and communicate to make the movement flow.

Dribbling Drills

The main focus of dribbling drills is to improve game of the kids and close ball control. There are many young players who practice of these drills at their own. The aim is to focus on quality and accuracy to begin with rather than speed and try to look up as often as possible to get used to being aware of other players.

Control Drills

The main motive of these fun drills is to improve the control on ball. There is likely to be some cross over between the football skills of the control type soccer drills and the passing or dribbling drills.

Keep Your Balance Drill

The main focus of this drill is to maintain the trickling the ball carrier. Make a large circle of the players and place one player in the middle of the circle. Now, the drill begin when the coach throw the ball to one of the player standing in the circle. The player who catches the ball should start run to the other side of the circle. The other player should try to stop the ball carrier player with a solid heads up tackle. If the ball carrier players become succeed to make it to the other side then he remains where he is and the player in the middle stays in the middle. If the player in the middle is successful in the tackle, he goes to the circle and the ball carrier becomes the new person in the middle.

Eye on the Ball Drill

The main motive of this drill is to make concentration of receivers. They should focus on catch even when they expect a hit. Pick three players with hand shields form a large triangle. Now, a receiver must start running a pattern into the middle of the triangle. The coach must throw high pass to the receiver until he is in the triangle. The receiver jumps to catch the pass and the players with shields run to the center of the triangle to jam him.

Final words:

These above mentioned fun football drills for kids are very helpful and effective. Infact, great starting points for all ages and abilities. It is important to ensure that your kids are aware about the movements on the field.