basketball training

basketball training is very necessary and important for each and every player. this is going to be a lengthy and comprehensive guide on how to play basketball like a pro without hassles.

Be you a college athlete that’s trying to become a professional in the game, a young player that is struggling to understand the game, and even a coach that’s trying to apprehend the basic tune of the game as to teach their teams, your aim should be to always be on the lookout for new and updated basketball training equipment that will help your team to advance their skill and also improve in every aspect of basketball.

Here I will be taking you on a walk to 15 important basketball practice education that will help you master and acquire more basketball knowledge and skills.

Let’s start here…

Table of Contents

1. Have a good Basketball Workout Plan

The most basic and important thing in life is having a proper outlined plan that will help you achieve your aims and objectives.

No matter what you are doing in life, effective planning is very important and shouldn’t be neglected, especially when it comes to sports like; gym, and basketball.

Spend adequate time to evaluate your weaknesses as well as strength and know the area you will be focusing to improve. These in basketball workouts will include;

  • ​What drills you want to use? Be it shooting or defensive, etc..
  • ​The amount of shots you want to take at a given period of time?
  • ​Whether you will need to work on your style of ball handling?

Everyone who you permit to look at your workout plan will simply detect where your problems are and understand what you are driving at and probably be of help for that day.

It won’t hurt if you decide to plan out your workouts on the new generation devices like; ipod, ipad, smartphones, where you can easily access every step forward. You can as well track your results and achievements for these plans using your pen and paper. The decision is yours.

Putting up a great daily basketball lessons will make you stick to a particular schedule and perfect it thus you become a pro in that area and very effective player for that as well.

These will all make you know the best schedule to take and what to do every time you step up and think about basketball.

2. Treat your Basketball Exercises for kids like doctors appointments

This is just there about the normal way you schedule every other appointment including how serious you get to see your doctor. You should as well schedule your basketball skills training to match and reflect your real life ativities.

This is so because when you don’t treat your game like a real life activity, it may take you decades to master your in and outs.

Incorporate your basketball strength training into the calendars you have everywhere at the start of each week and deem it necessary to fulfill this schedule.

Sometimes, you may plan on how to do your workouts and before you know it, other activities more important may take over, it happens because you don’t treat your workout with same importance. Some other factors that may prevent you from this workout is because;

  • ​Your friend asks you to come hang out with them. say no to hang outs at workouts periods …
  • ​You lose track of your time while you were playing your favorite video games. Treat your video games equally to your workout and see the effect…
  • ​You’re busy gossiping everywhere. See your workouts as your point of gossip.

Don’t say ‘well it’s late to workout today’ because you lost track of your time and then next thing you think, ‘I will take two rounds tomorrow’

No it doesn’t happen that way. Its only professionals who take that route and succeed with it. For now you need to master your game and get to that level.

If you must succeed with basketball, you should prioritize your basketball practice plan accordingly.

3. Shooting is important in Basketball Skill Training

There are some things that players do need to understand.

Your ability to shoot the basketball depends on your effort at the gym. So your workout time should be considered important to help develop this ability in you.

We all know there are lots of skills in the basketball game, but they are as well secondary.

There are lots of basketball skill-set that we all plays today. In the modern type of basketball, you will notice how hard it gets to gather minutes at the higher levels in the court when you can’t knock down and open up wide space for great shots frequently.

It’s also true that a lot of players make it to the top of the NBA, and yet they aren’t good at shooting. Well take a close look at those players; they are either elite athletics or 7 foot tall which majority of us don’t have the ability to contend with.

Try and give yourself the greatest chance in basketball for enormous success. Juts give yourself some great workout that’s focused on shooting.

Ensure you work on becoming the best player and go to source for shooting in your team.

4. Elite shooters shoot 2000 shots per week

Don’t let the talks of most parents who come on Instagram and claim their 12-year-old makes close to a thousand shots on a daily basis bother you. It’s not going to help you.

Put your shooting goals at 1500 to 2000 shots per week and then scale from there.

Use the plan below for your weekly workout:

  • ​Elite Shooter = 1,500 to 2000 made shots per week
  • ​Great Shooter = 1,000 to 1500 made shots per week
  • ​Poor Shooter = 500 to 1000 made shots per week

Don’t take what every coach says to you and then ask yourself only 2000 shots per week?

You will have to remember you need to put in some of your time in the real life commitments and activities at their own time. You shouldn’t use a time to watch movies for basketball and vice-verse

  • ​School
  • ​Homework
  • ​Employment
  • ​Team Practices
  • ​Games
  • ​Other sports
  • ​Friends
  • ​Etc

You know all these commitments can require additional real life time and will add up.

