basketball fundamental drills

When a layman sees a basketball game, it is normal that he is pleased about the strength and precision in which the players adopt to drive in a goal. This is why we have to to give you the entire basketball fundamental drills we know.

Sometimes, all a spectator sees is the shake of the basket and the positive uproar from fans to know the oomph that a basketball game carries.

While all these can be exciting for a mere basketball fan,  these realities are not what a player should aspire to – it is simple! These things are not for a basketball star and all who are actively involved in making basketball a game worth enjoying.

It is a no-brainer that before anyone can earn the badge of a basketball representative, they must have more than the basic knowledge about the game. Yes! It is a little like saying all who know simultaneous equation qualify as mathematicians.

Although it is true that all basketball representatives should learn the fundamentals drills of the game, players have no choice than to learn and live by these drills.

Any basketball player that will go as far as being respected and reckoned with in this game world should not only know these fundamental skills but, endeavor to live by them.

In case you are one, and you’re wondering what some of these fundamental skills are, find a few of them below;


Layups come easily as one of the drills. Although a good number of the players often neglects it, it is a perfect support system for offense.

It works like this- no game of basketball ever moves without creating an offense, when an offense is built, this is the best-taken advantage of if the baller can make a good layup.

Contrary to popular belief, a lay up asks for more insight than action. Before a wise basketball player lifts his ball to act out the layup skill, what is needed is to move closer to the net. Yes?

Not just for the sake of it – but, to ensure a good vision of where the ball is supposed to land is drafted.

Basketball fundamental drills for Shooting

You may hear the audience of a basketball game chant shoot! Shoot! Shoot! And it will not sound offensive.

A lot of them may do these because that is the best way a  basketball game is represented to them. Some hardly notice or acknowledge all the other drills- bawling, defense, and all. Shooting is not only one of the essential drills in basketball, but it also takes an award as the most relatable drills in the history of basketball.

It feels liberating to know that just as deserved, a lot of fans relate with it.

While all basketball players love to be great shooters, not all can be. This is partly because some are better at doing other drills and mostly because great shooters have routines that must be religiously followed.

• A technique is developed. Typically, no two players have the same technique. Need I explain why? It is because all players have peculiarities that make it quite difficult for them to compromise.

• it is not enough to build a technique which is more like a foundation anyway; the main building also requires effort. To achieve that, consistently practicing and being faithful to the technique that has been built comes to play.

•As much as players may want to overlook this last part of becoming a perfect shooter, it is equally important, if not more.

Looking confident when you shoot not only gives you joy, it also helps your fans to trust you. You want that with all your heart.

basketball fundamental drills


More often than not, all other basketball drills get cheered from the audience. Save, the passing drill.

I will never understand why a drill this potentially right is not given enough credit. But, I am sure veteran basketballers are acutely aware of the potency of such drill as you should if you want to be a serious basketballer.

Passing in its glory brings two or more players together as they get the ball around and out of the opponent’s hands. It is always beautiful when done in style. But, passing in its purest is a simple drill that most basketball players use to get away with interruption.

Passing is more than a skill; it is a mentality. This is because an average player knows how to pass but often restrains if he feels like he’s in a competition even with his teammates.

So, a coach should endeavor to teach this drill not only as a skill but as a mindset.

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Dribble and Ball handling

I am cocksure that both fans and players love the idea of a good dribble. Unfortunately, not all players have been laced with the skill. The good news is, this drill can be learned.

Ball handling is a little like dribbling, except it is more.

Ball handling is a blend of dribbling, decision making, and passing among all others.

The deal is that both are worthy of every player’s aspirations.

Mavavich drills should be studied- there is where you find dribbles worth copying like passing the ball around the body, drop and catch and spider dribbling.

All players want to learn this, because, what is the fun in a game that does not have the right amount of dribble and ball handling? What?


You have just found the opponent of dribble here, and I am glad to let you know that it is just as important as any attack skill that you must have thought and fantasized about as a player or a fan of basketball.

To start with, defense as a fundamental basketball drill begins with proper positioning.

Yes! You read that right. You, who is a player aspiring to learn a defensive skill should first work on the positioning.

All of the followings will help you maintain proper positioning.

Front of the feet.

It is important to know that by having the front of your feet on the court, you have a good part of your weight distributed.

Point your feet straight ahead too. It is a gear help when you are trying to create an angle to have a more concrete force.

Hips back and knees bent- this is as practicable as you read it. Can you bend those knees a little, and push that hip back? Yes? Good! You look like you won’t be letting a dribbling pass.

Defense is a drill that should never be neglected by players. It may sound complicated, But, I think that there is an amount of confidence that never leaves a player as long as opponents do not get to score. If I am right, then defense drill is even more important than I thought.


Rebounding is a lot like having back up for major life decisions. Just like typical every day, humans who hardly get things done at first try, most basketball players, no matter how skillful tend not to penetrate at first try.

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Here is well a good rebound skill and the system is needed.

All basketball players need to be able to bounce back if they must enjoy a game!

Having a rebound plan, game or drill in place boosts the confidence of a player, and remember what we said about confidence? It inspires trust in your fan. I know you want that with all your heart and our basketball fundamental drills we give it to you..