basketball for kids

basketball for kids take part in sporting activities has a great way of influencing them positively. It helps to build their self-esteem, interpersonal skills, team work skills and leadership. Reports shows that kids who participates sporting activities often times find it easy to integrate into a new environment when compared to kids who do not participate in sporting activities.

If you are then wondering what sport you should engage your kids, you should think basketball! Basketball is a great game that would benefit your kids immensely and would not necessarily involve so much financial implications on you in that it is inexpensive and doesn’t require many equipment. All you need to do is get kits and a ball, many recreations centers around has gyms that you can make use of.

basketball for kids

So now that you have made up your mind to engage your kid in the beautiful game of basketball, it is important that you understand and teach them the basics of basketball. These basics include terminologies, rules, equipment and so on.  In this article I will be running through the basics of the game that your kid needs to understand. Shall we?

Players and equipment

In the game of basketball, each team consists of 12 players but only 5 of these players are allowed to play at once, the rest are called substitutes. There are 5 positions on the field and they are point guard, center, defensive guard, offensive forward and defensive forward. The coach of the team assigns each player to a position that suits their abilities and the players in turn take their positions on the pitch. Although these players have been assigned roles and positions, they have the liberty to move around the court as they like.

The game of basketball is played on a rectangular court that has the dimension 91feet by 50feet in length and width respectively. The court is divided into two parts by a halfway line which has a small circle at the center.

The game is started by a tip off (the referee throws the ball upward and one player from each side tries to gain the ball. On both sides of the court there is a basket placed at about 10 feet high.

The equipment needed for basketball is just the ball and the court while each team is required to put on matching jerseys so that they can distinguish themselves from their opponent.

The duration of each game is 48mins in total; it is divided into 4 halves of 12minutes each and in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter, there is a 15minutes break for players to rest and re-hydrate.

Winning the game

In other to win a game of basketball, a team needs to have scored more points than their opponents. Per adventure, at the end of regulation time, the score is tied the teams will be allowed to play an extra quarter until a team outscores the other team.

Rules of the game

It is important that the right foundations are set for the young ones before they advance in the game because the older the get, the stricter the rules are.  There are basics rules of the game that your kids needs to know before trying to know the higher rules. When your kids understand these rules, it helps their growth in the game tremendously.

Out of bounds

The field where the game of basketball I played is called a court and these courts are usually rectangular. So the ball is not allowed to go out of the marked area; once the ball gets out it is regarded as out of bounds. Also, when your leg touches outside the lines with the ball in your hands it is also regarded as out of bounds.  On the other hand when the ball is not on your hands you can step outside the lines to rest and it won’t be considered a foul.

basketball for kids


As with every other sport, dribbling in basketball means moving with the ball and avoiding opponents. In basketball, a successful dribble is when you walk with the ball bouncing it with one had. Once you pick up the ball or bounce with both hands, it is called double bouncing and it’s regarded as a foul. The punishment is that the ball is taken from your hands and given to the opponent.


In the game of basketball, for your team to be considered to have scored a point, you will be required to put the ball through the basket. There are three positions on the basketball court where you can take your shots from; if you take a shot from a position inside the arc and it makes it through the basket, you will be awarded two points while if you take the shot from outside the arc often regarded as the three point line you will be awarded three points. The third way to win points is from free throws. If an opponent commits a foul against you, you will be awarded a free throw and from the free throw line, if you are able to get the ball through the basket you will be awarded one point.


In the game of basketball, there are certain actions regarded to as fouls and these actions include, hitting, touching and tripping your opponents.

If you are guarding an opponent who is with the ball, the rule of the game states that you cannot touch him.

If you commit any of these fouls you will be penalized and your opponent will be awarded a penalty.

Picking up your dribble

As discussed earlier, when you attempt a dribble you are not allowed to pick up the ball with both hands but when you do, you are only allowed to take just one step while keeping the other foot on the ground. When you perform this action, you must either pass the ball or attempt a shot. If you do not, you will be adjudged to have committed a foul called “traveling” and be penalized for it by taking the ball away from you and giving it to your opponent.

Offense and defense

These are the two things that can happen at any given point in a game of basketball. A team is either defending or attacking. The team that has the ball in their possession is referred to as the offensive team, while the other team is referred to as the defensive team. The offensive team must do even thing in its power to first keep the ball away from their opponent and also make a shot in order to score points. The defensive side on the other hand must do everything within its power first to prevent the offensive team from scoring a point against them and also to retrieve the ball from them.

When a team retrieves the ball from its opponent, it is mandatory for them to move the ball out of their own half of the court within 10secs. Failure to do so means that they will be penalized and the ball will be given to their opponents.

Also, each team is allowed  24secs to be in possession of the ball before taking a shot, if the balls stays longer than 24secs before they take a shot, it will counted as foul and the ball taken away from them and given to their opponent.

On a final note, I believe this article has exposed all you kid needs to know before starting to play the beautiful game of basketball. Take time to go through each point mentioned here and teach them basketball for kids and they will sure have a great background in the game.