Now let’s take a look at the numbers and see how many hours that’s it will take to get 2000 shots a week.

For instance when a player makes a game-like shot every 10 seconds(6 shots made per minute)

Good – 500 to 1000 made shots would take 125 to 250 minutes = 2 hours and 5 minutes to 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Great – 1000 to 1500 made shots would take 250 to 375 minutes = 4 hours and 10 minutes to 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Elite – 1,500 to 2000 made shots would take 375 to 500 minutes = 6 hours and 15 minutes to 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Doesn’t this seem too much to get from a player? Considering there are other things to do.

5. Always keep a detailed log for shooting

I started advising players to keep a track of their made shots after reading a terrific article on shooting from Coach Dave Hopla

He was simply tracking every single shot he took… And then his shots got at a regular of 98%.. Really this was very interesting of Dave.

A lot of great players now track their shooting whether make or a miss when working on their shooting. It’s another great way to see how you are improving your shooting while doing your regular workout.

You will now ask why more high school and youth basketball players do it?

Well am still wondering the same thing as you. So no idea why this has not taken effect in the high schools and youths game lives.

I think this is a must for any player who plans to improve their shot and it’s my opinion

See the below listed and shot five reasons why tracking of shots could elevate your game:

  1. ​It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure.
  2. ​Tracking will make every single shot important.
  3. ​You can set shooting goals and commitments yourself.
  4. ​The end result of tracking will be improvements.
  5. ​Tracking will expose the weak shooting areas of a player.

6. Perfect your shooting strategy

Because we have identified shooting as the most important in the basketball game, it will be very necessary for each and every player to develop a well-researched and skillfully developed fundamental plan that’s sound for shooting while keeping the plans consistent and repeatable.

It’s very important to develop this plan fast. Because the sooner the better.

Correct and accurate shooting technique makes it a lot faster and easier for player to develop and improve.

To develop a great shooting technique, follow these 10 steps:

  1. ​Shot preparation
  2. ​Hand placement on the ball
  3. ​Balanced base
  4. ​Feet direction (the turn)
  5. ​Consistent shot pocket
  6. ​Eyes on target
  7. ​Wrinkle the wrist
  8. ​Elbow under the basketball
  9. ​Balance hand
  10. ​Rhythm shot + follow through
  11. Repeat

7. Start each Practice with form shooting

When working on a shooting technique, a player should start each of his workouts close to the hoop.

Do not make the mistake of steeping into the gym and start throwing shots from the baseline of the three-point line immediately. It’s awful.

You should start very close to the rim and get the tune of shooting perfectly as you develop good technique at first. Then your body will gradually melt into your basketball practice drills and now you can extend the range of your shot.

Follow this pro recommendation for great result daily:

  • 25 makes from 3 feet.
  • ​20 makes from 5 feet.
  • 15 makes from 10 feet.
  • 10 makes from 15 feet (free-throw line).

This will be enough to start the day.

8. Exercise quality is important than practice quantity

Sometimes we read lots of kiddish stories on the internet where some kids are proposedly ‘grinding’ 10 hours  in the gym and shooting 60000000 shots per day. Don’t mind those basketball practice for kids stories

These stories are really not needed and rather will dither our workouts instead.

When such amount of time is been spent by a player in the gym, just figure it out that they are wrongly doing so many things and not properly training

Just put this quote in mind…

 “Working as a banker doesn’t make you the owner of the dollars in the bank more than working at mac donald makes you the owner of the burgers there.”

Often a carefully executed practice for 30 minutes is far better than 5 hours careless practice and this normally achieves better result than the 100 hours kid.

9. Quantity of Practice is incredibly important

Players whose dreams are to better their skills in the basketball will need to spend some more extra time on their own at the gym every week. We know that quality is more important than quantity.

This is because if you are not completing your basketball lessons for kids routine the way it should, then you are not going to develop at a rapid pace no matter how your pre-planned workouts are.

You should devote your time up to 4-6 times every week for your game to develop.

Should your schedule fall shot less than this, it’s obvious you won’t be able to get enough high quality improvement you desire.

basketball training

10. Practice your basketball skills under game-like conditions

To practice under game-like conditions, you will need to add conditioning to your workouts.

You need to understand this better…

Before you attempt shooting during a game, you will be sprinting up and down the floor a lot and this could cause physical and mental fatigue.

The reason to practice under game-like conditions is because in some real games, you will meet similar conditions and with the already practiced conditions, you will have no fear to take on the spots when called upon to execute your skills.

