dribble basketball

Although, it is a consensus that what really gets the job done in a basketball game is the right shot, no one can also deny that it takes a few hideous to dribble basketball in order to get a space for that shot that is so greatly talked about.

A lot of basketball players normally fall for the desire to learn how to make the right shot whilst they rehearsal. I do not blame them, neither should you – that is what happens when the game puts so much emphasis on the drill.

As it should it be expected, shots should be given ample attention. Now and then, as much as time, zeal and energy is present in the player, dribble is something that should also be included in the workout or rehearsal plan.

Dribble Basketball

A good dribble on the court, while a game is in motion is able to not only excite the lovers and spectators but also confuse the opponents. And trust me, if you want to have a flawless win in a game, the best way to get things riled up is to frustrate the opponent.

So, here you find it – dribble in basketball. As a basketball player and lover, you should see some of these steps as steps to follow through. To achieve the perfect dribble;

Touch the ball with your fingertips, not palm.

Something as subtle as what has been mentioned here is enough to make a huge difference. Although, face may not be able to validate this to grasp the nuance, it is a major contributor to whether or not a basketball player will see through a dribble.

The touching the ball with your fingertip instead of your palm exercise is to ensure that you have perfect control of the ball – when you dribble, there is something you do not want out of your grip, it is the ball and while it may look like having it in your palm makes it a surety that you have it, how you have the ball is allowing the fingertip to do the magic.

Do you have the grip you want on the ball? Now, all that you need to do for complete and total ownership of the ball is to spread your fingers out across the surface of the ball for a wider more balanced contact area.

The fingertip does more than give you the chance to handle the ball, it also helps you to dribble faster.

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Get in a low stance

You may want to slow down a little if you want that ball to stay around you for a long time. This low stance will help you achieve that – assuming a high stance may seem more convenient, even natural but, the ball will have to travel all the way from your upper body to the ground and back again as it bounces, leaving it wide open for a defender to steal and this is exactly what you should guide against if you truly want to have a dribble.

You want to get into a low defensive start, as though you are trying to embrace the ball – a wide feet, bent knee and dropped hip will help you achieve this stance anon. so, get to it!

You do not only get to protect the ball with a low stance, you also get to move freely. The low stance gives you mobility dear player, and isn’t basketball about making moves and taking giant strides? Of course, it is that and more!

dribble basketball

Bounce the ball fall off the ground.

The game of basketball has a lot of relationship with the floor of that court. The more you can maneuver the ball as it travels to and from your hand to the ground, the more the grace and beauty of the game.

So, in this case – you have to bounce the ball fall off the ground, bounce it. Bounce it firmly, and not so hard. Yes! it is very possible to bound the ball firmly and  not bounce it so hard. The reason why you do not want to bounce so hard is simple – the ball is a hard one, to bounce hard means it will fly high.

Maintaining that low stance and bouncing hard will cause a contradiction, a not so beautiful one. The ball may fly high so much that it becomes a great work for the player to control.

The dribble needs to be quick to get your opponent confused. Of course, the first rehearsal may be quite slow. As expected, continuous rehearsal of the skill will let you become faster.

As you let the ball fall off your fingertip to the ground floor, be quick to accept it back into your fingertip as it bounces back – slowly at first, then a bit faster and quickly. You will get the dribble perfectly and soon start using the luxury of the knowledge for important games.

Keep your hand on top of the ball

This fact is as your feet around the football as your hnd should be on top of te ball. There is no disputing the fact that the ball, most times will have a mind of its own – so, it may travel in the direction that you have not intended. Even in this situation, the player still has the to keep the hand on top of the ball.

It is skmple logic. As long as the ball remains within the player’s grip, the ball is for the player.

Keep the ball low.

The mistake most up and coming players make is that as they rehearse with all these other plans and procedures in mind, they sometimes bounce the ball and keep it high.

It is a given that if all the positions will be maintained and if all these methods will be used, keeping the ball low becomes a must.

Bouncing the ball to and from the hand of the player to the floor should be as low as possible or at least as low as the player can have control over. Keeping the ball low gives the player the liberty to actually see the ball and have authority over it. Apart from the fact that it does that, keeping the low also makes it very difficult for the opponent to steal

Do not forget that there is a living theory that this ball must be bounced to and fro quickly. A quick, fast paced and low ball is so hard for the opponent to gra. Trust me, you want to make the ball difficult for your opponent to get the ball.

All is not lost if you do not have all this skill even as  a professional, it is as easy as pie to achieve if rules mean a lot to you.

It will help you as a player if you do not learn how to dribble just so that you can show off but so that you can truly add spice and grace to the game of basketball. It is a beautiful drill that all basketball players should endeavor becomes a culture to say the least.

The dribble basketball is the game that lovers of basketball want to sheer on – all players should begin to work on this dribbles so that they can make the game even more worthy of all the fans and supporters it gets.