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In this busy world, where everyone is hugely occupied in their lives, the need for entertainment in the world of sports has increased greatly. though kids and players need a break, they usually don’t have enough time or money to plan their workouts effectively.

Today i will be showing you the best recommended drills for kids to work on in the basketball game. it is from the greatest experts in the sports. below you will read what our basketball experts has to say and more yet to come.

From the 46 questions i received from basketball kids, 27 of the questions were direct inquiry and here is the questions

“What is your recommended Basketball Drills for kids, and why?”

I have worked seriously on this particular question and gathered expert answers for this purpose.

here are what our experts have to say about the question above.

1.) I would recommend any drill that involves movement and focused repetition. Drills need to have simple goals with limited coaching prompts since kids can’t remember more than one or two teaching points for each drill. The last and most important part of any drill is FUN. If a youth coach impacts a player positively then no matter what level the player reaches, they will keep playing and that is what coaching should be about. 

Drill examples:

Coach Matt Buckley

2.) A great basketball drill that I would recommend for kids 12 and under is a self toss and pivot drill. In this exercise you would start on the baseline (back to basket) and toss the ball to yourself at around the elbow area of the free throw line.

Catch the ball on a 2 feet jump stop and work on keeping one foot planted while opening up to the basket with the other foot. Doing multiple reverse/forward pivot movements will help build comfortability to this basic but essential fundamental technique (that is utilized by basketball players at every level) and set up a triple threat position.

A good progression to this drill would be to add in a sweep/rip dribble once the pivot movement is completed) and drive to the basket for a layup. Depending on the skill level of the students, defenders (pylons) could be added in the player’s path to the basket so they are working on dribble counter moves.

Like teaching any new skill in life, it is important to remain patient and focus on explaining things in adequate detail so the instruction is understood by the students.


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recommended basketball drills for kids under 12 years

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