These examples are for great conditioning workouts:

  • ​Sprint to half-way
  • Get back after each shot attempt.
  • ​Complete one suicide after each shooting drill
  • Practice shooting free-throws.
  • ​Rebound the basketball after every shot yourself, this eliminates basketball shooting machine.

11. Evaluate your Basketball strengths and weaknesses

What I feel players should be doing is sit down own their free time with their gadgets or a pen and paper and enumerate their own strength and weaknesses

Once a player is truthful to theirselves, their exercises will improve rapidly and grow at a high pace. Honesty plays a big role here.

  1. The areas they need to work on (weaknesses).
  2. Their point of focus on executing during games (strengths).

This is very important while putting up a basketball exercises for kids as it will help improve your game.

You must first criticize your game thoroughly and look at it from the outsider’s perspective and see what it looks like.

For instance: because you are in love with shooting three-pointers really doesn’t make you a three-pointer shooter when you are making just 17% attempts or there about.

You need to consult your coach at this point for professional advice.

12. Talk to your coach about what you need to improve

I will leave this quote here:

“Good players take criticism. Great players crave criticism” – Don Meyer

Get a questionnaire and after evaluating your weaknesses and strength during workouts, ask your coach if they could spend few moments with you and feel your questionnaire.

You need to ensure they are honest with you and could tell you the truth.

Let them tell you what your weakness and quality of strengths are so you could improve them. The coach now is the ‘outsider’ and sees better than you the ‘insider’.

You obviously will take criticism when you are on this, after all it’s the main reason you went to your coach. He should criticize your weaknesses and strength.  Once your coach does this you should be able to handle that criticism and use it to improve. Trust me as long as you listen to your coach on this, there is no way you won’t improve.

Just don’t start arguing with your coach on this one. Else you fail on it.

Most experience coaches can provide an overall insight to some aspect of your game that you might have over looked

13. Always train at game speed

Words of Kevin Durant, a basketball professional.

“I try and go through practice at game speed so it’ll be easier when I step on the floor for a real game” – Kevin Durant

Your biggest mistake is weakness and tiresome. One great mistake I see players make is putting in just half of the effort. Say 50% effort when they are on a workout.

When they should be sprinting around the court, you see them jogging.

When they need to rise up to a shot, they will hardly leave the ground.

There are two major shooting your workout will help you to differentiate. Shootings like casual shooting and shooting after running off a screen and jumping high into on the air to avoid blockage from the defender are two different skills this workout will help you to learn.

To improve the way you shoot in your in-game, all you need to do is practice game speed shots.

14. Develop a consistent free-throw routine

You will need to develop a consistent routine for free-throw you can use whenever you step to the line.

This routine will ensure your confidence is huge and allow you to put your attention on what you are doing when doing a free-throw.

We should bear in mind that there is never a wrong way to do this..

These examples are simply to show you that nothing in life is impossible, even though you may see this odd at this time.

All that matters is that this routine will always make you have confidence and comfortable.

Let’s see this routine that I use every time.

  • ​Catch the ball a foot behind the line on the baseline.
  • ​Spinning a basketball back to myself.
  • ​Line up a lead foot with the middle of the rim and see what goes.
  • ​Put other foot slightly behind 10 o’clock.
  • ​Bounce 3-4 times.
  • ​Shoot the ball.

Whichever you need, just do your own routine and stick with the formula that works for you.

15. Spend more time working on your free throw shooting

To become a great free-throw shooter, you will need to figure out your own routine and consistently practice it enough.

Am sure you want to be on the floor at the final minutes of a game and this is the necessary step to take ahead of games.

You should give your coach the trust he needs to show that if you are fouled on the court, he will see you step to the line and make quality clutch free-throws.

Am going to drop below some percentages every players should be targeting to be a free-throw shooter at any level on average.

Late Youth – 63%

High School – 73%

College – 83%

We encourage players to be going greater than these marks.

For details, the percentage of average free-throw from college student players floated in the mark of 67% – 70% since the year 1960..

The percentage of average free-throw that an NBA player has went between 73% and 77% since the year 1955 (source: Chicago Tribune).

So many players should be doing a lot better than that!

16. When (and how) to practice your free-throws

Getting on with this free-throw topic….

People keeps asking “when they should be training with the free-throw and how it should be done?”

We have two specialized duration or times…

​a. Bulk free-throw shooting​

The very first one is shooting a good number of free-throws in a row without errors.

You are going to be aiming to achieve committing your free-throw routine and free-throw strategy to muscle memory by using this method.

Your focus will be on bringing in a lot of repetitions.

The players will do this by shooting just 100 free-throws in their backyard or there about right after school. They can as well shoot 50 free-throws in order to finish a workout training.

