Basketball Drills by Yourself

Before a player gets to combine effort with other team mates, there is a need for self-development. This of course, is a known fact by all and sundry and especially accepted as norm by all sports man – invariably.  It has become a rule of the game that all players must be equipped properly for games and the sport they engage it at large before they can win individually.

With the above notion in view, it is imperative to also view players as individual first before team making. Coaches are obliged to pick their teams accordingly and for this reason, individual plays are rewarded

At the end of the day, just as it is for most sports, there is still always a space for rewarding individual sportsmanship. All players of basketball players should start taking this single fact as a narrative they will have to live by. Maybe they will start embracing personal rehearsals.

Embracing personal rehearsals has absolutely nothing to do with the occasional rehearsal that most players engage on with friends at their home court. Thus personal rehearsal is more of an exclusive show of basketball game among very intense trainings that would easily pass for what a coach will engage a player in.

It may look or sound really strange now. But, in the end, [layers are often the ones who rep the dividends of personal rehearsals. Not coaches and definitely not the advice giver.

So, reaching self-efficacy, as it would have been needed in any other sport game becomes a priority.

The coach often does not have all it take in the world to make these people work together. Rehearsal will get any player to the peak of dreams.

It is no longer news that a lot of drills can be herculean. Guess what? So is being the star of the team. So?

Here are some of the drills to spice up the personal trainings of all basketball players, not only players should do this. All and sundry who feel that basketball is worth it all should do to.

basketball drills by yourself

Ball handling.

Every good game depends on a foundation just like every good life rests on a solid foundation. In the game of basketball, it has come to notice overtime that when a player understands all that it takes to handle ball properly and when this player in all honesty and effort ensures that he puts zeal into ball handling, the dividend is always a class act – this has made experts and elites of the game to come to the conclusion that the games excellence is contingent on the fact that a player handles a ball well or not.

To be honest, most players often find it difficult to spend a lot of ample periods and trainings on how to handle ball alone. Looking at it superficially, players may think among all the things to learn, ball handing should not even come close to training schedule. But, ball handling should in fact be on top of the drills to learn if players want to end up as respected, excellent basketball icons. It may not augur well now, eventually they begin to see a reason for the drill.

So, as players strive to learn things personally and improve their skills, ball handling should take a huge part of their time and players should ensure that ball handling is an art worthy of mastering at every point in time where they find themselves training.

This is a paramount basketball drill that should not be taken for granted by any basketball player. At least, the professional ones should know how to manage handling the ball like they know the back of their hands.

Ball handling can definitely not be achieved without dribbling. So, as a player, while rehearsing, it helps that you take things a notch higher by passing the balls between the left and right and left.


Need I scream about the importance of this drill before players get it? A shooting drill is the closest to the best thing a basketball player can give his heart to. So, best known that al the minute that you have given and all the ones you will still be dedicating as a player to this drill are worth it.

The best way to get a shooting drill faster than as ever been taught as to be first practicing without the ball.

It helps to work on getting the feet in shape, another good way to mentally prepare for the shooting case is by making shots and purposely missing the rim.

In all these warm ups, it is important to not lose focus of what is important and who is important; the fact that a basketball player should be so familiar with shooting like he is familiar with his name.

After shooting purposely for as long as it is felt without hitting the rim, the basketball player now begins to make actual shots that deserve to dance inside the basket.

To reiterate the importance of this drill, there are a lot of shots that players need to know how to drive home – talk of tip ins, jump shot, lay ups, slam dunks and others and you will find that you have a lot of time to spend learning about shooting as a player.

Proper training on the shooting drill helps the player to have understanding about the things to do when he is at a close range, medium range and long range. What we are saying I honesty is that a player who has mastered the art of shooting should know when to shoot at all ranges and how to shoot at all ranges.

It is not enough that one shot is mastered by a player, what is accepted and enough for any player that wants to be regarded as a professional is that he should learn all the shots available. Being a master of all shots is very achievable or possible with consistency and constant practice. Buts, at worst, players should have adequate knowledge of all even if the player will be the master of one.

The importance of shooting drill in a game cannot be overemphasized. Most times, all the time in fact, what gives the tem points in a basket ballgame is shooting. While other drills can make a case for the team with the fans. When dribbling for example, cheer is to be expected from spectators and fans around. What actually gets the job done is far from dribble. What gets the job done is nothing other than having a shot enter into the basket.

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Although this drill takes two players, one player can indulge in the place of practice to do better when the second person eventually shows.

Yes! It may sound bizarre that we are asking one player to practice how to pass when in fact, the passing drill takes two payers to achieve. What is expected of the individual in the place of practice is to substitute the supposed second player with all kinds of basketball equipment. He will be surprised at how effective things can turn out even with practicing with inanimate objects.

If inanimate objects are not well accepted by the player in question, the imagination game can also be played by the player.

And the wall is also another thing to use to ensure that pass is well done. All that is surrounding a player can be used to practice a drill that is important without messing up.

This sounds eerie if it is a one man rehearsal. And of course, this is a personal rehearsal so, if passing is a thing in a basketball game, there has to be a grand way that a single person would be able to pull that drill off.

The player who is serious about getting the passing drill uses tape to make places on the wall. He stands about some feet away from the wall that he has tapes/ 10 miles maximum.

What he does next is predictable. He throws the ball at the target area on the wall. He is allowed to use the types of passes as another adventure. Howbeit. Short begins.

