basic football rules

Football is the most favorite sport of many players and we will talk about the basic football rules today. Many love to play and enjoy the game by cheering their favorite players. This international game is widely recognized. There is an international game that is played in Football, which is known as Football World Cup. In a few parts of the world this game is called by the other name, i.e. soccer. The rules of this game are governed by the International Football Association Board. This board has 8 members and few of them belong to the soccer team. This game has been played by the players for a long time. The rules have been updated by the players and the associations. Here is the list of 17 rules that every player who love and want to play football should learn and get acquainted with.

Field of play: The pitch of the football should be at least 45 to 90 meters in the width and 90 to 120 meters in length. You should be putting the marks in the right places of the football pitch. The markings should be in the goal lines, goal areas, touch lines, side lines, halfway line, center circle, penalty area, spots, arcs and corner arcs. It is important to dig out a flat post in every corner of the pitch for easy understanding of the players.

The ball: The ball used in the football game should be adhering to a certain dimensions. It is critical for you to check whether the ball is of 8.65 inches and 14 to 16 ounces.  When you are playing the game and found that the ball is about to burst or the ball gets burst, it is the job of the referee to stop the game in the middle and get a new ball to play the game. The referee has to check the ball and then resume the game by putting the ball between the players of both the teams.

Basic football rules

Number of players: The football team should comprise of 11 players. The number should not go beyond this. There should be 11 players including the goalkeeper and no less than the seven players. It is not possible to start the match when the players are less than 7 in a team. You can substitute around 3 players in the team.

Players’ equipment: It is important for the player to come with the proper equipment to play the match. The equipment that is required for a player to have included shirt, socks, shorts, and football boots and shin pads. It is important for the goalkeeper who is standing on either side to wear a kit that is different from the players in each team and the goalkeeper should have the outfit that is different to the referee.

Referee: There is a critical role that is played by the referee in the game. The job that is done by the referee includes:

  • Make sure that all the players on either side of the team are wearing the right outfit and have the proper equipment with them.
  • Give signals to start and end the match
  • Punish the players who breach the rules that are set by the association
  • Stop the game when the player is in need of urgent medical care
  • Keep the time

Assistant referee: The main role that is played by the assistant referee in the football match is throw-ins, corner kicks and when the player in any of the teams is outside. This person would also observe the behavior of each player and if he identifies that any player is misbehaving in the team, he would inform the same to the referee for the match. The final call will be taken by the referee.

Duration of the match: The match duration would be about 90 minutes and this game would be played in two halves of 45 minutes. There is an extra time that can be added by the referee to compensate the injury time.

Start and resume of the play: The match is started after a kick off and when the goal is scored by any of the teams at the beginning of the second half of the match. A coin is tossed to find out which team can kick off the football first and the opponent team will kick off the next. While kicking off, there would be only two players who would be standing in the center circle.

Ball in and out of the play: The ball is called to be out of the play when it goes and touch the touch line in the pitch or when it hits the goal line either on the ground or in the air. When the ball falls on the ground once it reaches the goal frame, corner flag or referee, the ball is said to be still in the play.

Scoring: The player would score a point when the ball touches the goal line. This point is given to the player only when he/she does not breach the rules that are set by the association. The rules are thoroughly followed by the players. These play a critical role in making sure that the game goes fairly. The team which scores a lot of goals would be winning the trophy in the game.

Offside: The player is said to be offside, when he/she stands closer to the goal line when the defender tries to kick the ball towards the goal line. A player who is in the offside would be given a free kick.

Fouls and misconduct in the game: When you do anything to the player who is on the opposite team such as kicking, pushing, tripping, charging and striking, then it is called as a foul. Moreover, when the player who is standing outside the field would handle the ball that is in the play, then it is called as a foul play. If the goalkeeper handles the ball outside the area that is called as penalty area, then it is also called as a foul game.

Free kicks: There is a free kick given to the players when there is a foul in the game or when there is any rule that is breached by the players. This is taken on the spot when the rule of the game is violated. There are two different types of free kicks that you can observe in the football game. There include – direct free kick and indirect free kick. In the direct free kick, the taker can score in the game directly where as in the indirect free kick, it is important for another ball other than the other who kicked the ball to touch the ball before the goal is scored.

Penalty kick: This is the type of kick that is given to the player when he/she commits any foul in the area that is given them. This is picked from the penalty spot. Only the taker and the goalkeeper can stand in the penalty area and also in the penalty arc when this kick is taking place.

Throw in: This type of kick is given to the player when the ball would go beyond the touch line. This is given to the team that has touched the ball the last time. This type of kick is picked from the spot where the ball would go out of the play. It is important for the player to throw the ball using both the hands besides putting the feet on the ground and face towards the field that is used to play.

Goal kick: This type of kick is given to the defending team when the opposing team would throw the ball in a way that it goes out of the by-line. The player who is on the defending side is allowed to use this goal kick. This type of kick can be kicked from anywhere in the goal area where basic football rules applies. It is important for the ball to cross the penalty area.