​b. Fatigued free-throw shooting

Since the initial methods are all focused on repetitions, this is a free-throw shooting called fatigue which focuses on game-like repetitions.

This simply means you will be practicing your free-throws while you keep feeling same type of fatigue that a player will experience mid-game.

The only good way to add this into your workouts will be to shoot two free-throws after each of the drills at the time of the workout.

For instance:

  • ​10 three-point shots
  • ​2 free-throws
  • Mikan layups
  • ​2 free-throws
  • ​15 midrange shots

Either of the two listed methods are vital for a successful free-throw shooting development.

17. Work on your shot fake

The formal coach of Indiana University Bob Knight had a better understanding on the importance of developing a good shot fake.

​”I sit and wonder why no one uses the shot fake. The shot fake, when used correctly, can eliminate a defender” – Bobby Knight

​”The most neglected and best scoring move in basketball is the shot fake” – Bob Knight

How many people will take the time to work on it?

I know that there are not many.

Let me list the vital key points that every player will need to remember.

  1. Stay low – should the defender jump on the shot fake, then the offensive player will need to be low in order to explode over them before attacking the rim.
  2. Raise the basketball to eye level – Should the player get higher, then it will be great for the offensive player to take long to make great use of this advantage.
  3. Eyes on the rim – In order to sell this shot fake, it is important for the players to take a look at the rim. The defenders will focus and fix their eyes on the eyes of their opponents.

When the defender indulges in the bait, the offensive play should take just one dribble towards the left direction or the right side and then shoot the ball or even make an attack on the hoop.

You should then make a commitment to your shot fake and aim to drastically improve it.

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18. Practice both ‘The Hop’ and the ‘1-2 Step’

I know that at one time or the other, you have been told by a coach to ‘hop’ or 1-2 step before your shot. It’s time to change your games mindset, do not listen to any coach saying this to you.

Let me tell you the truth..

1-2 steps in the game is great in some of the games situation.

And the hop is good in some situations.

The better option will be dependent on a variety of factors, such as:

  • ​How fast you’re moving on the catch.
  • ​Personal preference.
  • How quickly you have to shoot.
  • ​The direction you’re facing on the catch.
  • ​The position on the floor.
  • ​etc.

It is very good and necessary that you train and practice your shot by making use of both methods in a different situation range.

It’s time to not listen to anyone who says that you should use one of the exclusive methods no matter the situation.

19. If you have access to a shooting machine, use it

There is no doubt that a basketball shooting machine is of great importance to every player, and could help a player get better at the game.

Asking for a personal rebounder that can take your workout to the next level?

It’s sure of course.

Well, a basketball shooting machine will drastically increase the amount of shots that a player could take in a specified period of time.

Rather than searching for the rebound in every single shot, a player could decide to remain in a specified spot or location on the floor and just allow the machine to take all rebound while the player will only focus on shooting the ball.

Should you be searching for one, Dr.Dish is the best recommendation I can give you right now.

It’s impossible for every player to acquire or have the chance to get on with a shooting machine.

But should you be opportune to have one, you need to take good advantage of the machine when possible.

basketball training 1

20. Develop a variety of finishes at the rim

Once you develop and possess great lethal outside shooting skills, your opposition players will simply be forced into defends as they will have no option to prevent your outside area shots.

It as well will be a bit likely that your opposition players will jump on your shot fakes.

And at this point, you are going to need to attack the rim

You now should be able to explode with you shot past your opponent before you can finish at right under the rim using great and different steps and moves and it is very necessary to be a complete scorer.

Am going to drop my 8 finishing moves which every strategic player should be using:

  1. ​Euro step
  2. ​Reverse layups
  3. ​Jump stop layups
  4. Regular layups (overhand)
  5. ​Finger Roll (underhand)
  6. ​Floaters
  7. ​Off-foot layups (example: right foot jump, right foot shot)
  8. Finishing moves.

21. Don’t forget about defense

​”There’s a disposition great defenders have – a genuine pride that scores are a problem, people that score on me is a problem” – Brett Brown

The best and smartest thing you should is to become one of the best defenders in your team, so you can stand out among the rest of your teammates and increase your game time. It can be achieved through workouts.

I can tell that not so many players want’s to improve their games defensively.

Competing against a live opponent in the basketball game has been proven to be one of the best ways to improve your one-on-one defense and it has to be a better player than yourself.

Below are the areas you will be comfortable focusing on:

  • ​Contain them. Don’t allow them to get past.
  • ​Force them into a difficult shot.
  • Staying down in defensive stance.
  • ​One arm’s length away from your opponent.

