basketball tryout

Basketball tryout and tests are a general method of accessing your knowledge about a particular subject matter or event. Asides from practice one other thing that guarantees perfection is trials and tests because it makes you learn more about the subject matter and  prepare well ahead thereby increasing your knowledge. Basketball tryouts are no different from conventional tests and exams you go through in school because it seeks to test your knowledge, understanding and skills of basketball. 

As a player, basketball tryouts help your coach access your skills, how well you can interprets game plans and tactics, your attitude and fitness level. At this point it is important to state that the outcome of such tryouts would determine whether you get to be offered a contract or not, so it is essential that you give it your best and show the coach and hiring team what stuffs you are made of.

When preparing for tryouts, your mindset should be that you’ll be the first person to arrive and most likely the last to leave. During the tryouts, you must keep in the mind that asides from showing off your best skills to the coaches, you must also prove to them that you have the ability and discipline to follow instructions and also function properly in a team owing to the fact that basketball is a team game. Your understanding and skills in the following will also evaluated during tryouts Rebounding, dribbling, passing, footwork and defensive skills.

In order to be in the best shape and frame of mind before you arrive at your tryout, I have put together in this article steps and thing to note. Take your time to go through each of the point one after the other.

Steps on how to prepare for basketball tryout

Here in this section I will discuss things to do before your tryout so as to yield positive results after the tryout.

  1. Plan: Like the popular adage which says “to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail”. So the moment you receive your tryout invite, the first thing you should do is check out how much time you have left before the tryout. This will enable you put your house in order and get everything you’ll need for the journey and tryout proper.  
  2. Practice: At this time you need to design a practice routine which you must diligently follow, just so you know that practice makes perfect. You need to start practicing areas where you aren’t too strong so as to improve on them before the tryout day arrives.
  3. Exercise: One important thing you should do as well is to make sure you do a lot of exercises both before your personal practice and tryout proper.  
  4. Relax:  As much as you want to practice and keep yourself in shape before the tryout it is important that you take out as much time as possible to relax and cool down. Do not be too anxious and over work yourself.
  • Eat Healthy:  It is essential that you good and healthy food during this period. Eating healthy generally improves your health.

As a coach, player evaluation is not a ride in the park or something to carry out unprepared because there are several players with several skills, background, experience and motivation level.  Basically there always two set of people at tryouts and they arethe players and the participants.  The participant are usually people who were either compelled by their parents or influenced by their friends to attend the tryout. These set of people just want to play the game and while. Away away time. The players on th other hand are those who are passionate about the game, they have a goal. And focus for attending the tryout. You will always see them. Putting in extra effort and seriousness at all times. Your job as a coach then is to identify which categories each player falls into which will better inform. Your decision making.

basketball tryouts

 Preparation allows you to set your minds on the skills an kind of player you are looking to choose. Below are number of drills you subject participants of your tryouts to. These drills will help you determine individual skill level of each playe and then allo you make the best decision.

So as a coach, if you are planning a hold a tryout, you should take note of the following

Establish your Team Needs

You must first be certain what exactly your tea needs at the moment. What position are you looking to strengthen, what skill set are you on the lookout for and if the players fit in to your team chemistry.

Establish Player Evaluation Criteria

After you’ve able to identify what your needs are, you should then establish the criteria by which your selection will be based. Also be sure that alongside evaluating player skills, you also establish that players has the right attitude, discipline, corporation, enthusiasm, coachability and finally self control. These are factors are as important as having great skills.

Once that is settled you can go on to assess players speed, coordination, passing, shooting, jumping, alertness, ball handling, defence and rebounding.

Below are a coupl drills you can take your players through during the tryout session. These drills will hel you determine the skill level of each players.


Allow the players job in groups for abojt 4- 5 laps after which they engage in  muscle stretching exercises which include butt-kickers, Carioca sand others for about 10mins.

Lay-Up Lines

Divide players into two teams and have them perform the lay up line drills. The first group should line up on the left side at the point where the free throw line meets the the top of the key while the other group lines up on the right side. Hand the ball over to the first person on th right side and he performs a right handed layup taking off with his left foot. The first man in line on the right side takes the lay up, rebounds and throws a bouncing pass to the next player on the right side. You switch lines of the first two players and the rest of the players continues the drills following the same pattern.

Shooting Lines

Let players maintain the same groups as earlier to perform this drill. The drill begins with first player by taking a jump shot fro the right side while the first man in line on the left side rebounds using standard form I.e grabbing the ball high out in front of her with her elbows out, and then pivots and passes to the next player in the right line. Just like the previous drill switch lines of the first two players while the rest of the team continues the drill.

Rebounding Drill

Let players form two groups preferably the offensive players in one and the defensive players in the other. Ask them to pair up one defensive and one offensive player. You then toss the ball hight in the center and instruct the defenders to try and block out the offensive players from winning the ball while the offensive player tries to win it as well. Which ever side gets the ball wins while the other side loses and is asked to run a lap. Do this for all players.

Free Throws

This basketball tryout drill will you ascertain the level shooting in each player. Let each of them take 10 free throws while the rest of the team waits for the rebound.

I hope you enjoyed going through this guide and have learnt a lot from it?… So go out there and ace your tryout.