basketball formations

Basketball formations are important because basketball is the favorite sport of many people. It is a team, as well as an individual game. This game can be played in garages, driveways, around the pools, playgrounds, on swings, in fields, and glaciers. This is an exciting game that is played both by men and women. There is a specific position in which the players in the team have to stand in the court. This is called a formation. There are different types of formations that are used by the offense and defense teams.

types of formations

Here is the step by step procedure that is embraced by the players to pick the right formation of their teams includes:

Decide the type of formation, i.e., offence or defence based on what your team is exactly on.

Learn about the formation that is chosen by your opponents. If you have the recording of the previous games that are played by your opponents, you can watch the game and learn about their formation ahead of the game thoroughly. If this is not possible, you can easily change the formation based on the opponent’s formation in the game.

  • If you have the player who is excellent at the post, you can choose the transition offence. If you have good shooters on the team, you can choose motion offense
  • You need to design the set plays that help your team to have proper pre-planned plays
  • You need to practice the formations and carry out the drills before the match
  • Types of formations
  • There are different types of formations that are used in basketball. Few of the basic ones include:
  • Movement and spacing between the players in the team
  • Force turnovers with the help of blocks, traps, steals, and rebounds
  • Get openly in the court to the screens and cuts
  • Hand over the ball to the best and proficient players in your team
  • Focus on a specific area in the court such as corners of the court, full-court, half-court, and the three-point line in the court
  • Play-based on the opponent’s tempo

Different types of offense formations

Here is the list of offense formations that are available in a Basketball game:

Early offense

The key reason to do early offense by the player is to bring the ball to the frontcourt area and attack on the defense team before they are organized to get into the disruptive force. When you are pushing the ball into the advanced offensive area, there are many medium jump shots or layups, and kick-outs happen and create a lot of mismatches.

Basketball motion offense

This type of offense in basketball would need fastball and quick movement of the player who is on the offensive side. When the player is constantly moving, and if the size of the team is average, it is easy to fight against the opposing team with the superior talent and size of the team. For this, all the players in the team should play as a team and together. Besides, the players should also need an unselfish attitude to give open shot chances to their respective teammates. The constant movement of the player should have a specific purpose to attack the defense.

Set Offenses

The majority of the teams would like to enjoy the play with the up-tempo and fast-break transition that would explain the basketball that is played globally. The set play is the actual basketball game that is played by the basketball players. In the set players, there is a dire need for the team to work together and take action to create open shot opportunities.

Spread offenses

This type of offense formation is done by the team when the game comes to an end to safeguard the lead that is earned after a lot of struggle or when the team is entirely inconsistent. When you spread across the court, it takes a lot of time, but increase the area to defend. If the teams are spreading across the court, the teams need to ensure that they continue to do the cuts and attack the basket with the ball if you hold the ball just to let the time to run off will make the defense to get more aggressive towards your team.

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Proven Zone offenses

There is a dire need to make a powerful zone attack at every level of the game to win the game finally. When you are doing attacking zone defenses, you need to have proper movement of the ball, and there should be a complete effort from the team members over the movement of the players and the skills exhibited by the players to attack man-to-man defenses. To have a successful proven zone offense, you should focus on the outside shooting and early offense.

basketball formations

Combination offenses

This type of offense is called as the second offense. This should be easy for the players to learn and perceive. This type of offense is used to deny and reduce the touches that are used by the proficient players. If there is any offensive attack, there should be a counter to it. There should be overplayed and free scorers. Combination offenses would be used as a surprise tactic by the players.

Triangle offense

This is the most popular offensive system that is used by a majority of the basketball players. In this type of technique, the three players would form a triangle zone on one side of the court.

Flex offense

This is another popular type of offensive system that is used in basketball where there are different types of cuts, screens, passing, movements of the player, and jump shots are used. Many of the shots and screens that are used in the game would be amidst the key and free throw line.

Defense basketball formations and types

Following are the different types of defense formation types that are widely used in the basketball game by the players

Zone defense

This is the type of defense technique that is popularly used in the game. This type of defense technique is used to guard the other team that is in the zone system where every player in the team would have their respective area to protect themselves. There will be defenders to protect specific areas on the court. Based on the alignment of the players, the zone defense name is given. One of the best parts of the zone defense is that it is quite simple. This is easy to learn and use. The coaches of the basketball game do not need to spend a lot of time on the players to teach this technique to them. This type of technique can be used by the players when they do not have any quickness.

Man to man defense

This is the best of the best strategy that is used in basketball where every player would take the responsibility to guard the other player who belongs to the opponent team. This is the prevalent defensive strategy that is used by the players who are playing this game.

Press defense

When there is a press in the basketball game, then it is called as the best defensive formation and strategy. In this type of defense technique, the defense players would be guarding the opponent players after going through the inbound pass that is in the backcourt intending to force turnovers. When there is a counterattack, then there would be openings for the fast breaks and mismatch in the players.

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Combination defense

This is the devastating technique that is used by the team, which is not choosing to defense. Like every other defense technique, even this technique has its pros and cons. To attain success in this type of defensive strategy, you need to keep a tab on the timing. The majority of the coaches would not spend time to teach the players how to do combination defense. This type of defense has to be practiced appropriately to use in the basketball formations for any team.