Just a handful of players are concerned at focusing on their defensive lapses, you need to take it serious.

22. Become a beast in the low post

Some players are greatly trained to catch the basketball in the low post area and even score with lots of different moves. Those have been proven to be lost art in current basketball games of our time.

Can you really remember the last time you visited the gym and saw some kids trying to improve their low post moves?

It’s just been too long I saw those awesome moves being made by players last.

The kids are always busy with trying their off-balance three-pointer shots.

If you can turn these negative workouts into positive ones, then you are most likely to take your game to the next level.

Since the players are not interested in practicing low post scorings, the defensive players as well are not interested in knowing ways they can block their low post either…

As a player who is willing to work and put in time into developing your low post moves, you are going to have lots of advantage over your teammates or competitors.

Below I have listed the few low post moves that you will need to work and develop better on:

  • ​Drop step
  • ​Face up shot
  • Jump hook
  • ​Up and under

To make things clear, every player (1 -5) must be taking the low post moves serious. It is not just meant for the players who are tall and always hang on at the rim.

You won’t be aware of who will have a mismatch against weaker or smaller opponents. Every player should be prepared to take attack the low post as an advantage.

23. Get in the weight room and improve strength

Both online and offline, there is a great debate on the topic which relates the particular age that players should reach before they can start lifting weights.

Majority of us are neither doctors nor professionals in the medical fields and therefore I myself cannot give you a precise age bracket that players should get to before they begin to lift weights. But there is one obvious thing about this.

Whether or not you agree with me, weight lifting is part of basketball in all ramifications and it helps the players a lot on the basketball court.

Becoming strong for the purpose of the game will create an opportunity for a player to take advantage of in pulling down more and more rebounds, nudge off their opponents easily and fight for their position better, etc..

The players body, will likely be more and more resistant to both minor and major injuries.

So far as a basketball player seeks advice for their game professionally and acquire a weight lifting workout or training which is aimed towards their goals, then they are likely to gain an increased strength which is very good advantage for them on the basketball court.

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24. Improve your level of fitness

​”The better conditioned team will probably win in the long run” – John Wooden

Incorporating conditioning (plays, drills, sprints, weight lifting exercises, etc) into your basketball training is another great and fantastic way to improve in your workout.

It is very necessary for some obvious reasons, though the vital one which is the necessity of improving your fitness for games is the one we are going to discuss.

Getting your level of fitness improved, will really help you improve drastically in every individual area of the game.

When you start shooting the ball after your fitness level has improved, you will be less fatigued. You will experience a rise in the way you will begin to sprint, close and return on defense, your free-throws is going to become easier than they were, and a lot better improvement in the defense area will be noticed.

You can hardly become a remarkable and outstanding player, when you are fatigued.

You will often notice mistakes in your game, the moment you become tired. Even in real day to day life events, it does happen.

You know that any player that makes mistakes or commits errors on the game is never the type of player that coaches will admirer on the court at the end of games.

On the next tip, am going to show you the ways of incorporating conditioning into your workouts without hassles.

25. Upgrade your diet

One of the greatest required and necessitated things you could do in order to give yourself an advantage over your opponents is to determine the type of food you eat into your body system.

This simply doesn’t mean before, during and after the basketball games.

I can see it means every time.

What are the foods you are taking on your day to day activities to help your basketball workout and life commitments?

A lot of players will plan for workout today by 4pm, around 2pm they eat McDonalds and KFC, after which they will dilute the food down with over 5 cans of Coca-Cola drink. Then they come to gym and you notice how lazy they will be.

Give in on doing better in your training.

I know am not a nutrition professional or expert, neither do i ask players to eat as if they are going for bodybuilding nor food contest, but we need to have the basic understanding of what or which food is bad or good for our workout.

  • ​Start eating more chicken and eggs.
  • Begin planning your meals.
  • ​Start drinking more water.
  • Stop having sugar-filled cereal.
  • ​end eating fast food.
  • ​Stop drinking soda.

Being able to improve in the little things like diet improvement can prove to be the big deal over your competition.

26. Understand the importance of rest and recovery

With every single team practices, workouts, and games which the players participates in on a weekly basis, they often consider long-term development and attaches a very high importance to recovery.

Being realistic is so crucial now.

You will notice your body needs rest at some point to effective think well for the game.

It’s often very necessary to rest your mind and body, mentally and physically. This will make sure that a player is able to keep playing while training at a high level.

