elite guard

Excellence is attainable for basketball players with elite guard. It is always beautiful to see that players who have dedicated a better part of their lives to rehearsals, players who do not just play for the cheer but also play for the love of basketball can get a reward for their excellence.

Often, when players are known far and wide by their counterparts, colleagues and fan, it means they are really good at the game. Someone may now feel that players in this category are blessed with ability, knowledge and experience. Hence, do not need to learn more.

I am here to say that it is a blatant lie and disrespect for the game – in fact, players who are already famous for excellence need a level of hard work and dedication that has never been experienced before to maintain the pace that has been set.

Although, you may find that some of the trainings and drills for elite guards can also be used by up and coming players. The only nuance that is to be expected most times will be found in the intensity. Where an amateur may need to go ten times faster, a professional will be expected to go fifty times faster.

In order not to lose focus, this training for elite is not for all the players on the court – does this imply that others cannot partake? No. but, it just means that it is ordinarily meant for elite guards. Now, this guard could be shooting guard or point guard.

Some of these drills / trainings include but are not limited to the following;

Attack with elite guard

For any game of basketball to catch the audience, the attack of either or both teams must be strong. The attack is never to be taken for granted. So, while up and coming players learn attack, elites also have to keep learning and improving their attack skill.

This drill helps a player to be assertive and aggressive. Any player that masters the art of attacking will   always be seen by the crowd and pursued by the opponents. So, while he plans to get applauds from the crowd, he should also prepare to get tackled by his opponents.

As you learn to attack, some of the skills that are sure to come up for learning are as follows; ball handling, speed, agility, finishing, and conditioning among other important skills of elite guard skills.

Dribble move attack.

To dribble, the player must be prepared to assume the right position – that would be a low stance, the player should also be prepared to get the ball moving to and from his hands to the floor quickly. As it is, this target player is no longer an amateur that has to practice for a while to gain a favorable momentum. This player is already use to dribbles and how the ball can be properly handing. The elite guard just needs to intensify the motion and get the ball bouncing as fast as possible while he ensures that the ball remains in his grip.

The dribble move attack is unlike the actual dribble though. The dribble move attack teaches the player on how to effectively use the feet in the game of basketball. From explanation the defender or opponent can be outshined without trying so hard. The player just needs to be able to dribble to attack.

Man in the hole

This one just as the name implies sounds serious. Yes, it is. It lives up to its name and makes the player a lockdown defender. Yes! This drill is for the defenders who are ready to upturn the effort of an attacker and do not feel sorry or apologize as they do so.

The drill teaches the player some quickness that is ony peculiar to defensive style and does not stop there. But, also goes ahead to teach players how to go fast. Speed is one of the most important skill to acquire as a basketball player – most times, it is not a destination but something you have to keep working on. Hence the speed.

elite guard

Finishing over help side defense

The players want to beat the defense. There is no other elite guard training that helps players to shine in that front roll regardless of the strength of the defense like the finishing over help side defense.

This training is going all in and not minding what may come of it. To achieve this drill, the player can move cones all over the court get hold of the different game situation.

Perimeter moves

There is a need for openness in basketball games. Just as it is for everyday human, openness is not something that everyone can boast of or even have access to. It is just something that is discussed and no one is truly being completely open even when they say otherwise.

I guess that is the deal. While we are bound to learn to be open on the court, the other has choice not to be.

The perimeter moves helps greatly in making fast moves, making quick decisions and having a footwork that is loved and admired by all and assundry. ‘

It is also a good drill for helping the mind – as said, it helps to improve the health of humans

The foster drill.

The foster drill just like its name is special. One thing that sets the foster drill apart from all the others is the fact that it is a drill for both the defensive side and the offensive side. As long as you are an elite guard, playing with the foster skill becomes eerie. Having it as one of the most important drills to learn becomes as important as breakfast.

The drill helps the defender to work on a lot of defensive skill and prospects – take stopping an attacker for example, that is the height of every defense, and it is beautiful to know that here exists an elite willing to learn foster drill to improve defense skill. The foster skill of course does not just stop at helping defenders actualize their basketball dream. The foster equally stands for all attackers who have been rehearsing and playing.

The foster helps the offender to quickly drive by the defender and make for the rim or basket.

All of these trainings and drills are important for elites and people who want to be elites. It is important to know that rehearsal never ends for a true sports person, no matter how much has been achieved.

These drills mentioned have been able to open eyes and mind to certain areas where the basketball programs are needed and still lagging. It is within the range of all kinds of players to engage in all of these trainings and excel. But, for uniqueness, it has been built specifically so that elite’ guards can have a group of drills to call theirs and can come together in training to make a family of basketball players.

Soon, elite guard will begin to testify as to how much and how well the drills have been able to improve their abilities and capabilities. Until then, let us hope that these people stay faithful to the training and drills that have been made for them