About Us

About Us

Am Coach Precious, the founder of Recreation Tipsy. this is a content-driven website and here I will be given you insight and up-to-date information relating to both in and outdoor sports, and substantially more fun so continue watching our site and bookmark this site by pressing ctrl+d from your console to be subscribed. Your remarks or questions are constantly welcome.

do you think am the greatest recreation coach on this planet? Hell no. And I will not claim to be. have I put a large portion of my time to developing my knowledge as well as becoming the better recreation coach I can be? Hell yeah, I am.

I’m privileged to spend some time every single day to research, study, and write about recreation rules, tips, and youth sports. This blog has given me the opportunity to relate with the majority of best coaches in the world on almost a daily basis. My main aim is to give the knowledge I have gathered through my recreation experience and yet from the greatest trainers and coaches in the recreation section, and then share it with you, my loyal readers, on this blog.

Recreation Tipsy was originally founded in 1993 in Brooklyn, N.Y. by Precious. With several teams already competing out of the Boulevard Houses, Coach Precious wanted a team that focused on teaching fundamentals and the importance of how to use athletics as a springboard to higher education.

The goal of Recreation Tipsy Inc. is to use sports as an avenue to “teach young men and women the importance of academic success, communication, and teamwork by learning to meet, develop relationships, and work with new people in their lives to achieve excellence through learning the fundamentals of their respective sports”.

This is a core value that will be important throughout their lives. Character development occurs through a good work ethic, sportsmanship, and ambassadorship in representing our program within the community.

Coach Precious attributes his success in teaching fundamentals in every practice, which is the same commitment. “We will work with every athlete to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential academically, athletically, and socially in their respective communities”. Coach Precious is dedicated to “Creating a foundation for future leaders” by competing at the highest levels athletically while achieving the highest levels academically with a positive impact socially.