Am listing below a few of the tools and exercises I have used to help my players with recovery:

Foam Rolling – This one will help a player to improve and increase their flexibility. It also will help you as a player to improve their blood circulation around their body, and also lactic acid post-workout will be removed using Foam Rolling

Stretching – Muscle tears and tights are often prevented by doing daily stretching. Your range of motion as well will be improved and also you will decrease injuries doing stretching.

Massages – This one is very similar to stretching. It often prevents muscle tear and tight muscles and can be very helpful in preventing injuries.

27. Become Ambidexterous

​Definition: “Able to use the right and left hands equally well.”

Besides shooting the ball, best players on the court are always capable of performing every other basketball skills with both of their hands in equal situations.

  • ​Players can pass with left and right.
  • ​They can block with left and right.
  • ​Players can dribble with left and right.
  • ​They can finish with left and right.

As a coach, I have seen so many of the young basketball players dominate a game with which ever hand they prefer at a young age. Most of them are really dominant and often take control of the game which makes them not to bother about improving in their opposite hand.

At the end this is what happens and what they achieve:

The defenses get smarter when they get onto the next level of the game.

Often, you will hear your coach shout out ‘force him left’ in which case can strongly bring down the player just because the player didn’t improve their left hand dribbling skill in order to attack in the left directions.

It is apparently very necessary to work on both of your hands in order to ensure that the player seizes the opportunity that comes to him from the defense.

28. Improve your ability to handle the rock

​”I dribbled by the hour with my left hand when I was young. I didn’t have full control, but I got so I could move the ball back and forth from one hand to the other without breaking the cadence of my dribble. I wasn’t dribbling behind my back or setting up any trick stuff, but I was laying the groundwork for it” – Bob Cousy

Every basketball player knows that dribbling is the most overused skill in the game, to improve your game it is very important to spend some time in developing the skills you already possess.

This is very necessary for every basketball player and not just the guards at the five positions of the game.

In the last few years, we learnt that having a tall player in the team who can make a rebound of the ball at very high and successful rate before pushing the basketball down the floor is proven to be invaluable to the success of a team collectively, it is better for every coach to  encourage their players to improve their games and skill.

Am going to show you great ways that you can use to improve your ball-handling:

1. Compete against live defenders

Even if you are playing on the 1-on-1 or 5-on-5, you will learn with time that playing your games against unique defenders is the best or better way to improve your ball-handling skills.

Let me tell you as well that the benefit of playing in live competition is that it will force you to know and learn how to effective and creative in the game-like situations.

Nothing will be better than this..

2. Full-Court Dribbling

Practicing on a full court at its availability (or a driveaway), you could use every angle of the floor to practice different dribbling moves.

  • ​Crossovers
  • In-and-out
  • ​Through-the-legs
  • Hesitation dribble
  • Change of pace
  • Behind-the-back

3. Stationary Ball-Handling

There are a lot of ball handling technique and skill you can pick up from the internet and put to practice without the help of your coach. Most of them are unique and will make you stand out from the rest of the players.

  • ​Pound dribble
  • ​Spider dribble
  • ​Scissors
  • Kills
  • Figure 8
  • ​Body wraps

29. Improve Your Vertical Jump

Vertical jump is very important and the best or fantastic way to raise your game off-season is to improve in the area of vertical jump.

Making an inch or two additionally on your vertical jump can prove to be a big difference during games…

The difference we are talking about could be the little extra effort between jumping up and blocking an opponent’s shot or twisting them on their wrist..

Making a vertical jump training section or program will as well improve your technique, speed, agility, as well as your reaction times.

A lot of benefits can be achieved doing this workout..

The fortunate thing is that a lot of free vertical jump workout and training lessons exist online which can result in great success stories.

Just find them and begin to make use of them..

30. Make sure you have a ‘Driveway Workout’

The most vital thing any player can do is to have a ‘driveway training’ or even two ready for as long as they cannot visit the gym.

This is the greatest excuse most of the players make as why they cannot train….

Some will say “I was unable to go to the gym”

Please tell me ‘what’s a driveway workout’

When we talk about the driveway workout, we are simply referring to a basketball training workout which any player could easily complete at their leisure while playing at home so long as you have a basketball.

The workouts should be created by each of the player since the space to dribble, the equipment and if you have a basketball floor at home or not will be different slightly for each of the players.

Let me show you a workout example for players that doesn’t have a ring or floor at home:

  • Front V-Dribble – right hand x 20
  • Pound Dribble – right hand x 20
  • Side V-Dribble – left hand x 20
  • Spider Dribble – x30
  • Creative Wall Passes – x30
  • Line Form Shooting – x50
  • Pound Dribble – left hand x 20
  • Crossovers – x 30
  • Front V-Dribble – right hand x 20
  • Front V-Dribble – left hand x 20
  • Side V-Dribble – right hand x 20

Once you acquire a driveway workout section, you will definitely have no excuse or reason why you can’t improve your game.

