basketball games

Basketball games is a game that can be unanimously enjoyed by two individual kid teams and contains five players at a time on each of the teams; the game is played on a rectangular court with lots of space. The game have one objective which is to shoot the ball and make a score through a hoop that is 10 feet high which also is Mounted or sited to a backboard at each of the courts end for each team as well.

On our other similar article about basketball and the origin, we told you how it got invented in the 80s by a teacher called Dr. James Naismith. This inventory has grown to become the world’s greatest inventory in the field of sports and no one can dispute how well it will further grow in the centuries to come following the rapid growth and development of the game with great pace especially in the North America.


This game does not need to be competitive to make the best attraction for a five-on-five game.

you can see lots of children enjoying the game or even the game is quite been dominated by athletic kids who cares a lot about bouncing games and of all.

they don’t even mind taking the places of their fellow kids because of how sweet the game gets further down the line.

Whether it’s a basketball thing or not, you will notice around your neighborhood that a lot of games that requires a basket is going on now.

No matter the level of play and skill, it will be beneficial to let kids enjoy these games.

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basketball games

There are lots of alternative games for youngsters and even adults can play which requires a hoop and basket.

See below basketball games online for kids:

basketball for kids

1.      KNOCK OUT

This game is not so strict and it’s somewhat loose on the level of shooting abilities that it demands from its players. Though it’s a great game for kids who possess lots of skills due to the fact that it allows the kids great opportunity to shoot.

Knockout game demands that two or even more players should play the game with two basketballs as well. Free throw line will be the starting point where players will have to form a line with first two of the players receiving the basketballs.  The game situation is that when the first player tries a shot and miss it, the second player can knock the first player out by making a successful shot, before the first player returns for a rebound that could put his/her ball into the basket. Should the first player successfully make a shot through the basket, he/she needs to pass the ball around to the next player in line who will do everything within his limit to knock out the second player while the first player make a return to the end of the baseline. It simply continues in the format until a particular player is knocked out.


This game has a lot of variations and it requires nothing less than two good players and a toddler basketball to start the game. The game has just one objective which is to “go around the world” and consecutively tries to make successful shots from spots that are predetermined by the coach. When the game starts, the very first player does a layup and it’s simply a must. This layup is followed by a great shot from the first player still which is expected to go through the basket and the free throw line, a 20 foot shot which is taking from the wing, a three-point shot, a free throw, and a shot from half court. Should he accomplish this task, he returns to repeat and make every shot again to the basket and once again the game is expected to end with a layup.

By normalcy, it’s either the player makes every predetermined shots in a sequential order or he starts afresh. In order for the game to be faster, it is advisable to allow the player to be in the spot where he
missed the shot, and allow other players to take the very own turns. He can restart again at this point where he is standing on the next turn that will feature all his teammates again.

Note: Shots ordered around is one of the most common variations with
this particular game having lots of variations.


This is a similar game to around the world, though in this one, every player must shot at the same time rather than taking the games in turns, till every player succeeds in making a basket from each predetermined spot on the court.

4.      GOLF

This game can be seen as the best variation and perfect merge for old-age Scottish game alongside Naismith Invention. The game portrays an image and object of “golf” which in most case is very similar to that of links; though this time it is on a hardwood. In this game, strokes are tallied with every shot it takes every player to make a score in the basket and the lowest Scorer wins the game (or even shots in this case).

Since this is a basketball game for kids, the game of golf teaches each and every player to shoot the ball from all sports around the court. The game requires two or even more players and just one basketball is needed for the game. to start with, the first player starts on the first hole which is already predetermined from his shots. Should he score from the spot on his very first attempt for that particular hole, he gains one point. Should he miss the shoot, he will need to take a rebound from wherever the ball is grabbed by him. The score for the hole as he continues trying will be the number of times it took him to make a score on the basket. The player can do this almost from over 17 different spots on the golf court, just like the golf course and the lowest score wins the game.


