basketball drills for guards

There is simply no point of basketball without point guards and shooting guards.  A basketball game without rightly skilled guards is beyond an eyesore and is not something even I want to imagine. we will be discussing various basketball drills for guards on this post.

As a fan of basketball, it may not even matter which team has the best guards in the game. In as much as there is someone who fills the guard space with efficacy, a game becomes worth watching.

This sounds like fans put a lot of pressure on the guards, right? Yes. But, true guards do not succumb to pressure, and that in its essence is one of the things that make a guards special.

A shooting guard does the shooting as you may have guessed from the name. They are often the best people to get the ball bouncing in the net.

A point guard is the backbone of the team and is often seen at the center of it all. A point guard needs to prove his leadership position by good ball-handling skill and the ability to facilitate the team.

Basketball Drills For Guards

Some essential drills for guards include but are not limited to the following;

Advanced 1 on 1

This drill involves two players who are ready to give two minutes intense concentration to the ball. Each player is allowed to make three dribbles before making a shot.

Taking turns at the ball becomes important for both guards.

This skill helps guard to improve on their offensive and defensive skill. A player that is dribbling and trying at a shot is learning how to be offensive while the other player learns to be defensive. Since they both take turns within minutes, both are liable to improve on defensive and offensive skill.

Elbow pull-ups

This is another very important basketball drill. With one or two dribbles, the baller moves between the two elbows performing the pull-ups.

The elbow area is a difficult place that requires the right amount of concentration and training.

Although, mostly overlooked by some guards and coaches because of its complexities. Elbow pull-ups remain one of the most valuable drills for points guards and shooting guards.

Fly by shooting

This is used to score a three-pointer. Every point guard knows this is an essential skill. Hence, the need for it.

To achieve a fly-by shooting, the guard needs to stand by the three-point line. He can dribble to any side of the court and make a throw at the basket!

Success means a three-pointer has been achieved. It is a very good drill that helps to sidestep a defender. Because, in most cases, the guard has no reason to come in contact with the defender.

A shooting guard should never go for a game if he is not sure about this drill. In other words, this drill is the life of a game.

basketball drills for guards


If a guard is passionate about seeing himself improve as a shooter – especially arc, he may need to learn this drill.

Although technical, this perfect drill is achievable if the right strength is given to it.

The guard progresses from a spot close to the basket to the outer part of the court. With a few perfect swishes, the guard can achieve this drill.

This implies that what any basketballer needs to work on is ensuring that perfect swishes are made.


I guess what makes a guard – whether shooting or point guard special is not only in the fact that they make things happen on the court. It is also in the fact that they are risk-takers.

Take the plus/minus dill, for example, the deal there is that a guard is allowed to make a free throw. Scoring this free throw gives the team a point, and losing makes the team lose a point.

You see how much of a risk a guard has to be willing to take to learn and practice this plus/ minus drill? Yes. it is a treasured drill, and all guards need to learn it at all cost.

Stationary two-ball dribbling

This is quite the cracker! A stationary two-ball dribbling takes five solid minutes. Throughout these minutes, a guard dribbles.

It sounds almost unachievable. But, it is possible for a guard that is given to consistent practice.

While dribbling may not get the ball in the net, it is a very substantial skill that often catches the opponent off guard. Trust me; all basketballers know the importance of having their opponents riled up or disconcerted.

To learn this drill, a guard not only needs about five minutes of intense concentration, but he also needs two balls.

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Suicide shooting

Suicide shooting is just as important and worthy as any other type of drill.

For guards, it is not just a drill to be aware of; it is a drill to dedicate time and effort to.

Suicide shooting helps the guard to improve on shooting and dribbling and ultimately helps the guard to stay fit.

It is expected that a drill that requires accurate jump is used for developing the important parts of a player’s body.

How it works is pretty simple – a guard makes a jump after running a conditioning suicide with the basketball, and on his way back to the floor, he makes a free throw.

If a suicide shot is missed by the guard, he is allowed to fall on a rebound and swiftly make another.

Triangle shooting drills for guards

This is another basketball drills for guards that helps the guard to make a perfect throw and shoot right!

Chances are all the guards you see during a game making waves and doing a perfect through having done a lot of triangle shooting.

Triangle shooting means doing three throws from a particular point. In this case, the guard does three shootings each from five different spots on the court.

This helps to work on a player’s precision and accuracy. Although all players can actively involve themselves in this basketball drills for guards, they have it as a mandate if they want to answer their name successfully.

2- minutes floaters

While guard practices, a lot of drills are on his mind as all promise to help him a better part of the team.

2- minutes floaters happens to be one of the drills he should bit spend too much time thinking about. But, should spend ample time doing.

Repeatedly, for two minutes, a player attacks a rim, and as he makes a throw at the end of the two minutes, he ends with a floater.

The importance of this drill cannot be overemphasized. Its major importance being that it helps to improve the floaters of a player is a must-have for all point guards.

During practice, so that a player understands that he can also choose a pace, he is allowed to either go for a time that is above two minutes or below when he attacks the rim.

It is important that in the place of practice, a player always remembers the popular adage that says it is not far, but, how well.

All these basketball drills for guards should not be mistaken as only useful drills for guards as other players can equally benefit from it. The only nuance is that they are all pretty compulsory for every guard- point guard or shooting guard.