basketball rules for beginners

Basketball rules for beginners are very easy to memorize and is a very good game and if one wants to play basketball, its rule is very easy to understand. But then also for a beginner, it becomes quite cumbersome to remember all the rules and regulations related to the sport.

First, you have to tell your team about all the rules and regulations of the sport as they all are beginners or newcomers. Help them in practicing for few moments. Make them’re starting fun so that they don’t feel boring. Moreover, you can make them learn the rules and regulations while practicing.

As we all are aware of the thing that basketball is a team sport similar to cricket. Basketball consists of two teams each having 12 players but in the court only 5 players are allowed to play. In this sport, all the players try to make basket in the net that is elevated 10 feet above the ground. A basketball court is of rectangular shape and there is a net on both sides of the court where player has to do a basket and increase the score of their respective teams. A basketball court is divided into two sections, one side for each team.

Basketball Rules For Beginners

The player is allowed to move the ball in the court by passing or dribbling. The team which has the ball is known as the offense team and the team without the ball is known as the defense team. The defense team tries to take the ball from the offense team and try to score points.

When any of the team gains success in making a basket the team is rewarded two points and the ball is given to the other team. If the basket is done as a field goal they have rewarded three points.

For free throw, only one point is given. Free throws are the chances given to a team to make basket when the opposite team has committed any type of foul.   

Each game is played in two halves. In college, each half is of 20 minutes each, in schools or below each half is of 7-8 minutes. Some gap is always given between the two halves. If in case the game tied at the end of both halves then the extra type is given to the teams to get the winner.

Before starting the game each team is given a basket or goal to defend and this relates and the opposite basket is their goal basket. After first half the goals are switched by the teams. Before the game starts referee tosses the ball having the captains of both the teams at the center line of the court. The player who takes the ball by getting his hands up tips the ball to the player of his team. This is called a rip-off. There are many other ways to take the ball from the opposite team.


Personal fouls: 

If a player tries to take the ball and he touches the player physically then this is considered as personal fouls. 

  • Hitting
  • Pushing
  • Slapping
  • Holding
  • Illegal pick/screen – If an offensive team player takes out his limb to block the path of the defender and comes in physical contact with the defender, this is known as an illegal pick. these basketball rules for beginners are not different from aged players.

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Personal foul penalties:                

  • While trying to make a basket for a three-point goal, if the player gets fouled and they miss their shot they are given three free throws. While shooting a three-point shot if a player is fouled and makes it anyway, he is awarded one free throw. Thus, he has an opportunity to score four points on the play.
  • Inbounds: The ball is given to the team by which the foul was committed upon if the foul was committed while not shooting.
  • One & one:if in the game a team has committed 7 or 8 fouls then the player who has fouled gets a free throw and if he does the basket in that throw then he is given another free throw.
  • Ten or more fouls: The player that is fouled gets 2 free throws when the team as committed 10 or more fouls.
  • Blocking: When a player tries to block the way of the player from the opposite team then it is known as blocking and is termed as an illegal offense.
  • Flagrant foul: This includes offensive activities such as hitting, punching,etc and the fouled player is given a free throw.
  • Technical foul: When a player or coach uses bad language or bad words during the game this is considered as a technical foul by the officials.
basketball rules for beginners


Walking/Traveling: Taking one or more steps in the court without dribbling the ball is violated.

Double Dribble: Dribbling the ball with both the hands is allowed.

Goaltending: When the payer is about to make the basket and the defender stops the ball when it is about to get in the basket ,it is known as goal lending

Time restrictions: A player cannot have the ball for more than five seconds. There are more time restrictions related to it.

Player Positions

Center: Taller players are given the center position as they are there for doing basket and its easy for them.

Offensive: The offensive is there to stop the defenders from getting the ball.

Defensive: The defenders are there to get the ball from the offensive team and not allowing them to take a basket.
Guard: The shortest and the players who are best in dribbling are given this position.

Offensive: It does the dribbling ,passing and helping the center player to make the basket.
Defensive: The defensive guard does the work of stealing the ball from the offensive guards.

Where New Players and Coaches Should Start?

We suggest that the coaches should first tell the new beginners the basic rules and regulations related to basketball. Slowly and gradually letting them play and while checking their mistakes, helping to improve their mistakes. To tell them fundamental about the game first tell them everything using a chart that shows the player positions.

If you are not an athlete or a professional player then also you can play basketball very efficiently if you have cleared your basics and fundamentals very fluently.
You need to work on little-little basic thing and slowly and gradually you can become perfect in the game by practicing.

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Here, we provide you with basic techniques that you should work on to have a grip in this game.

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • Layups
  • Jump stops
  • Pivoting and footwork
  • Jab steps
  • Screening
  • Cutting
  • Defense
  • Rebounding

These are some basic necessities that you need to practice and learn as a beginner and definitely, you will become a master in the game of basketball.


We here have provided you the basic things that you should know as a beginner and should need to work upon. Basketball as a sport is very good which helps us to keep our body healthy and keeps us physically strong. So if someone is thinking to play this game for the first time and doesn’t have much knowledge about it then our basketball rules for beginners will be of great use to him.