This game is like a musical chair though with basketballs. It is a game which needs one ball per player and a source of instrument. Simply place the balls in the circle and allow the kids to go around the balls while the instruments are an inspiration of joy. The players are to grab a basketball and shoot, once the music stops playing. Once a player successfully makes a basket, they need to take a seat in order for their coach to notice they have finished the round and the
last player standing without a successful shot gets out of the game. it continues till a champion emerges.

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Sharks and Minnows is a common game with a lot of variations which can be played in every beginner youth sport.

You are going to make a selection of either one or two players who will be the “Sharks”. The sharks are going to start at half court line while they face the baseline. Then on the other hand, the remaining players will be assumed to be the “minnows” and they will have to line
up on the baseline and face the sharks. The sharks don’t need to have a basketball on their hand and the minnows should have one basketball each.

The main objective of the minnows is to make a dribble from one baseline to another baseline without letting the shark to steal their ball or knock them out of the bounds by a shark. And for the sharks, their objective is to eliminate a lot of minnows in every round they play in by stealing the ball or deflecting it out of bounds.

During a round, should a minnow lose their ball, they will become sharks in the next round of the game. a particular round stops when individual minnows has successfully made it across to the other baseline or they have become sharks. A winner will be the last minnow still standing or remaining. Once the last minnow is finally eliminated, the game stops.

7.      HOME RUN

Home-run is a similar game that is built in the image of baseball. The first thing to do is to make a division of group into two even teams which should be a dribbling team and a shooting team. The dribbling team must have one basketball and they will have to line up at the end
of one corner point at the baseline. The shooting team will have one or even two basketballs and be lined up at the free throw line or even get closer, depending on skill level and of the players.

Objective of the dribbles to make a perfect “Home run” which is done by dribbling the basketball around half court and returning back to the baseline. Objective of the shooters is to make a shot to get the dribblers out. Once a shot is successfully made, the shooters call out “stop” and the dribbler with the ball freezes to allow the next dribbler a chance to start dribbling. Should the dribbler successfully make it home, the entire team get one point and return to the baseline for another run. This should continue until every dribbler is out and then a new team role could be switched among these players.. Anything that have the most run will win the game.


Every player that wants to participate on this game will spread out across the line on the court (sideline, baseline, three-point line, etc) you will see either one or two players that will become taggers will not have a ball while players who are not the taggers will have each have a basketball.

Every player will have to stay on the line at all times during the course of the game as taggers try to tag the other players who are not taggers. The players that are not taggers try as much as they can to avoid been caught by taggers while they still remain on the baselines and make a dribble on the ball. Should they tagger touch any player who is not tagger, loses control of their ball, or steps off a line, they are out of the game until the next game. the remaining untagged player becomes the winner and again the game will restart with the last players to be tagged who will start as the taggers.


This game requires that two players will take hold of a long stick or pole while other players will form a line at the back of the two players holding this stick. Players take their turns dribbling under the Limbo pole and with every round the players will have to lower their bodies. They should place the pole at the height of their shoulder and move down with every round, once each and every player has had a chance to scale through. Should a player not be able to control the ball and make a basket being under the pole or stick, the player will get out of the game. Any player, who goes lower than other players, wins the game. This game explores the ability of players to go lower than others and show how much low you can go in dribbling a basketball.

basketball games for kids


This game will divide the team into two even teams or more. The players have to line up at a particular spot beyond their sporadically shooting comfort zones. It doesn’t matter if it is at the three-point line or half court. The clock is then set at 10 seconds for every player to participate and make the baskets within the 10 seconds interval before having the next player in queue take their round on the 10 seconds clock. Any player that makes the most successful basket wins the game.

11.     RELAY

There should be two or more teams to play this game and have each of the groups form a single line at the back of the baseline. Each of the groups or team will have a ball, it will be the duty of the first player to dribble as fast as they can dribble while still making sure they are in full control of the ball on the baseline or the half court line. They will have to hand the ball off to the next player available in line on their team so that he/she will take their turn of the race in the basketball for kids. Any team that first completes the race and return to the back of the baseline is deemed winner.