Basketball team drills

Like every other basketball team drills, the success or failure of a team depends on how well each member of the team plays their role both individually and collectively. When you see a team performs so well, it is worthy to note that a great deal of work and drills had happened behind the scenes. A typical game of basketball pitches two teams against each other and whichever tea scores the most point is adjudged the winner.

So, to build a strong team that is tactically and mentally sound, there are quite a number of drills you can subject your team to in order to bring out the best in them. The drills listed below have been tested and proven over the years to improve the overall quality of your team drastically.

How to effectively implement team drill

The importance of team drills when taught and executed well in basketball cannot be overemphasized because it makes the team come around and gives them a morale boost. Therefore, as a coach, you must take cognizance of the various teaching points. This will ensure that your players maximize the drills and also gain better insights into the game both individually and collectively.

Team Intensity and Accountability

One dominant downside of taking team drills is that it makes it difficult to assess the performance and understanding of individual players. You cant quickly figure out who is doing a skill correctly or the other way round. Your responsibility as a coach is to then challenge and motivate your players to give it their all at every point in time whether or not they are being monitored or not. Additionally, when you notice any lackadaisical attitude or a player not performing the drills correctly, you should stop and then restart the drill.

Scoring and Incentives

Competition is a known and proven method of bringing out the best performance from individuals and teams. Therefore you can make each team drill competition and attach a reward for the winning side and outstanding players. While the losing side gets a punishment could be 10 pushups or something that would fire them up for the next round of drills.  You definitely would see a renewed fighting spirit from the side that lost the previous round.

Good Player Habits

Even as you go on with these team drills, it is important that you ensure your players are doing this drills right. You certainly dont want your players practicing bad habits because, in the long run, it might end up costing your team in a real competition. So, you must enforce good habits only.

The Bigger Picture

For your team to do well with these drills, it is important that you make them understand your coaching philosophy. Whether you are the conservative type who prefers to calm things down on the pitch and control the game or you like to run at your oppositions at every opportunity. When your players understand this, it allows them to see the bigger picture and adapt your style.

 List of Basketball Team Drills

Well, take a look at a list of drills you can take your team through. These drills have been divided into 3broad groups according to the skill level of your team.

basketball team drills

Beginner Drills

2 Man Outlet Basketball Drill

This drill is aimed at teaching players how to make fast outlet passes. These drills make executing transition very easy as it teaches post players effective ball handling techniques.

3 on 2, two on one Transition Basketball Drill

This transition basketball drill is focused on teaching offense and finishing when your team has numbers, also effective defense technique when the numbers favours the opposition team.

5 Star Basketball Passing Drill

This team drill is great for warm-up as it teaches players how to make passes, receive passes and then taking shots. This team drill also helps to build better communication between players.

Off the Dribble Team heat up Basketball Shooting Drill

This is also an effective warm-up drill that gets the team charged up by trying shots from various angles.

Intermediate Drills

4 on 4 Consecutive Stops Defensive Drill4 on 4 Consecutive Stops Defensive Basketball Drill

This drill helps to improve the overall defense techniques of the team, as it works on building players mindset to pull off multiple stops consecutively.

4 Square Basketball Passing Drill

This helps your players master the art of completing several passes within a large group setup which allows you to maximize time and aid team play.

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 Four Square Basketball Rebounding Drill

This drill helps to train your players’ mental alertness to rebounds. This drill teaches positioning and great rebounding skills. It helps your team to be able to compete effectively on the boards.

One Foot Team Finishing Basketball Drill

This drill helps to engage a lot of players at a time as it allows players to improve on game speed finishing.

Post Feed Relocate Basketball Drill

This particular drill is focused on teaching wingers to get the ball across to the post and also teach them not to remain static after making the pass but rather make some runs to receive the ball as well.

Two Foot Team Finishing Basketball Drill

This is a great drill that you can deploy at the beginning of training in order to practice effective finishing at game speed.

Advanced Drills

Down Screen and Baseline Drive Basketball Drill

The shell basketball drill focuses on teaching and improving individual players man to man half-court defense skills. This drill emphasizes majorly on the players’ ability to perform down screens and baseline drive on opposition players. This skill will generally improve the players’ defensive abilities.

 Benefits of Basketball Team Drills

Having considered a number of team drills that’s best for team building, we must take a look at the importance of these drills and how they help your team grow.

The best set of players to work with is the ones who are confident in their skills and abilities. And, while it helps individual players to work on themselves after team practice sessions, it is unfortunate that only a few players pay attention to individual practice sessions. Therefore it is important for you as a coach to organize effective drill sessions during the general practice.

Your drills session should focus on ball-handling, shooting, finishing, etc. during practice. These drills will assist and aid the development of your players both tactically and mentally. It will also help them develop the needed confidence expected of a pro basketballer. Team basketball drill can also be used to work on specific areas of your offense or team defense as well.

One other importance of team basketball drills is that it enables players to work on several skills at the same time. Examples of this drills include Guard Dump Off Shooting Drill, which allows guards to work on penetrating, dumping the ball off to the post player, and then filling up for a shot. Post players will be able to work on spacing on the drive, catching the dump-off pass, and then finishing.

On a final note,  a coach who desires beautiful teamwork from his team must take these basketball team drills importantly.