31. Play more 1-on-1

One-on-one competition is simply by far one of the ways you will improve on your basketball ability.

This is often true especially while competing against players who are far better than you on the game.

The offensive players will begin to practice how they can create and open shot opportunities for themselves and even score goals with the use of different moves

And then the defenders will learn how they can play solid on-ball defense since there will be no help defense to be their back up, in case the offensive player gets past them.

Below am giving you 3 of my best tips that will help you make one-on-one game-like:

1. Confirm each point with a free-throw

This is one of the biggest rule that will help you to improve properly in shooting free-throws while you are still under pressure in a game-like situation.

Whenever a player makes a score, it is their obligation to go to the free-throw line and take one shot, (or two for players of elite class).

When they do their free-throw, they will be rewarded with a point.

And should they miss this free-throw, their points will be cancelled out and their opponent player will be awarded the ball on next possession.

2. Start from different positions on the floor

Do not just begin the game at the top of the key each and every time, but add in a little twist that can change your position and directions.

There is always an option to begin in each of the possession from a variety of areas on the floor:

  • ​From the elbow
  • ​Off a closeout
  • On the wing
  • ​In the corner
  • ​In the low post

3. Limit number of dribbles

There will be no need to dribble the basketball at the top of the key upto 20 times before you advance and direct your attack to the defense and make a score.

Another effective 1-on-1 rule that works well is to limit the amount of dribbles that every player is expected to do on each of their possession.

These techniques will ensure a player learns the effectiveness of creating a good shot in a limited space and limited time.

I will recommend as a coach that you make about 2 – 3 dribbles.

3. Confirm each point with a free-throw

This is one of the biggest rule that will help you to improve properly in shooting free-throws while you are still under pressure in a game-like situation.

Whenever a player makes a score, it is their obligation to go to the free-throw line and take one shot, (or two for players of elite class).

When they do their free-throw, they will be rewarded with a point.

And should they miss this free-throw, their points will be cancelled out and their opponent player will be awarded the ball on next possession.

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32. When you go to the gym, always invite a teammate

Let me drop this little but yet effective quick tip which will help your team make drastically better with little to no effort on your part.

Try as much as you can to take one or two of your teammates when you visit the gym.

You can as well bring all of them to the gym.

This strategy will not only die at given or lending you a helping hand to shoot and make a rebound with, but you will as well be able to teach your friends and teammates how they can effective do their own workouts.

I know this will encourage your teammates to start working out regularly than they did because they will see how you improve daily doing your workout and they could start theirs and improve along with you. Again, you will see the effect of doing basketball drills which mandates or where it is necessary to have a bigger group.

It’s very sad to see that a lot of players are really not interested in doing this workout, taking advantage of the fewer spaces from this, will better you definitely.

A lot of players are not interested in having their teammates as their direct rivals or competitors for minutes or putting their spots in the team into jeopardy.

33. Study basketball games (don’t just watch them)

One of the numerous great ways in which players can utilize to develop is to begin watching basketball games in the way their coaches watch rather than been a general fan.

With this strategy, you will experience a clear difference.

Generally, a basketball fan will lean back in their chair and intervaly look up at the television screen while they are still scrolling through their phones or chatting up friends.

But a typical coach will watch the basketball game with passion, concentration, focus and have an attempt to learn from each game.

Let me show you some of the things you need to watch out for:

  • ​How do the star players create space to get an open shot?
  • ​Where are the best defenders positioning themselves on the floor?
  • ​And there are hundreds more!
  • How is the defense defending ball-screens?
  • ​How is the offense attacking the ball-screen defense?
  • ​What plays are the offensive team using?
  • ​What defense is the defensive team running?

You need to focus you attention on the basketball game with intent to learn the game and improve as well as give yourself lots of advantage that could distinguish you from the normal spectator on the court.

34. Follow the best basketball minds on Twitter

This is just a follow up on the constant learning topic; it is one of the best ways a player could use to influence his basketball knowledge on social Medias like: facebook and twitter.

Am often amazed by the number of valuable contents about basketball,which is always shared on a daily basis.

You will get lots of video breakdowns, links to great and interesting articles on basketball, most effective basketball plays, inspirational quotes, and lots more.

In all, social media will be very good fit for you as a player, when you have the right group of like-minded and interested players as your friends or you follow the right audience.

And if you aren’t following the right audience, you will be left with lots of useless suggestions and negative garbage’s because players often decide to use social media like twitter to show their frustration.

