Basketball Drills for Middle School

A coach that is having a firsthand experience with basketball drills for middle school players maybe in for the shock of his life. Because, contrary to popular opinion, middle school basketball players who normally fall between 11 years to 14 years have such a wide range of talent and are do not lack in experience as their age may suggest.

For one, these players are very agile and their bones ready to stretch. So, giving middle school players a chance at doing popular basketball drills should be top on the list of priorities of every basketball coach. At least, if the coach wants to have the best set of middles school basketball players, he has to be ready to introduce the right drills.   

It is a general consensus by basketball lovers and all basket faithful that the following drills will easily make it to the list of some basketball drills that middle school players should practice.

basketball drills for middle school

Warm up

This , as important as it is for all sportsmen, old and young is often underrated and overlooked by players and even some coaches. You would notice some coaches letting a player that has not joined the team for warm up continue with the rest of the drills. This should not be.

Warm ups are as important as any other drill because they serve as the foundation of every drill and skill to be practiced for each rehearsal. Chances are, a good warm up prepares the body, and mind of payers to do better during the rehearsal.

For middle school players, the perfect warm up activity may comprise of; four to five laps of jogs, stretches, and butt kicking among others.

There is no saying that warm ups cannot be tiring for players who just want to start playing basketball – this however, does not make it less important. There is also a consolation that the first few times is the only tough times the players have to deal with as a constant practice makes the players get well acquainted with the process.

Layup drill

This is as important a basketball skill for middle school players as it is important for any other basketball player.

The layup drill from its name implies that the ball is slightly put up by either the left or the right hand after it has been supported by the other hand.

A layup skill is one of the most important basketball drills that should not even be overlooked when training middle school players.

To get the players to make the perfect layups, a layup line has to be formed by the coach. With instruction, children should have two groups.

As touching the layup lines, one of the lines should appear behind the left elbow while the other appears behind the right elbow.

The player on the right side should be given the ball first so that player takes the right handed layup as he jumps on his left foot. The first player in the left throws a bounce pass to the next player on the right line.  

The same should also be done with the left hand.

Shooting drill

Just as much as shooting is important for any adult basketball player, it is equally important for any middle school player.

The first player on the right side takes a jump shot from the elbow. The first player passes to the next player in the right line. Then, the first two players switch line and the pattern continues.

basketball drills for middle school

Passing drill

Basketball is a game between two groups of people. People who have learned through passing that team work is what makes things work.

There is no need to imagine the scores that is going to ensue between a united basketball team and one that is not united. The score is almost predictable.

Passing drill in the game of basketball is not something that can be overlooked even for middle school players.

This can be swiftly achieved if the coach is ready to device a working strategy.

One of the strategies has proven to work overtime even for kids is having three lines drawn at the baseline. The pass normally begins with one player throwing to the one who has started at the court. The lines continue to move as each player sprints to take another pass after he makes a pass.

The cycle ought to continue that way until the players get close to the basket.

It is best practiced in groups. And coaches should ensure that all kids on the basketball team never rub out of this skill.

This is because it is one of the post substantial of all the drills.

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Defensive slides.

Defensive slides should also be on the plate of every middle school basketball player. Before anything is learned here, players are taught defensive posture.

Hips wide, knees bent, and arms at hip level. Most times, players find these three things difficult to do at once. It is understandable but nothing continuous practice cannot fix.

So, given enough practice, middle school players who have been deem fit defensive positions should be able to assume this stance – as it is the foundation of a good defensive slide.

The coach then faces the player. He encourages the player to come forth by pointing in a direction, what ever direction he points at is the direction the player follows.

The player then shuffles until he’s cued by the coach. The deal is that the player feet should never cross.

Defensive slides are as important as others. If not more.

Free throws

There are good and bad games. Some games are neither. But, they only need a few good free throws to make it through.

This above and more is why it is important to have players on the team who can easily do free throws.

Players can be grouped individually for this or attached to a basket on the court. Each takes turn to make as many free throws are possible during the practice.

Four corner run

This drill helps to work on a lot of the player’s essence – speed, stamina, tenacity and all.

The player starts running at the left corner of the baseline go the right corner. He shuffles around and goes back to the starting point.

Rebounding drill

Plans, no matter how concrete and beautiful they seem often go unfulfilled sometimes, even on the court.

To avoid unnecessary stories is why rebound has been created as a drill.

So, in the game of basketball, there is no need to leave the verdict to whatever comes off the defensive or offensive side. Until a rebound chance is unutilized, the game is still on.

This here is the reason why all sides of the coin – in this case, all middle school basketball players irrespective of the side they play should learn how to get ready for rebound.

To get this skill, the coach puts the offensive and defensive players up against each other as it should be. They are both aloud to shuffle and fight for the ball. Let’s say the offensive player strikes, and the defender blocks the ball. Both of these players are now allowed go to for the ball and win it for a free throw or pass. That is all for now on basketball drills for middle school level.