basketball weight training

Given the nature of basketball weight training, all and sundry have reached a consensus that having the right weight pushes the player to do great, and be the exceptional entertainer that viewers signed up for.

Doing great off and on the court therefore, becomes a mandate for all basketball players – elites and up and coming stars inclusive have access to a proviso to help them maintain or gain weight.

The best title for this proviso is nothing but basketball weight training.

It is clear from this indication that there are all kinds of trainings for players, all of which have been scheduled to champion a good cause – but, if specifically a player desires to work on getting the right weight, the player must ensure that the right training program is what he guns for.

Pre game/ rehearsal warmups.

Pre game warm ups are often taken with levity, both by players and coaches. But, especially by players.

And it almost always comes back to slap in he face. It shows first during the game if  a player was actively engaged in the pre game warm ups.

Most times when players show fatigue and unnecessary lack of energy on the court, it can easily be traced back to the fact that they didn’t participate in the pre game warm up.

The pre game warm up my not necessarily have this concrete impact on the weight gain or loss of a player. But, it sure is a good pace setter for whatever drill, trainings that will come after.

So, it is great to say that a pre game/ rehearsal warmup serves as a trailblazer!

Running/ calf stretches in basketball weight training.

Your thigh adds a huge amount to your weight and it is better you succumb to the need to work on it. It is easy to put tuning and calf stretches in the same box. While perfection should not be expected, these two exercises he the tendency to smoothly blend into one another.

Running for basketball players should be like a second skin – it is almost ludicrous to imagine a basketball player who is not fascinated or interested in running. Running three laps round the court is a great start.

This running thing can fuse perfectly into the ‘aerobic fitness’ and anaerobic fitness. and that is just putting things mildly. Because, in essence these two fitness exercises, although different in the art execution are equally great for the weight maintenance. Running gets players the whole package deal.

Of course, more is to come after running round the court. Another to work on is the stretches.

Stretching the calf should also take just as much of your interest as a player.

The routine to getting your calf right is quite simple. The player is inclined to stretch against the wall.

Keep the leg straight and the heel down – and lean against the wall.

Rolespecific training.

It is core to know that what makes a place organized is in the people that make up the  environment.

Role – specific training is simply encouraging players who do not need to depend on their strength for excellent result as they maintain their position.

Guards need speed and agility more than they can ever need strength on the court. . So, there are a few people on the team who are strength dependent for a stellar performance.

The players who need to work on having weight gain can learn to do what is required

The beautiful thing about this training schedule is that, although, guards do not necessarily need to milk it as they don’t need weight gain as much, they can still participate.

The plan has been drawn in such a way that they can participate. But, with less intensity as would be expected from actual players who need to gain weight.

basketball weight training

Foundation, strength and muscle.

The blend of all these three things will contribute greatly to improving the weight of players.

This is why it has been added on the training.

Building foundation for strength simply means using a schedule that helps the player work on all the muscles of the body.

The major muscle areas are the target, players! It is time to reach a consensus because it is going to be an interesting ride!

The coach should note the succession of things and use it for the training. To get the best from the players and to see result, he wants to move from mild to intense. 

It will be an unrealistic feat if it were to be a reversed case – it is only normal that the coach assists the players to milk on the schedule of the training, as they move from lighter weights to heavier weights.

For newbies, it is a sure thing that this is the process that must be followed. For old players who are use to the schedule , following the process may not be necessary.

This training also encourages balance. Overtime, notice has been  brought that focusing on a side or part of the body will cause just that part to improve.

So, it has now become very important that all parts of the body receive the small attention – left, right .

Strength development.

Here, players are use to lifting light weights – at least, that is what is assumed. So, all that can be four here is heavy weight.

Players who need the bulk of strength can now begin to lift the heavy weight as long and as much as they can.

Although, muscle development which is to be expected from doing basketball weight training is not equal to strength building. It is still a very good way to help the strength of players.

Imagine how light weighed and weak a player who has never engaged in any of these workouts will be.

Conversion to power.

What has been achieved in that strength phase is what is needed as a template in the power stage.

The thing about conversion of power is that it is basically working on the strength. It will surprise you that as opposed to lifting heavy weight that was encouraged in the last phase. Here, lifting light weight is it!

During this stage, you may not need to lift heavy but you are expected to bring just as much intensity, if not more.

All phases of training to gain weight demands adequate rest. But, more than others this phase requires adequate rest from players to fight against fatigue .


Jumping is like an icing to the cake – yes! It does not scream for attention. Not as important in the weight gain journey. But, not useless too. So, players in their dedication to the training schedule often do this off the court. Some jog in the neighborhood, every morning and whenever. In as much as it works for them, and as long as they take care to guide against injury. basketball weight training from us can go on and on till its no more, but for now enjoy what you have been taught.