Should you decide to venture with twitters to follow, then I suggest the following accounts for you:

1. @bballimmersion – Chris Oliver

2. @bballcoachmac​ – Trevor McLean (yours truly)

3. @franfraschilla – Fran Fraschilla

4. @coachliamflynn – Liam Flynn

5. @fastmodel – Fast Model Sports

35. Spend time studying, too

Here am going to throw in my most responsible adult tip to help you guys..

You must not put all your eggs in one basket, if you want to be professional.

So many young players exist whose hope and aims are way towards securing an WNBA or an NBA contract with lucrative pay beforehand and this most of the time deter their hopes.

Well in as much as there is nothing wrong in so doing, the NCAA statistics states that out of 100% high school player, just 0.02 to 0.03 percent or even there about end up in the WNBA or the NBA Leagues.

Doing this arithmetic properly will let you know that only 2-3 players out of the 100% mentioned above will play in the league.

We all know this isn’t the right odd we need to see, but then…

You will need to ensure you are doing great with your studies in your high school during your education period, investing good amounts of time to have an advantage to hold on should you backslide or fall back when your basketball dreams doesn’t just work out for you.

36. There are very few players willing to put in the work

I know the last one wasn’t that good for you, but then there is still a chance and i have good news for you.

On a daily basis, only a handful of player are really willing to work down the gym.

Just few player we will be willing to keep a record of every shot they take.

It is only few players that will be willing to do the work on their 1-on-1 defense duty or role.

Just few players can freely shoot 100 free-throws each and every day they come to gym.

There are not a lot of players who are willing and interested in developing their ball-handling skills further.

The reasons behind these massive failures that the players face in their future careers of basketball is all boiled down to impatient.

It is quite unfortunate that majority of the players will be searching for the “secret storm” that will elevate them just from been an average player to a super player in a twinkle of an eye.

Well things don’t exist this way.

What’s the interpretation of this taught?

Once you are willing to put in more effort consistently and work smartly towards improving your skills in the game, you will be standing out with fewer competition than you did expect initially.

37. Consistency is key to long-term improvement

We all know how much important that consistency attaches to our everyday life cycle. It could as well be proven to be the best tip any one could get from this course.

Should you be really interested to become great in your basketball career, commitment is simply going to be your pivotal and focal area. You have to make a long-term commitment to your training workouts.

When I see a lot of kids begin their basketball training routines with great excitement and with a great aim to achieve lots of valuable goals, I feel excited a lot.

Sadly at the long run, you see them quitting their dreams because they were unable to achieve what they expected to be an overnight stuff in less than a week or 2.

There is no rocket science to get your results overnight, but committing to your game is the key.

To cut this one shot, your improvement rates will be so little in a way that you really will not even realize anything at the beginning.

It in no way means that improving your game and skill is not taking the right effect, it is just that this isn’t a snow ball effect.

In a few months of your hard work training day-in, day-out, you are going to perfectly look back to your training log and see just how much improvement you have made as well as know how far you have come with your game.

Doing small sets of training in batches will really add up a lot than you remarkably think.

basketball training 2

How to play Basketball

To start a basketball, the ball should be tossed in the air. A player will then deflect it for his teammate. The teammates now start passing, dribbling and circulating the ball amongst the team. They simply do this to make a goal or protect the ball from being snatched by their opponents. There is a hope for basketball which is placed horizontally at a height of about 10 feet and kept on the back of a board. Each of the teams tries to protect their hoop from conceding a goal from their opponent whiles their aim is to make a goal on their opponent’s basket of the court.

The aim of the opposite team is to snatch the ball from the holders, control it while avoiding travel, pass it among their own team and avoid getting scored. Should a player commit foul, the opposite team get a free-throw, which is a chance to score. Just like football and penalty. Each free-throw carries a point and two points are awarded to each goal. The team that scores the highest goal wins the game. Players are substituted upon request or demand from the coach.

Basketball games normally will start at the referrers jump ball throw. In the standard basketball sports, each game gets a four 10 minutes play. But until a winner emerges between two teams, there could be an extra five minutes play decider to get one winner.

The first and third periods of the game will allow the players a benefit of rest for 2 minutes. Then the players will exchange baskets and get a 15 minutes break after the second period of the game. After this break is over, the player holding the ball will throw the ball in for the next game period to commence.

When a foul is committed at the court, a play time may increase before the final time. In most cases it’s a free-throw that causes this time increase despite the final time ticking off.

When a goal is scored before the final time ticks off, the referrer will considered the goal as valid. And this is simply how to play basketball on the court and the basic basketball training you’ve been waiting for.