basketball shoot

It is a consensus that there is no other skill that determines the dynamics of a bball sports like a basketball shoot. It is important. Although, some people may want to argue its importance, it remains a fact.

The fact is in the way it has been panted after by the lot of basketball players – you easily find basketball players on the court gunning for a shot, any time. As long as it is made.

The fact is also established in the fact that, a shot well taken and accurately delivered home into the basket helps a team to score point and what is the point of the game of basketball if it is not to score point.

There are no limits to what can be done with ball but there are guides and ways to do this right. So, it is only normal that what we have out here called basketball shoots prevails.

different types of basketball shoot

Some very common basketball shoots among so many include the following but are not limited to;

Jump shot

Long range shots and middle range shots are the two shots that this jump shot is used for. From experience and knowledge, this shot has been known to serve basketball players even when shooting beyond the arc, this is to say, mostly the shot is used to drive a point home and it is needed one in every game of basketball.

To drive the point home accurately, there is a special stance that must be assumed just as it is for every other type of shot. For the jump shot, the stance is simple; the player ensures that he faces the basket, he takes a wide stance, shoulder width apart, bent knee and square shoulder.

He has to imagine that he is been nudged by a force from the ground. This imagination will fuel his will to leap explosively. At the apex of his jump, he then takes the shot.  As he throws the ball up, he need to maintain the stance to ensure that the direction he wants is what he gets.

The fact remains that, if this shot is taken well, there will be cheer, this is because, it is such a beautiful skill.

Hook shot

A hook shot is slightly different from the jump shot. Of course, it is also a pretty awesome shot and equally important one. But, you as a basketball player need to know that unlike the jump shot that must be taken when facing the basket, the hook shot takes exemption to that experience.

This implies that a hook shot is taken without facing the basket. To make this shot happen, the player faces the basket sideways. It will make the shooting hand dribbling the ball face away from the basket.

It is a technical one that needs rapt attention for players to get things done. Of course, it has an advantage; the pros being that it is difficult for an opponent to block this shot that the jump shot.

The right stance will definitely get you the right result. So, apart from being deliberate and intentional about this hook, there is a need for players to learn the exact position that should be assumed if things will come out right.

For a hook shot, the player must be ready to jump with the left foot pushing off the ground if making right – handed shot and vice versa.

The shooting arm must be bent. And put upwards as the player makes for the basket.

basketball shoot

Bank shot.

The bank shot is equally as awesome. It has a mischief to it. And mischief can be good for you and play on the opponent which is a great thing.

This shot just slightly differs from other shots because it requires hitting the backboard before heading into the net.

The backboard get the heat before the basket. To make the bank shot, you must be familiar with the jump shot. This is because, it is done exactly like the jump shot. But, of course you want to aim higher so instead of the ball to land directly inside the basket, it hits the backboard first.

You may also jump higher. A bit. This could mean that that you want the defender to be outsmarted and you want to ball to not be stopped by the opponent.

The shot just like every other shot requires calculative steps. But, here everything that is done and achieved depends on the calculations.

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Free throw.

Foul is normal in games. When a player is being fouled in a basketball game, he becomes entitled to a free throw. For professionals, they already know that free throws have to be taken at the free throw line, so here you have it. The free throw line is useful for this one thing. Players stand a bit behind it before the throw can be made.

The shooting foot for left-handers is the left as the shooting foot for right – handers is the right foot. The shooting must be done in such a way that the elbow of the player forms an L right under the ball with the fingers spread out for the backspin.


A layup is a beautiful shot in basketball. It is a short range shot and it is commonly used by players.

The layup is one of the shots that gets the job done. Talk about scoring a point, the layup does that with precision.

Because the layup is not a long or middle range shot, requires a high level of dribbling skill from any player that would be doing it.

Getting the ball in front of the basket at a short range is not an easy feat. But, it is possible. After the player has gotten a clear picture of the basket or rim, he is at liberty to make a jump for it.

Just as done with a jump shot, he imagines that something from the group propels him upward, and he moves the ball with focus into the basket… of course, there is need to maintain the pose for a short while after the shot is done to make sure the direction is achieved.

The player who wants to make a layup needs his dribbling skill intact to get closer to the basket.

Slam dunk

This is the most difficult to achieve of all the shots – guess what? It is also the most spectacular of all the shots. I believe that explains why a player needs all he can give if he wants to learn how to make a slam dunk.

To execute the slam dunk. The player needs to dribble and charge towards the hoop. When he gets towards the hoop, he jumps explosively for the hoop, lifts the ball above the rim and push the ball forcefully into the rim,

It requires the strength and mind of a player. To not make mistakes, the player should and must ensure that he jumps off both foot. Although, some players have found that they can make the slam dunk even with jumping off one foot, the fact remains as it has always been that jumping off the feet, although too difficult, can give the perfect slam dunk for basketball shoot.