basketball play for youths

One of the most important duties of a youth basketball coach is deciding on and implementing effective plays for his team.  You’ll agree with me that there is no better feeling for you as a coach when you see your team execute your tactics and instruction brilliantly. basketball play for youths is very important to practice.

Aside from players’ individual brilliance, one other factor that determines whether or not your team wins or loses a match is your ability as the coach to decide the right play at the right time.

In the light of that, in this post I will be walking you through several plays that you can call for your youth team. These plays have been proven over time to create the right atmosphere and spirit to win matches.

How to select the best basketball play for youths team

Before I go through the various types of plays you can employ for your team, it is important that we look at some essential factors to consider before deciding on the suitable play for your youth team. Here, I will be discussing 4 questions you need to answer which will in turn inform your decision.

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What’s your base offense

A great way of catching your opponents unaware is by employing a play that is similar to your base offense. They won’t know you have something different up your sleeves until it hit them.

Who are the best players on your team

A great way to prove your smartness as a coach is to choose a formation that best suits your best player. A formation that makes shining easy for your best player for example I your best man is a point guard the smart thing to do is to pick a play that places him in a pick and roll position.

What’s the skill level of your players

You should also consider the age group and skill level of your players. Not all plays are suitable for all ages. You don’t want to ask your youth team to play a three-point formation just because you thought it would be cool.

What shots do the basketball plays result in

Basically, the end result of whichever play you decide to employ should be a shot that ends up in the basket. You don’t want to make use of a play that ends up in the hands of your shooting guard but he is unable to take a shot because he was screened by the opponent. Mix things up, employ plays that result in both open outside and inside chances. 

When to run basketball play for youths

Now that you have answered the 4 pertinent questions above it also important that you know the best times to implement your plays.

At the end of close games 

 The best time to implement a new play is when your team is in a dire need of a basket and most often at the tail end of a close game. At this point you should take charge and call out a play to your team and sit back and watch them win the match. Any out-of-bounds opportunity

Out of bounds situations affords your team the opportunity to quickly regroup and decide on which play to run. Your players can easily pass the information discretely without rousing the suspicion of the opposition.

Out of a timeout

Smart coaches around the world are known to save time outs for the dying moment of the game because timeouts provides you an opportunity plot deadly attacks on the opposition.

To ‘heat up’ one of your players

When you notice that your star player is finding it difficult flowing with game, then is the best time to run a play that can ease him into the game. If you switch to aplay that constantly gets him in a shooting position and he eventually gets a shot go in through the basket he will definitely be fired up. From then onward watch him go ahead and rip your opponents apart. 

General basketball plays tips

Before I finally take you the types of plays to employ let’s take a quick glance through general tips that you should teach your player to adhere to. This tip applies to plays generally, so no matter what play you decide to do, it will help them execute it properly.

Teach your players what options to look for

It is important that you teach your players that basketball plays usually opens up several scoring opportunities during the course of play so they should be alert to the  these opportunities and use them wisely

Don’t give away your next action

The beauty of these plays are seen when it hits the opposition unexpectedly. Your players should understand that it’s important not to give too much clue away to the opponents.

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Start all of your basketball plays out of the same formation

Although this is not a must but I think it is important that you begin all your plays the same way because the defense won’t know what stunt you are about to pull. If you are facing a team that you play very often they will soon get to know you are up to something if your team starts out differently and this way it will be quite easy for them to defend.

basketball play for youths

Use a maximum of 3 – 4 plays for youth teams

I usually would advise coaches to be careful not use all valuable practice time to learn plays. At most I advise that you employ at most 3-4 play because the more play you employ, the less practice time you have.  

Save basketball plays for when you need them

It will be highly beneficial for your team to have a couple of plays up its sleeve, one that they can easily pull off when they are in dire need of points. A good example is the pulling off a quick three point when your team is losing by 2 points. 

Practice drawing up plays at practice

Having your team players being able to interpret tactics drawn up on the board to real life on the pitch is a great skill that you should encourage your players to have. It is important that you take out time to teach your players how to do it because in the end it makes the whole job much easier.

Practice the basketball plays against live defense

So many coaches cuts a frustrated figure on the field when their players begin to act or plays as if they haven’t heard of a particular play before whereas they executed it perfectly in training. The reason is not far-fetched; it is due to the fact that you do not practice with live defense. To avoid situations like this, you should take out time to practice with live defenses.

So here we are as I will be running through various basketball play for youths that you can practice with your youth team.

Man-to-Man Basketball Plays

  • 1-4 Quick Floppy
  • Back Screen Post
  • Double Curls
  • Flex Warrior
  • Piston Elevator
  • UCLA
  • X-Cross

2-3 Zone Basketball Plays

  • 23 Flare
  • 32 Lob
  • Baseline Swing
  • Doubles
  • Pick Overload
  • Skipper
  • Swinger

BLOB Man-to-Man Basketball Plays

  • 4-Low Flex
  • Box Gate
  • Box Floppy Gate
  • Ram Red
  • Stack Double
  • Two Inside