The player ensures that he alternates between hands. This is because he wants to work perfectly on the weaker hand as he does for another.

Most times, after rehearsing the passing drill for as long as it is possible alone, when friends come around, players can also be responsible for helping the individual get the passing drill done. When friends do not come around, there are so many other options like online programs and the use of applications to opt for – all of this are very instrumental to the growth of the passing drill of an individual. All that is needed is for players to be willing to get better and ready for all the sacrifices that ere to be taken.

basketball drills by yourself


The conditioning. Mannerism and behavior in basketball need to be worked upon too. As much as what counts on the basketball is how many shots are made, how a player behaves also contributes a large part.

Exercises are mostly enough to get the best. Pushups, and sprints can be two very beautiful to help reach a certain vibe of conditioning.

Conditioning is often mistaken for a drill that should not be practiced. It is understandable that because of its nature, it garners less attention when compared to others. The fact that it garners less attention than it should is more reason to talk fondly of the drill. But, in actual sense, the drill deserves to be panted after as players do for other drills like shooting and passing.

There are a lot that have to do with the way the body of a player is conditioned – all of these lots and more are what the player takes into consideration as he practices on his own. During the individual practice, a lot of layers are unfolded for the players to see and learn from. Before he knows it, he is a better version of himself when it comes to conditioning and that can be a great step to becoming an elite of basketball.


Yes! As mentioned as one of the exercises that can help conditioning, sprinting can be a very big use especially if the player is a kid and needs help with speed et al.

There is also a method that is often neglected by most basketball payers. It is called the home sprint workouts. There is a high possibility that the workouts at home which would include doing home workouts and the sprinting on the field will result the same.

Sprint as we know it is one sport on its own.   So, it is understandable if it has made it as one of the important basketball drills for yourself. Frankly, almost all sports require the art of sprinting to be perfect. Save sports like golf and a few others, the speed of a player on the court, field or while he is in action is almost tantamount to his effectiveness. As known and agreed by all sundry, sprinting is a drill that all basketball players should embrace and ensure that they create time for in their personal training. Sometimes, when all hope is lost during a game, the strength of a player’s sprint can be a saving grace.

Just like for any other drill, sprinting takes a lot of practice from players to become the drill that everyone loves to see their players do. Without constant rehearsal on the part of the player, Sprinting is an eye sore.

At first try, difficulty doing the drill cannot be ruled out for sprinting just like for any other drill. But, a player who is truly interested in the drill and passionate about getting better at the sprinting drill keeps going until he gets better. The difference in a professional and an amateur basketball player sometimes is found in the ability to sprint or not.

As a player of basketball, strive not to be found lacking in the area of sprinting – after all, speed is needed to make most of the shots that you have dreamed about making. 


You can already envision the swing of your hands if you are indeed a player. The truth is all basketball players are liable to making a throw at every point in their life. Basketball games will hardly be intriguing without the right amount of throws in the game. This fact alone makes the throwing drill a must have for all basketball players.

So during personal rehearsal, throwing is one of the basketball drills that players do not want to miss out on. Throwing albeit, seemingly easy is like any other drill that is difficult at first and easier as long as the player is committed in place of rehearsal and ready to be very consistent.

Often times, a shot is only different by the standard of the range at which the shot has been taken. To be honest, all shots are just throwing.

Do you see now that throwing is a great drill and of high importance to the game of basketball. Hence, players should take the drill seriously to a reasonable extent.

During rehearsal, players are obliged to use all the equipment available around their personal space for healing in the throwing drill. With all that a player is daily accessible to, throwing drill is possible in place of training even when the player is the only one.

On special occasions, the player can get other players to train with and eventually play with on the court. – All of these id to ensure that the drill is well mastered by the player.

There should be creative if you indeed want to practice alone. The throwing has similarities with the shooting drill and just like for shooting, the person is expected to work on the arms first. After the arms gather enough prestige from constantly working it out in the place of rehearsal.

You may include the marking of the walls for the throwing drill too. First, the market places many be used to achieve throws before going for the basket if a court is by you.


All basketball players should know a lot of things apart from mastering all the skills. So, even batting should not be new. But, In case, it feels a bit over flogged. Let us all return to allowing the basketball player have the best life.

Not crowding anyone at this moment will be very instrumental to the process of learning how to bat. For a reason, that is that.

When learning batting, the player easily follows through with the same steps that were used when he was learning the throwing drill.

Online resources and watching games,

Of all the personal developments that all basketball players may want to consider, these two are the least that player’s give attention to. Do I need to reiterate how unacceptable that is in the game? I do not.

Getting resources may not work on the physique of the player, getting resources give players insight and the game is built around the right insight. So, players who want to go far are well aware of icons in the field and never afraid to meet up with cons to get resources and materials. Some of these icons may find it unethical to share some information – do not be dismayed, you will definitely get the one for you.

Similar to collecting and garnering information and resources about the game is watching games. I do not think any player who does not watch basketball games is worth taken seriously.

When games pass right through your eyes, a lot registers in the mind. It is through watching basketball games that most skills are learned and of course I is in finding and noting the mistake of another person that we tend to do better for ourselves and avoid making the same mistakes at all cost. This is very paramount!


All of these basketball drills by yourself and more are beautiful activities that should not only be put of for consideration for every basketball players but also made compulsory if we must continue with the pace that people like Michael Jordan have trialed. we do hope you enjoy the rest of our content on recreation tipsy